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  @FrankCowperwood , @CTYGGG (if i'm not confused) has a dope pair of Cigar Alden Ranger Mocs that are a slightly different pattern.  More like Alden's PTB with the quarters.  5 Blind Eyelets, Crepe sole.  I couldn't find the pics with a google search but maybe he'll pop in and post some (if I even have the right person.) @Michigan Planner I agree with your comparison of Alden vs. Rancourt.  Although the one pair of Rancourt shell that I had were pretty damn shiny....
  I never opted in.  All I said was...   Although I must say that it is a very intriguing (and tempting) makeup.  Kinda like a Redwing moc-toe boot, but more refined and not the same thing that every lumberjack on the L train is wearing. It would be great to see more shots of that pattern from other angles, ect. but I'm not sure Steve has them.
Remind me what pattern this was for?
  Technically, there is no welt.  And not because you can't see stitching around the perimeter of the shoe, but because Rancourt does not make welted shoes.  They make blake/rapid stitched shoes.They look great BTW.
Some.  I don't think renovateur does, but the Saphir cordovan creme does.  It's got a 5 year shelf life.  They put a date on the jar.
Same size as Oscar and Robert. I would argue that if you are sizing down for loafers then your oxfords are too big!  (Some exceptions may apply, no need to volunteer them.)
   I kopped as well.  Highly anticipated.  Inaugural purchase from Skoak.
 I'm not a split toe guy, but I must declare that this makeup is going to be special.  Loden Suede is a great color, and the Tanker is a less-obvious model for it, but I think it will work well.  Hats off to whoever conceived the concept.
They are probably just busy churning out boat shoes to fill orders for their retailers.  T'is the season.  Keep us posted.
Reluctantly chiming in.  (I hate to be a Rancourt hater in the Rancourt thread.)  I also was unable to feel the stitching inside my Blake boots. Not sure if it was the shitty leather soles that Rancourt uses, the shitty fiberboard insole, or just the lack of cork to which I have grown accustom, but they felt drastically less comfortable than Alden shoes beneath my foot and felt cheap as fawk in that way. I have no way of knowing, but I expect that if I tried on a pair of...
New Posts  All Forums: