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Seems like there really wasn't any explicit or implicit upcharge at all, based off what a shell penny loafer costs on their website. I asked because there was a fella a few weeks ago who wanted a CXL penny loafer on a leather sole, and they told him $400, while CXL penny on RLH, a more expensive sole as you know, is RTW at $305. Nor can I...
I vote caramel on brick. Did they hit you hard with an uncharge?
@Zapasman  is probably right, unfortunately.  Seems like this could be a case of Rain's high instep not working well for your foot.  I was never a fan of heel/tongue pads.  Even with such corrective measures, the fit will feel off, and it will dissuade you from wearing them as much as you otherwise would.
Everyone experiences this.  Its like how the back edge of your heel wears down also.  Its inevitable.
This belongs in Buy & Sell
Good to hear. I really enjoyed following your saga, and am glad that it ended well for you.
Reltex Aspen sole is awesome.  Can't go wrong with Beefroll or Ranger.  If you go Beefroll, get the one on RLH.
        It was me.  See above. I did laugh out loud though just now when I was reading how it was being remembered incorrectly.
I must say, I expected this dude to get a lot more support, given the amount of Carmina bashing (okay, we won't call it bashing) that has been going in this thread lately.   I thought it would play out that those who opposed him would be accused of being fanboys and blind loyalists.   Honestly, I think I enjoy the drama on SF more than the actual shoe porn!
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