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Really?  I saw the Natty CXL, but not the brown.  H. Stockton's blog said they were exclusive, but then again, they said that about the opera slipper too, and NY and DC offer it, although maybe on a different last, and maybe not in calf.   http://blog.hstockton.com/   However, I know that both of you know your stuff, so I don't doubt what you are saying.
Does anyone know what this shoe is?  I could not find the model number when I searched in google.  Looks like possibly a CXL Tassel?  If so, I wonder what retailer offered this when?     Edit:   Found it.  CXL Tassel.  H. Stockton, Atlanta, GA.
I think the yellow aspen would look good on some green shell or cxl, but couldn't get enough use out of it to justify purchase.   Let us know how the aspen feels if you do pull the trigger.
Never knew about the plastic in the toe.  Thanks for the wisdom.
  Thought he was doing it to make them last longer.  Not saying that lined shell lasts longer than unlined, but I thought it would make them retain their shape more.   Unlined is great too.  What do you think that the reason is for the default no lining?  I always assumed it was partially lined, but I don't own a pair, so perhaps you would know.
It has almost become a saying around here, that: "You can't go wrong with snuff".
^That is so un-refreshing.
I think I got them in March/April.  Had my eye on them for a while and used the 30% during the BB corporate event.  $350.  Probably never wouldn't have paid $500 for them.   I discovered that I like fine-nap suede, which is what got me thinking about the Repello rangers that we discussed in another venue.  How fine is the nap on your Milkshakes?
That does seem sort of silly.  Maybe you can discuss it with them?  If you are a repeat customer, might not hurt to mention that as well. No rhyme or reason there.  My suspicion is that they wave the up charge on shell to keep them from getting too expensive.  Like Espresso Blakes would be $725 vs $675 (at least when I bought them),  Beefrolls $600 vs $550 (last time I checked)   That is one of their other greatest value propositions IMO.  Shell, for a little bit...
New Posts  All Forums: