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Everyone experiences this.  Its like how the back edge of your heel wears down also.  Its inevitable.
This belongs in Buy & Sell
Good to hear. I really enjoyed following your saga, and am glad that it ended well for you.
Reltex Aspen sole is awesome.  Can't go wrong with Beefroll or Ranger.  If you go Beefroll, get the one on RLH.
        It was me.  See above. I did laugh out loud though just now when I was reading how it was being remembered incorrectly.
I must say, I expected this dude to get a lot more support, given the amount of Carmina bashing (okay, we won't call it bashing) that has been going in this thread lately.   I thought it would play out that those who opposed him would be accused of being fanboys and blind loyalists.   Honestly, I think I enjoy the drama on SF more than the actual shoe porn!
We need to change the title of this thready to the Carmina Shoes Official Complaints and Grievances Thread.   That is indeed messed up, though.   If it is because of currency fluctuation, then they really need to get this whole currency thing sorted out.  They seem to be struggling with it, and it appears to be agitating a lot of their customers.   Also, if they are in fact listening as is often said, they need to clamp down on their quality control.  They are...
I was able to sell mine here.  Not worth the hassle of returning it.
 No, its more important that the shoe fit well in terms of length and width.  The ability for the quarters to be closer or further allows for flexibility in terms of people with higher/lower insteps.  People with low insteps will have a more narrow V, people with higher insteps will have a wider V.  Your V width will vary depending on the last and how pronounced the instep is.  I suppose if you got bespoke shoes, you could have the width of your V exactly how you want it...
 I just really wanted to brag to my coworkers/friends about my shell cordovan Alden's and how special and rare they are, so I bought the wrong size and 'made it work'.
New Posts  All Forums: