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 I would appreciate that.  Maybe a few different angles? I thought maybe you or one of your colleagues owned a pair. That taylor stitch shoe you link is not the aspen sole that PDG is talking about. It's this:           I like it.  Edit: Someone should really do a green or blue makeup and use that yellow aspen sole.
@Portland Dry Goods  you got any pics of the Battery Boot in the wild?
Legit concern, especially since you probably want to send them back if it can't be remedied.
^ Probably from when they dressed the sole edge.  Might be able to clean it off, but I'm not sure what the best way to go about it is.  Maybe seek advice in the shoe care thread.     Edit:   Actually seems like it might be worse than I thought.  Anyway, here is some relevant discussion, if it is intact sole dressing.   post #22
Part of the the Reddit GYW Exclusive GMTO series. ...So no.  Unless you MTO or have access to a time machine.
Welcome! And may I recommend the Reltex lineup of soles for your next purchase/resole.
I agree.  I would not expect them to go down if the $ depreciates vs the Euro.  The price would remain static, and the margin for European retailers selling to US customers would decrease on those cross-border sales.   Anyway, enough out of me.  My only intention was to clear up some of the confusion surrounding the looming pricing change.   Let this resume being a thread about shoes, and not a thread about International Finance.
They aren't really increasing them at all. Due to recent fluctuations between the USD and EUR, US consumers are able to buy Carminas from European retailers for about $100 less than they can from US retailers.  The change is that European retailers selling to US customers will now charge the US customers a price that is similar to what they would pay if shopping at a US retailer.  Prices for US retailers selling to US customers are staying the same.  Prices for European...
Point well taken.  And welcome!
 Which is still a good value, IMO.  The $350ish base price that we have been enjoying was just a ridiculous value, not that I am complaining about it or anything. Sorry for sounding like such a Carmina Fanboy.  TBH, I only like a small portion of their lasts/model, and the rest don't speak to my taste. I just feel that there has been a lot of confusion about this "price adjustment" and it's starting to feel like this: 
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