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You and me both.  Whenever someone says that they can "Make it work" with heel/tongue pads, insoles, thick socks, ect. it makes me   Its a different story if someone buys the correct size and they fit to begin with, but fit even better with a heel/tongue pad or insoles.  To keep shoes that are the wrong size to begin with and try to compensate with these measures seems like too much of a nearsighted fix for a pair of shoes that you plan to have for decades.  Sometimes,...
As needed... Depends how often you wear the shoes, the way you walk, the surfaces you walk on.  No one answer in terms of length of time.
HAHA, this is exactly what I was thinking to myself when I read the first part of your post. I think that this is a big part of it.  As others have mentioned, the smaller batches/quantity of rare colors may result in some loss of economies of scale.  However, it is possible that this is not true. ^This, plus the premium paid for the shells with fewer blemishes that are used to make exotic colors. ^Also valid points. Bargaining power of consumer (from Horween's perspective)...
Clearly this salesman that you spoke to is part of the conspiracy and only offered this explanation as a cover-up to throw you off the scent. Edit:  I wonder if they have a greater margin on black and #8 than they do exotic colors.  I wonder if they have a greater margin on shell vs suede, calf, or CXL.
Lefty,   I'd like to get one too one day.  Right now I have a mix with some GSD, and I love the GSD personality.  One-owner dog, super loyal/protective, practically fearless, eager to please.  If I do end up getting a full-blood GSD as my next dog, my main concern is that I'd like one that is least likely to have hip or spine/nerve problems.   Basically one that will have the fewest hereditary problems.  One that comes from a line of dogs that haven't been bred closely....
THanks, and again, all credit to Thor.  Save the congrats for if I am ever able to get a pair.
Something like that.  THey aren't the LS Cigar Jumper, if thats what you are thinking.  Those were on TB, these are on Barrie (like the Pitt, as you mention)  360 Storm Welt, Antique edge, All matched eyelets, Double Waterlock, if I'm not mistaken.
I wonder who this guy is who buys all the size 9E Barrie make-ups from Leffot, and then sells them on eBay, likely at a small loss, a few weeks later?   Fess up!
They are indeed Aldens, however, all credit must be paid to SF member "Thor".  They were his MTO when Alden still had the program.  If I'm not mistaken, they were one of the last MTO'd pairs Alden did, period.  A group of members banded together to have Alden DC commission a run of them, however one year later, the order has still not been confirmed and the pre-order list has long since been closed.  If they come to fruition, that's great.  If not, well, I've been living...
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