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A MTM shirt and a RTW shirt with darts sewn on the back are two very different things actually...I'd go MTM, always. To get a RTW shirt tailored means to modify something and to adapt it to your body. A MTM shirt is a garment that is manufactured just for you, following your instructions and with the details you prefer. It can be more expensive but the result is different.
I wouldn't try to bring it to a taylor. Sleeves are too long but maybe you could wear it under a sweater...keep it for casual occasions and if you need a more formal one go MTM. Obviously, it depends on how much you want to spend.
Hi Chris, what's a ton of money for u? At you can have a shirt tailored at 100,00 $, but you can choose your favorite fabric among hundreds available (total 1865) and customize it in every detail.  
I don't know if you prefer to go MTM and how much you'd like to pay it...anyway, maybe there are striped Oxford fabrics you could be interested in at the link below:,58%3D159&pageNum=0   This is a selection I've made choosing Oxford among the available weavings and Striped among the designs (on the drop down menus on the left of the page), but you can make your own selection.  
 You're welcome . If you need further help just ask.
Generally straight point collars are the best choice for roundish faces as they counterbalance facial rotundity. There are lots of straight collar options: the regular straight collar is the one we (Italians) call "the Italian collar", it has straight points and it better extends and narrows a rounded face. Are you going MTM?
Slim fit shirts can be very tight around the armhole. If you go made to measure, a standard fitting with darts on the back would be more comfortable. You provide the measures of chest and waist, but the armhole is wider. Of course it depends on the shirtmaker..
The fabric reachness can be evaluated on the basis of three different elements: Type of cotton used to manufacture a shirt Count Weight The fabric weight depends on how many yarns (warp and woof) there are in a sq cm   The first one seems to be a very light fabric, the other one more solid and compact, and more resistant.
Hi! As an Italian bespoke shirts company we generally recommend to go with a button down collar (to be worn without a tie), but I must say it depends on what is your style, what are your tastes etc. Here you can find a picture of a linen button down collar shirt:   Our customers really appreciate linen spread collar shirts, please have a look at this...
Don't let it die Also too narrow shoulders can cause the wearer to feel as if the sleeves are short!
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