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Corporate Card members (you have the card to receive the corporate discount) Instructions on how to sign up were posted last year, if you need to find them.
  (doubtfully rolling my eyes)
Nice first post!
Or it can tear.  It doesn't stretch much, it will tear under enough tension before it stretches enough to make a huge difference. This old pair, for example, that my dad had been putting trees in that were too big. (Crappy photos, I know) Another example would be how carmina stopped making certain laceless boots in shell because the leather would frequently tear when they remove the last.  (Albeit carmina shell is dryer so probably more susceptible to tearing.) What is...
Speaking of 30% off sales...   Anyone know when the BB Corporate Event begins?
 So 7.5UK is most likely your Robert Size.
as needed.
 MickCollins Already posted pics of them either last week or the week before.  I considered them, since I have a thing for suede tassels, but I could not justify the $535 price for suede.  I paid $300 for my Mocha Kid Suede tassels, which I find more reasonable.  I would rock them with charcoal slacks or khakis.  I already have enough Tassels and loafers in general that It would be tough for me to wear them all enough, even without buying additional pairs.  There is also a...
Same leather, but the reverse is inside-out (AKA rough-out), if I'm not mistaken.
  ^THIS is what "patina" looks like.   Wonder what leather that is?  Natty CXL?
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