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When I first heard Uetam pronounced properly, I thought that the sales associate and I were talking about two different things, the pronunciation was so far from what I thought in my head.
 Not at all.
I know that you know, and I would think that he also knows, but the price difference is mostly explained by exchange rates. Maybe he wondered why they had different model #s when they appear to be the same.
I am curious, but only now that you bring it up. I figure he wants to buy one or the other and can't decide which.
It looks as though the only difference is that one has a smoothly cut toe cap, and the other ones is ragged cut.  The technical term for this is pinking.  Is there an echo in here?  I've been noticing that more lately. 
  http://www.styleforum.net/t/303979/alden-mto-boot-group-order-via-alden-dc Here is all the information about the Thor Boot.
I guess they figure that old men are on the way out and millennials are on the way in. I agree though, they have moved away from "Timeless" and towards "Trendy".
Ask these Ladies   But I share your sentiment.
awesoem, thanks!
  Ahhh.... That's the spot! Thanks. Looks like it has some type of NSTesque stitching on the toe? (at least in the retailers photos)
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