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I think part of it depends on how YOU approach THEM.  And also which sales rep is working.
These sound like they will be one of the coolest make-ups ever posted in this thread.
Thanks for posting.  Had not seen that.  Never expected Ethan to have that type of a dialect when I had seen him in pictures.  (As if that is something that you can determine from seeing a picture of someone)  I like those shoes he's shining, and the very first ones that briefly appear in the very begging.
Come on RTP.  You know how sensitive I can be.  It doesn't take much.  One wrong comment and I'm all   
Neutral? or Natural?
I have nothing against anglos.  All I'm saying is that it is hard for me to know for sure what exactly I am looking at from those small pics that don't show the bottom of the soles or the model number.
+1. I'm sure that the poster was not aware, but posting links to items that you are selling on eBay is against the rules. Also, hard to tell from the pics, but I am not even sure those are cordovan.  Looks a bit more like CXL, no?  I think I see some nicks on the sole edge too.  Are you sure they are brand new?
I find that the Blake Boots fit very True To Brannock Size.
That just means that it is a pull-up leather, but not necessarily CXL.  Rancourt offers a few different pull-up leathers.  It may indeed be CXL, it is just the grained textured that confuses me.
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