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1 vote for Cordovan.
I see what you are saying, but from what I can tell (and I am for sure on the outside) they work pretty well (cooperatively) with their retailers compared to some other brands.  (Thinking about how a number or retailers have stopped carrying Alden because they can't do business with such ambiguity and long and uncertain fulfillment times.) I perceive this as Carmina's attempt to make their direct sales model more efficient (avoid making shoes that sell very slowly and act...
Epaulet makeup.
That's impossible!  The picture was posted in the the Carmina thread, therefore they MUST be Carmina!  (Just Kidding)
 What makes you think that they are Carmina?  I would assume that they aren't, unless you have reason to believe otherwise. As mentioned, it's a very popular style offered by many shoemakers.  Of all the Chelsea boots in the world, I would doubt if even 5% of them are made by Carmina. Looks like it might have a yellowish lining, (although it is hard to tell because the pic you posted is so small) which isn't typical of Carminas. Also, Carmina tends to trim the sole more...
  About being a status symbol, most people don't even know what shell is... Until the person wearing it explains to them why they should be envious. *Disclaimer, I'm as much of a shell snob as anyone else.
You can't do a SHELL GMTO with Carmina. What happened with this boot was that Steve was allotted an allocation of shell from the factory, and crowd-sourced the design. 
  Doesn't look like this has been posted yet, although I'm sure it will be unknowingly reposted several times by others in the coming weeks.
They have a lot going on at any given moment.  Much of the staff is probably at Pitti Uomo right now.  They have a Mediterranean culture, so what is considered unreasonable to you may seem normal to them.  They get an overwhelming amount of emails and do the best they can. I'm sure they will show up, if not, the situation will be rectified.  Just try to be patient.
New Posts  All Forums: