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I never got an answer as to who makes these, but if anyone is interested they're available. 34w 30.5 inseam, with about an inch to lengthen. Let me know, thanks.
Speaking of branded cloth...I found these seemingly unworn Loro Piana "CashPima" Velvet (Cashmere & cotton) Lime Green Corduroys in a church basement thrift store. They have a split waistband are nicely lined with a variety of interior fabrics (even the hems are lined), have a small coin pocket, have suspender buttons, sized "34r" but nowhere is a brand label. I have Loro Piana branded cords, found in a GW, and these are totally dissimilar, more like the Incotex pants...
I was there yesterday and I have to agree. They had very normal stuff (polo, BB, etc) for $15-35 and then I found Incotex Cinqutasche jeans for $5.99. They know the value of some brands, overvalue some brands (like Pink), and then just miss some good stuff. I don't know how folks who truly need low prices shop there. The GW in Monroe has better prices, but much more dreck to sort through.
I really like the series, but that molester mustache has got to go. You're looking like Billy Corgan's creepy uncle. I feel bad-touched just watching it.
To satisfy my curiosity, I just got to try on a monocle at home through the Warby Parker free home try-on program (along with 4 normal frames). Why? Because. Here are my reactions/questions: How does anyone wear one?! It only stayed in for a few seconds at a time. My face is not built for swagger. which eye would be the one to get? If you have an rx, it's most likely different and having only one eye isn't helpful. who besides a Brooklyn hipster, Sherlock Holmes...
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