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I don't reach for it much, but when I am wearing charcoal wool slacks in the winter, nothing else that I own pairs better.  (I recommend the unlined version).
U sure?  I think they are actually made in Canada. I don't think Alden ever made belts in house.  FWIW, even my Alden branded shell belts don't match my Alden shoes very well, but good enough.  (Barely)
I'd be worried that I'd get color 8 pigment transfer on my clothes.
Thats dark cognac when its not in natural light.  Your pic is in low-light conditions with a flash.  Also, may be a particularly dark example of dark cognac.  As you must already know, shades vary shoe to shoe.  You never know what you might get in terms of a darker example vs a lighter example.  Shoes from the same batch can even have significant variance among them.
Dark Cognac Light Cognac Not side-by-side, but both pretty accurate IME.
Read pages from 3 years ago and beyond, and thats what it was like.  Not trying to be passive aggressive, but that is the best answer. Maybe a big part of it is that the landscape of Alden environment has changed, and this thread is merely a reflection of that?  I don't know, probably to a degree, but not the whole story. One example is that when someone suggests something or shares an opinion, half-a-dozen people immediately try to invalidate or disprove it. This is sort...
I suspect that he may be over this thread.  It's not what it once was, and I haven't even been around that long compared to others.
I guess I mean it in both ways.  They may be inter-related to a degree.  A large overlap between what is "cool" and what is "fashionable". Maybe you are a hipster since you don't want to believe that Aldens have become "cool"?
Yes, people start following the Alden thread on styleforum because Alden's are cool and they want to learn more about them and where they can find them.  They are not independent of one other.  (According to my theory) So you are suggesting that they are not any "cooler" than they were 5 years ago, people are just more aware them because of styleforum?  Not sure those are independent of each other either. As alcebiades points out, they have been getting PR from GQ and...
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