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Inseam measurement?
Is that you wearing it? Do you mind me asking your height, weight, chest size? Looks nice but I worry I'm a little tall as well.
I wanted to see if you happened to still have this. It looks like a nice coat. I'm a 38L.
Interested. Can I get a few measurements? Especially jacket length from back of collar, P2P, inseam, cuff diameter. I'm definitely a 38L though, so it might work.   Thanks!
Price drop! Now $300
Here is a wonderful pair of Tricker's Whitman Wingtip shoes. I recently bought these, tried them on once on carpeting, but decided that I needed a pair of more plain brown dress shoes instead. They were probably the most comfortable shoes I've ever tried on out of the box. For reference, these are a UK 11 with a 5 width. Per Tricker's website, this should fit an 11.5D perfectly. I measure a 12C and found these to be spot on. I have read variously that one should size up...
38l worked pretty well for me and i am built similarly. I would start there. Consider the Washington fit as well.
As a Rembrandt fan, this should piss me off, but somehow it doesn't. Good job, SuitSupply.
I saw that. I don't like the change. LEC isn't perfect, but it's been a nice option for me the last couple years. As someone said above, pricing is great, quality is usually good, and styling is hit or miss, but I've had a few solid pick-ups. 
I've regularly seen two plain blue Washingtons on the site.   This one,en_US,pd.html?start=3&cgid=Suits&prefn1=fit&prefv1=Washington   And this one:,en_US,pd.html?start=1&cgid=Suits&prefn1=fit&prefv1=Washington (not currently available, but it's left before and come back)   I own the second, and I'm pleased in every...
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