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 It is said that shell models run slightly larger than their calf counterparts, so same size should serve you well. Some have suggested that it is because shell is less pliable than calf, and cannot be wrapped as tightly around the last as a consequence.  This makes sense to me.
Indecision is the worst decision.  Buy now (while you can, decide later)
Nope, I was behind him in line at lunch.  I snapped the pic on my phone.
I see what you mean.  I would just like to be a fly on the wall there one day to see the clowns who are responsible in action. I think you give them too much credit.  The codes or low prices are usually corrected within a day or so, which leads me to believe that they are not intentional.  Furthermore, from what I can tell, they don't have much trouble unloading their Alden inventory, with some makeups persistently backordered. I also don't think that they are aware that...
I meant to comment on these the other day when you posted them.  I'm a huge fan of Tassels, especially suede.  I like these much better than the Unionmade version with the contrast stitching.  JG's, like UM's are also on the copley last though, right?  That is a deal breaker for me.  I am a purist in the sense that I only like Tassels on the Aberdeen.  Also, what color is the welt, edge?  I can't tell if its dark brown or black or what?  Not sure, but I like how it makes...
I like the way you are thinking.  However, I wonder if the resale value isn't largely influenced by the retail value.  A bit of the chicken or the egg conundrum.  My suspicion is that it all comes down to supply/demand in both markets.  That is, demand more than supports the current prices. I love your willingness to go against the grain.  Keep it up.  I have to agree that confirmation bias seems to run rampant in this thread.  Personally, due to increased prices and...
For the 4 Eyelet Ranger, Consider Montello Mini Lug or one of the RLH Natural Latex Soles.
Need more info on what you are looking for.  For boat shoe, I like the boat sole.  Traction is fine, unless standing on the wet deck of a boat, but that is to be expected.  Durability is fine.  Arch support is terrible.                        
I already have those, but I paid a lot more for mine.  They are wonderful shoes.
It has been said that creasing and proper/improper sizing are not related.
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