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        X-post from rock your socks. Shoes and socks (Sozzi) from SkoAB.   Carmina MTO Carmina  Carmina Enzo Bonafé GMTO
From last week. Not the best pictures, I'm afraid.         Carmina Carmina Carmina Enzo Bonafé
      Caruso Al Bazar Zegna Incotex Sozzi Carmina
Recently bought shoes from Skoaktiebolaget. X-post.   Carmina Sozzi Incotex
Just bought some new shoe$. Carmina suede cap toes paired with flanells from Incotex and socks from Sozzi.   I'm also waiting for Bonafé (tan adelaides) and Carmina (navy penny loafers).  
So much nice pics and fits.   I've wore italian CBD two days in a row but no pics unfortunately.. Of course with unbuttoned buttons (for extra sprEZzZ).    Wednesday:   Blue Isaia shirt Navy Caruso double breasted SC White PS Grey Incotex flannels  Burgundy Enzo Bonafé   Thursday:   Bengal stripe shirt from Al Bazaar Blue Caruso suit Blue Berg & Berg tie White PS Black Carmina cap toes   Will this safari jacket be available this summer? 
Maybe 15 shirts at the moment. Half of the shirts I like a lot (Isaia, Gherardi, Al Bazaar), while the rest is decent. In the future I'll focus on OBCD and linen because right now the majority is "formal" cut-away shirts.   15-20 good shirts would be great.
Just bought two light blue Isaia shirts on 'cause of mega sale!  291 euro including shipping.
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