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Uncle Mac with the rare non-shell selection!  This happens but once a year! Looking good, Uncle.
I thought it looked 2 toned, but wasn't sure.  Plainsman brown, CXL.  Not sure if I've seen anyone post pics of that in the thread before, but recall seeing it on their instagram or website now that you bring it back in to my mind.  Something to remember for the future.  Tying not to buy any more shoes, but am thinking about some White's semi-dress boots, and Plainsman CXL would be a good option if they can do it. What about the RLH didn't you like?  Too unstable/wobbly...
 A few words of caution on Saphir Cordovan Creme -Some folks dislike the greasy finish it leaves behind -It is not good for spot treating, it will change the appearance of the shoe a little, so use it on the whole shoe.  Use wax for spot treating. -Apply and work it in to small sections at a time.  It dries fast, so if you try to apply it all over a pair of shoes, it will be too dry to go back and work it in where you started. There is no one right/wrong answer to this...
Looks like you went with the cinnamon laces?  Nice touch! Is that tan bulldog leather?I have boat shoes with boat sole and rangers with apsen (and leather midsole).  The aspen, even with the leather midsole is about 10x squishier than the hard rubber of the boat sole.  Honestly, I can't even feel the leather midsole, just the squishy latex.  The leather midsole must look a lot harder than it is.  Not sure I would call it hard at all.
Saphir Cordovan Cream in Neutral infuses very much moisture into shell.  More so than Reno/Venetian.  I have all 3.  It is said that it will temporarily darken whiskey, but that once it dries it will return to its original shade.  For this reason, I hesitate to suggest it for your situation.  All that I can attest to is that the stuff really moisturizes. No. It's be disputed repeatedly on here.  Nobody has been able to offer any concrete evidence that it has adverse...
post pics when you do (obviously).
Danforth available in the Dark Olive smooth leather.  Must just be the sole.
  Move...  ...Kidding. As far as I've heard, leather defender won't darken whiskey.  Haven't personally tried it. ...Also, overshoes.
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