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  You can go MTM online and find high quality fabrics at a lower price than 250e per shirt. And shirts are fully made in Italy.
Following the traditional Italian fashion rules (I'm Italian...), I'd say the BD shirt is less formal then a French collar one. It's generally worn under a jersey, never with a tie. But actually there are many many Italian guys who wear the BD shirt under a suit, with a tie too... I'd prefer a traditional straight point collar shirt to be worn with the tie, but it's definitely up to you. I wouldn't say it's a mistake.
I wouldn't spend money for buying a RTW shirt and then more money to get it tailored. I'd go made to measure choosing an extra slim fitting and providing the shirtmaker with all your measures. Stretch fabrics are generally recommended cause the arm hole of an extra slim shirt can be very tight.
I like the collar! Keep it, especially if you're going to wear it under a suit. For being a SuperSlim it's not too tight!
Classic shirt collars = straight point collars: they offset facial rotundity so they are generally the best choice for men who have quite a round face.   Some examples of straight point collars:
Thanks to both of you!!
Also weekly and daily newspapers are ok. I know almost nothing about Japanese magazines and newspapers yet. I've started to look for something only a few hours ago and thought you guys here at Styleforum could give me more appropriate suggestions.
Hi guys,   Does anybody know any online japanese style magazines/blogs/portals for men?   I found this one :   and it seems to be good but I was looking for something more focused on men's style and possibly written in English (ok, also resources written in japanese would be fine).   Thanks in advance!   Marta
Hi, sorry for coming back to this so late! £60 could not be enough but if you can afford £70/80 you can get a quality mtm shirt here  There are a lot of fabrics you can choose from to design your mtm shirt at that price  
it seems to be a great idea to me!!
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