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Are they CXL?   I think generally they will stretch width and height, but don't count on length.  Are your toes touching the front of the shoe?   Others please weight in.
Yours almost look like a dark Ravello.  Mine are a dark cigar. These are from CitiShoes.  TSM's version has the antique.  Voltaire says the black edge is exclusive to him. Such an appropriate analogy
Maybe get the Camp Mocs in Bulldog or some other type of leather, if you aren't feeling the CXL.
...and just what were you thinking coming in here and expecting an unbiased opinion?  Did you expect to hear: "Rancourts are nice, but they are a little overpriced and the quality isn't that great.  I suggest you get the LLB and save yourself some money to spend on something more worthwhile."
Most abrasion can be brushed out of cxl.
Still haven't gotten the shipping notification for my suede pair that was supposed to ship 8days ago...
LIke the natural edge on that make-up   ...and the socks!     Thanks for sharing.
 This is kind of mind-blowing.  Not sure if he is doing you a favor, or a disservice.  I wonder who "we" is?
 This thread needs more pics!  Thanks for sharing. Lookin' good, Frank.  Those should serve you well this autumn.
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