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For me, same size Robert and Uetam.
I agree, not sure if there is a Tuscon Bison and a Shrunken Bison, as I previously suspected, or if there is just one leather that is called by different names sometimes.  I asked that when they do the clicking that they didn't select a piece with vertical/longitudinal lines for the plug, like the pic on the website, so maybe that's why they used pieces with smaller grain.  On the tongue, the grain is a bit larger.  Smaller grain than I expected, but still happy with them....
  Thank you both. The laces are: http://www.tzlaces.com/cord-5mm-patterned-strong-shoe-boot-hiking-laces/ that I had laying around for some time, but had the idea to use them in these boots long before I pulled the trigger.
Shiwax!       Now I can finally stop coveting @FrankCowperwood 's pair.  Just need to get them dirty now, especially the laces.  The pics don't really do them justice, they aren't as jarring IRL.   The grain on the Bison is a lot tighter than I expected.   The Reltex Ranger sole is awesome.  I definitely strongly encourage anyone planning a boot makeup to consider using it.  I have the Aspen sole on another pair, but this is even more comfortable, being that it's...
Yes. It will scuff easily, but they will brush out completely, unless they are deep.  If they are deep, than there is nothing that can be done.  Also, you can't polish it because it is so oily that the polish won't absorb. Its something that you would wear casually and expect to develop character over time, with all the nicks and abrasions that you accumulate.  Also, it creases a bit more than calf.  Google Image Search for examples.
 Are you sure that they are Carmina?
BTW, don't confuse post count with credibility.  Sometimes people that are new to this shoe game signup and make more than 2,000+ posts within a few months while buying dozens of pairs of shoes.  Then they start acting like some kind of authority, but often spread misinformation. Seen it on a few occasions. Credibility here has to earned.  It can't be achieved just making a lot of valueless posts or spending $20,000 on shoes.
 Yup, just trolling.  Glad that it was well received.   You are welcome.  Looks like Meermin has not adjusted their prices, so they are below the AE range where they used to be.  I also vote Simpson   To the best of my knowledge, always marked UK size.  However, I am by no means certain of this.
PSA:   Guys, I just visited the Carmina website and saw that they just increased their prices by $100 or more!  I thought you all would be interested to learn of this sudden and unforeseen price hike, as I'm likely the first to have discovered it.   Gosh, how dumb can the people at Carmina be?  Clearly a lot of folks will now spend their dollars elsewhere, like AE.  I wouldn't be surprised if this was the beginning of their demise.
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