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I think I remember someone saying shortly after the Proper Kit that it is very similar to Rain, but with a less prohibitive fit.  (My words, not theirs)  Meaning not as wide in the forefoot and not as high of an instep.  Basically Rain-esque aesthetic with a fit that accommodates feet with less extreme proportions. 
 I'm surprised that you think so.  I don't find that it's exceptionally low or exceptionally high. I would go with the same size for boots/shoes on the same last.
Do the bandaid thing.  Should not be a problem once they are fully broken in.  Used to see this problem regularly in the Alden thread.
Yes.   (Let's just leave it at that.) 
Would not expect their daily operations to be disrupted from being acquired by a PE firm. All the other info is indeed concerning, though.
Not an AE guy, but I think I read that they used to have flimsy pull tabs but people complained about them breaking, so they redesigned them to actually be functional.
If you know a cobbler that you think can do a good job fixing them for a reasonable price, that might be the way to go.  Would save you a lot of aggravation and back and forth trying to get Carmina to do it. I would not expect the pull tabs to break, but sometimes they do.  Happened to me on a pair of non-Carminas.  Better to avoid using them.
Not trying to be a dick or a stubborn loyalist, I just try to offer an objective third-party perspective.  (and maybe infuse a little snarky humor while I'm at it) Besides, threads are not as interesting when everyone always agrees with each other.
I know everyone is going to hate me, but I can't resist... Looks like they did make an effort to rectify the situation. Were these defects apparent before you wore them?  Definitely a tough situation when the shoes have been worn, as opposed to trying to rectify a situation with unworn defective shoes. I don't blame you for being dissatisfied.  I would not be happy about it either.
Nice!   I have these too.
New Posts  All Forums: