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Then send them back to Alden for restoration.  That would really complete the cycle.
  I noticed in the other pics that it had an unusual sole, but the $498 and "made in USA" was what made me mistake them for Alden.  Also, the shape and pattern of the LWB is similar, if not identical.  However, in a way I am relieved to learn that Alden did not create them.
For those who have already mastered the #8 Tassel, and are ready to experiment with less majestic variations...     Was never a Chukka fan, and this variation has done little to bring me around...     Seriously? Please tell me that Alden didn't actually devote resources to this make-up when they could have been catching up on other [more worthy] orders...  
Get a Beagle, then whoever it is will really know what a dog that makes a lot of noise sounds like.   My GF in college and I had a Shih Tzu.  She still has the dog since I got it for her (she wanted it) and I still have my big dog.  They are good little dogs if you want a small dog.   In all seriousness though, the person is probably just an idiot.  Max is probably just whining because he is sad that his people aren't home and he is lonely.
    [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
My experience supports this, in that I have received severely creased shoes from Alden DC as first quality, and I am not exaggerating when I say severely.
If you prefer the NYC version, I would wait for.  What's a few months for a boot that you will have for years?
It bothers me a little, but not a lot. Calikid, you always seem to have some of the ballsiest ideas when it comes to MTOs.  (Frank has some good ones too.)  What are the other specs on the your order?  Or are you going to let the suspense build?
I never noticed that until you pointed it out.  I wonder why there isn't a channel.  (Just checked the tempest on my Blakes, and they are as you describe.)   That sole crumbling isn't a deal breaker for me, although I understand what you are saying in comparison to the smooth wear on the christy.
New Posts  All Forums: