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So you are saying Saddle and Cognac are the same, but Dark Cognac is different?
  You sure about that?  I think Saddle = Whiskey, while Dark Cognac = Cigar.  No?
Those are really holding up quite nicely.
 ^^^This is a a great makeup IMO  It's the Cricket.
This blue Alden Tassel is most commonly on the copley last.  J Gilbert did it in the Aberdeen, which is the conventional last for tassels, but Union Made and a few others did it on copley.  I'd be down for a vision grey suede string loafer.
In the instance that I am thinking about they were visible on the outside, but only on certain parts.  In other words, not all the way around the shoe.  I'm sure you could find the pics in the gallery if you really wanted to, but it would take a lot of digging.   Edit: See post 2427.  It actually wasn't too hard to find.  This thread doesn't move that fast. 
  They can, but there may be holes visible where the first sole was stitched on.  Not a big deal, but if you look for them you might find them. Someone else had that done and posted pics a while back, and that was the outcome.
Daaaayum! I can't believe you have been holding out on us! That is a great combo.  I imagine that it took some balls, but it came out very well.  Probably a little easier for you to take such risks since you have a set of swatches. Still, you are a visionary nonetheless. Would love to see other angles if you get a chance.
@Leaves still eager for this comparison shot if you can make it happen.
TBH, I haven't actually worn the shoes except for around the house a bit.  Lately, I wear sneakers most days. I can get back to you on that, if you wish.  I want to say the Robert's is slightly higher than the Uetam, but its tough to make a comparison because one is a derby, the other is a loafer.  See attached  pics for reference.  I won't say that I have a freakishly high instep, but I definitely don't have a low one.  The high-instep nature that most of Carmina's lasts...
New Posts  All Forums: