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 Did you employ mac break-in method?  The excessive toe wear should subside after the first few wears once the initial stiffness of the shoes subside. Not saying that you didn't employ the method, but if you did not, and your excessive toe wear is simply the result of stiff shoes on concrete, then you are "closing the barn door after the horse has bolted."
 Very Pittsburgh in my experience.  Also, suit pants that have not had their creases maintained. Might be in part due to the excessive and unnecessary amounts salt that they throw on the size walk downtown, even if it is just a snow flurry.
   Thanks, Gents.
 Guys, to be fair,  650AUD is only 611USD at the current exchange rate, so its not quite as outrageous as it may seem.
 Hmm, to be honest, I had not considered that.  Your suggestion is very reasonable, and I will certainly afford it the consideration that it warrants.  I won't be making any decisions on this matter in the near future, so there is plenty of time to mull it over. Thank you for your recommendation.
They aren't.  Mac's feet are bigger than that. Edit:  Or at least I was pretty sure until I saw that there are some 8.5s listed in that blog...​ RTP, thanks for the Oooh, ahhhh.  You know that I am very sensitive about footwear and get discouraged when my shoe pics go unnoticed. I've gotten so much use out of my 9015s and 9016s lately, it just reinforces my reasoning for adding the 9070 and 9071 to the lineup.  I'd hate for my shoe selection to become too predictable or...
9c ptb fit great. 8.5e naval boot was too wide in the heel, would never have worked. I've come to accept that 9c is the only size that will work, so I don't try to compromise on fit.
Very badass indeed. I have something similar in production, so I'm glad to hear that you like your selection so much. Also, thanks for all of the awesome pics.
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