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@Kahuna75 Are they as green in real life as they appear in the picture?   I had them send me a piece of scrap to get a feel for the color, but it is pretty brown with only hints of olive.
I guess upon further consideration Carmina is a little better.  Neater welt stitching.  Neater upper stitching.  Nicer sole-bottom finishing.  I don't notice a difference in the feel of quality, beneath my foot when I wear them though.   The manager of an NYC shoe store that sells Alden recently told me that he thought Carmina was not as comfortable after a few hours, which is why they don't stock them.  I don't find this to be true.   TBH, the shell Carminas that I...
I think I have 9 pairs of Aldens and 5 pairs of Carmina.  They are similar in quality.   You see a lot of bad examples of QC from Alden posted, but when you get a good pair they are just as good as Carmina, I think.   At the same time, you see an increasing amount of QC incidents posted about Carmina lately.       Edit: Maybe Carmina is a little bit better.
I always find it funny how nobody disagrees when someone says this (in this thread).  Curious how people would respond if someone made the same suggestion in the Alden thread.  I know that there is some overlap in the members that frequent both threads. 
OMG, I can't believe Carmina would lower their prices so much with no advanced notice!   How do they expect to position themselves alongside of AE with such a bargain price point?   At that price, I'd probably just buy Bostonians instead.
  FWIW, I have 3 pairs of uetam loafers, all 8.5UK.  Size 8 Carmina trees fit in one pair very tight, but I can't fit them into another pair at all.  Physically can't get them in. (I haven't tried putting them in the third pair yet.)
http://www.carminashoemaker.com/store-locator Gentry, in Brooklyn
Nice post.  The soles are actually much more durable than you would expect.  They hardly wear down at all.   Do you mind sharing how much they cost?
 Through The Armoury NYC.  It was Carmina's first trunk show there (2 years ago), so they ran some promotion where there was a reduced MTO fee.  Sure didn't feel like I was getting a discount though.  Almost wonder if they forgot to apply it.  They were like $1180, don't remember if that was before or after tax, but I think it may have been before. Epaulet doesn't carry Carmina anymore. I imagine they would do it again.  They are in the business of making money and aren't...
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