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I like the way you are thinking.  However, I wonder if the resale value isn't largely influenced by the retail value.  A bit of the chicken or the egg conundrum.  My suspicion is that it all comes down to supply/demand in both markets.  That is, demand more than supports the current prices. I love your willingness to go against the grain.  Keep it up.  I have to agree that confirmation bias seems to run rampant in this thread.  Personally, due to increased prices and...
For the 4 Eyelet Ranger, Consider Montello Mini Lug or one of the RLH Natural Latex Soles.
Need more info on what you are looking for.  For boat shoe, I like the boat sole.  Traction is fine, unless standing on the wet deck of a boat, but that is to be expected.  Durability is fine.  Arch support is terrible.                        
I already have those, but I paid a lot more for mine.  They are wonderful shoes.
It has been said that creasing and proper/improper sizing are not related.
This might be the wrong thread for that question. Sorry I could not be more helpful.
Thanks Shouldaville.  I'm actually a cynical person IRL as well.  Some people get a real kick over my agitated demeanor.  I think part of it is in the tone of my delivery. Yes, the silver tie with the navy suite.  I guess it could work, but not something that I would wear. yes, and yes. ^Pretty much this. And especially this.    Tyler: Get both.  You might end up returning the Cigar in the end if they are too defective.  This way you'll still have the color 8's instead of...
In first for quoting a post with a lot of pictures and not using the spoiler function!
I get the sense that he is in the wedding, and thats what they told him to wear, however, I agree with what you are saying.
This doesn't really answer your question but consider 9071.  Also, Carmina seems to make some nice black straight tip cap toe bals. If you are just looking for something cheaper that you will only wear for this one occasions and perhaps a few weddings in the future, why not just get some Johnston and Murphys?  Probably nobody will notice the difference, and since you are only going to wear them a few times, they should hold up pretty well.
New Posts  All Forums: