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I've never been to Hong Kong, so I can't say anything about the service there.   I've been in the NYC store numerous times.  There are some guys there that have given me better service than others.  Some are better at responding to my emails than others.  I became familiar enough with one guy, that now I just email him when I need something, and he seems to get it done. (not because we are familiar or that I receive preferential treatment, but because he is reliable, so...
FWIW, I can't feel the midsole at all on my RLH Apsen Ranger Mocs.  It feels like I'm standing directly on top of natural latex.  The midsole is just a thin, very flexibly piece of leather.  From what I understand, it is not there to add support.  It is there out of necessity because they can't glue an RLH sole directly to an upper, so they sew a thin piece of leather (midsole) to the upper and then glue the RLH sole to that.  Get a lighter sole edge dressing (Brown or...
No steel shank in Rancourts.  CXL very stretchy.  RLH very squishy. Not in accordance with Doc's advice.  Tempest is pretty stiff, but not astonishingly so.
You must be talking about the HK store, I assume, since NY has only been open for 6 months?
I prefer them sockless  MKS King Cigar
Well, I guess maybe I'll ask him what last they are, since nobody else can identify.
Not my pic.  I am asking whether anyone can identify the last.  Both pics were from Carmina's instagram. Both pics? or just the bottom?
Depends on the retailer.  Apparently some encourage it (Kathy DC).  I agree, it is very disappointing to spend $500+ on shoes that have been tried on extensively.  Personally, I can tell whether or not a shoe fits without creasing them, but I guess not everyone is as skilled as I am.
I think you guys are being a little hard on omert.  Just let him have his own opinion.  You don't have to insist that he is wrong or try to invalidate it.  I acknowledge that this happens in all internet forums, so its no surprise.   I don't back everything that he says, but I don't think it is so unreasonable to suggest that there might be a relationship between someone taking pride in their work and someone taking pride in their appearance.  I imagine a lot of the work...
Oscar? Forest? Or Robert?  I want to say Robert, right?   Also wanted to share this other pic from Carmina's Instagram, just because the cognac looks so good!
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