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GOOD MOVE.  Probably my favorite pair of Alden shoes. [[SPOILER]]I think that you will be ready for them.  Mind you, Tassels are not for beginners.  They can be a disaster when not done right.  However, I have full confidence in your ability.
Was just trying to educate you a little as others have done for me in the past.  Sorry that you did not find it helpful.  You didn't have to be so vicious about it. "Suede", "Shell" and "Calf" are all different types of "Leather". So saying suede is softer and more flexible than leather is like saying that Florida is warmer than the United States.
Suede is leather.
TBH I wasn't a fan when I saw them on the website or when I saw the first pics you posted.  They look much better in action.
 Not sure the saddle is a blucher though... Could be wrong, but I think it is more appropriately described as an oxford.. SFTG, Please advise.
  see what I mean...
 It is said that shell models run slightly larger than their calf counterparts, so same size should serve you well. Some have suggested that it is because shell is less pliable than calf, and cannot be wrapped as tightly around the last as a consequence.  This makes sense to me.
Indecision is the worst decision.  Buy now (while you can, decide later)
New Posts  All Forums: