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If you know a cobbler that you think can do a good job fixing them for a reasonable price, that might be the way to go.  Would save you a lot of aggravation and back and forth trying to get Carmina to do it. I would not expect the pull tabs to break, but sometimes they do.  Happened to me on a pair of non-Carminas.  Better to avoid using them.
Not trying to be a dick or a stubborn loyalist, I just try to offer an objective third-party perspective.  (and maybe infuse a little snarky humor while I'm at it) Besides, threads are not as interesting when everyone always agrees with each other.
I know everyone is going to hate me, but I can't resist... Looks like they did make an effort to rectify the situation. Were these defects apparent before you wore them?  Definitely a tough situation when the shoes have been worn, as opposed to trying to rectify a situation with unworn defective shoes. I don't blame you for being dissatisfied.  I would not be happy about it either.
Nice!   I have these too.
Look at the 3rd pic in the listing, and what I mention might make a little more sense.  (with the buckle being stitched to a small piece of leather, which is then fastened to the longer piece with a  screw that comes though from the back.
I bought these a year ago to give to someone as a xmas gift, but returned them. I remember they run small, but I don't remember how small.  Like possibly so small that you want an 11.  They used to have that important sizing advice included in the product description, but I see that it is no longer included.
BNIB   36"   paypal only.   Free Shipping
Are you kidding me, bro?  ...They are a way better company than General Motors!
 Aww shucks, thanks guys.  Wish I had gotten some better ones of swatches and specific shoes, but I was feeling kinda hasty. I didn't buy anything.  I was only there for the first half hour and wasn't that focused because I was up late Friday night.  In hindsight I maybe should have bought some of those Carmina socks that I have been eyeing. The guy (I think Matt?) from shockoe atelier helped my try on some jeans and find the right fit and denim.  Think I might make an...
                A few sloppy pics that I took.   I'd say the coolest part was that they had all the swatches there.  A lot of cool leather options.   Also, I didn't see any of the folks from Carmina slapping each other high-five and laughing about how they are screwing over all their customers outside of New York by waiving the MTO fee for this event, but maybe they waited until I wasn't around before they started doing that.
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