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   It doesn't ruin my day either, but it was probably a good thing to have been brought up so that others are aware of the possible repercussions.
I think that it is also against StyleForum rules, although I haven't actually read the Terms of Service, so can't say for sure.
Hey! No cutting in line!
A staple, IMO.
Unlined CXL should be sized such that they feel too small out-of-the box.  They will stretch at least half of a size.   Not sure about the bulldog, since it is not CXL.  I am unsure of the degree to which it tends to stretch.
I think it is the unlined aspect that makes the unlined dovers fit more snugly, not the dover pattern itself.  (So the lined ones won't be as snug as the unlined counterpart.)
Details on Zach's trousers, please?
Good color combo. Cigar LWB would be perfect, but...
I would let sleeping dogs lie
Congratulations on this significant milestone! Would love to see pic of the whole collection. Not that big of a deal from a structural integrity standpoint.  More of an aesthetic issue.
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