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 You've likely already seen this, but... ...Horween warns that it is likely to expose imperfections that were hidden in the dying process.  I surmise that shells that have been chosen to be dyed black are those with the worst imperfections. http://horween.com/products/brownout/
^Your design or theirs?
   I think that in some ways black exhibits the beauty of shell better than any other color.  Sure seems to shine better, but maybe thats what you mean by plasticky.   [[SPOILER]]  Looking forward to wearing my black unlined LHS with some gray flannels and a cashmere sweater this winter.
 It could be that the profile of the Plaza just does not appeal to you.  It does not appeal to me, for the reason that you have described.
Agree with RTP.  If you are going to get a black shoe, black shell is an excellent choice.  If you can't see yourself wearing a black shoe, don't bother. There are things that can be done to make it darker, but it still won't match.  It will just be darker than before, but still a different shade.
 I'm not really a stakeholder in his decision, but I feel that the MKS goes with all of these colors as well.  Except I wouldn't wear either of them with brown, and probably wouldn't find myself wearing olive, generally speaking.
Those are very badass indeed.  Good taste, sir.  The Snuff looks pretty dark.  Maybe just the lighting?  Tell me about the deerskin lining?  I have a pair of snuff rangers on the way with the black deerskin, so I would love to hear your impression.  My pair of Blake Boots are TTS and they are a good fit with regular thickness socks.  I think you will really enjoy those. Also, can we get a shot of the bottom of the sole when you have a chance?  I'm curios if they are...
 +360 welt, if i'm not mistaken.
 Are those LS Socks?  If so, pretty badass!
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