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Yes. Go with Crepe or one of the Reltex soles. It's way worth it over the leather/leather-based soles in terms of comfort.
I think I'm a more common size than you.  Aren't you 11.5?  If so, scary that I know that. Agreed on the plain toe in this particular instance.
Just a point of reference:  I was able to get full ask for my Blake Boots in about 36hrs of listing them on eBay.  I got a lot of best offers too, many from people who clearly wanted to resell them (they had a lot of other auctions for NOS shoes and the like.)   Just thought I'd throw it out there incase anyone wondered what their pair might bring, or how to price them.
Lined Woah, that is quite a feat!
 Thanks for the compliment Yes, in my experience, they are TTS. They actually fit much more like shoes than boots.  I remember you having some nice pairs of Whites Boots from when I was contemplating them and frequented that thread. 9.5 by no means fits generous for me, and thats how I like my footwear to fit.  I don't know why anyone would want their foot sloshing around inside a shoe/boot. New Balance 10Nike 10Gucci/Tods 9.5 Van 9CAberdeen 9DHampton 9D Oscar 8.5 UKRobert...
My brother-in-law just got a pair or Harlechs and is now a big fan.  I just emailed him the specs in an attempt to moisten his palette.  He isn't on SF, so I would have to proxy for him.   Not sure how likely he is to participate, being that he has a wife and 2 children under 2.  I'm always soliciting him with opportunities to score coveted shoes, but he always declines.
 Does this mean that if you order MTO direct from Rancourt that the upcharge has now increased beyond $50?  Or is it still $50?   I whine about Rancourt's prices going up, but they are still considerably less than Quoddy or OSB. The great American handsewn price bubble of 2015.
Hmm, this is tricky.  Too bad 12.5B isn't an option.  I wouldn't count on them stretching too much lengthwise.  I sized down for my boat shoes and they were uncomfortably snug for the first few wearings, but stretched to a exceptionally secure fit.  That said, I wear them with very thin socks, if any socks at all.  I advised my brother-in-law, who has roughly the same sized feet as me to do the same for his camp mocs, and they were painfully snug for him for about the...
They are CXL, but as you point out, they haven't really wrinkly-creased as you often see with Alden's CXL.  Instead they have that shell-like roll that you notice, which I suspect is due to the fact that they are unlined, but I will defer to my fellow Long Islander and resident unlined shell and cxl expert, @wdahab, who's name I always struggle to remember how to spell whenever I try to call upon him.
I would order these 3 (or a close variation) if Rancourt hadn't raised their prices so aggressively in the past 2 years.  I like a lot of their stuff, but find my self thinking "Meh, if they were $50 cheaper I would definitely get 'em."   Too bad they never really have sales (except that one time) or some sort of program that allows their earlier customers historic pricing.  But from their perspective, make hay while the sun is shining.  So I don't blame them as I...
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