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^^^Everything he said...
 I share the same understanding regarding Cognac/Ravello and Dark Cognac/Cigar, but I'm not sure that its an official color classification system.  Also, the inconsistency in the use of color names across retailers and even Carmina themselves definitely confuses things even further.
Shell cordovan is inherently inconsistent in terms of shade.  No matter how specific your request, there is still risk involved.  It's best to either accept the possibility that you won't get exactly the shade that you imagined, or abstain. Over the years I've seen a lot of folks disappointed over inconsistencies in the color of shoes that they spent a lot of money on.  Retailers and manufacturers generally respond to such grievances with a "that's just the way it is"...
Also worth noting... If you are interested in something a bit less casual than CXL, they also offer calfskin and a few other options...
@rydenfan (or anyone else)  What is a stitched-down toe?
@mbj88  I recommend going half size down from bannock.  They will make you a different size for each shoe, if you like.   As you seem to be aware of, CXL will stretch considerably.  IME, if you get a half size down, they will be uncomfortably tight for the first few wears, but eventually stretch to fit.   Just an FYI, their leather soles aren't that great.  I would never consider them for a pair, personally.  Since you are already going custom, you might consider the...
No, they run small IME.
 Just take out the screw that holds the buckle and shorten the strap.  You will likely have to punch a new hole for the screw.  Pics should explain it pretty well.  
Loden is a great color!  I got the string loafers.
 These came out great.  Not a split-toe guy myself, but these look way better than I would have imagined.  You are a true visionary @steveyoo1983   The pics came out great too.  Maybe be the lighting in the new shop.
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