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Trubalance, Barrie, Plaza.  The second two only in shell, AFAIK http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens_indy_boot_plain_toe_natural_chrome_excel/pv-ald-86042h_ald_m_indy_boot_plain_toe.html   TSM calls this a plain-toe indy   (I acknowledge that these are not the same modified boots that appear in the pic that was quoted)     Don't know if you consider it interesting, and not sure about availability, but there is always the 2160 and 2161.  Also, NST Bluchers sometimes on...
  It's hard to discern from these pics, but...   ...are those the Alden Leisure Hand-Sewn Loafers made for Nettleton Shop in Pittsburgh?    If so, nice score!   A great twist on a classic makeup!
Not a fan of speed hooks, especially on a Blake Boot  
    As you can see, this questions was literally asked and answered 4 days ago on the same page that you would have had to go to in order to quote the post that you quoted.
Not the highest quality pics, but:       Before:   After:
Nice acquisitions.  Some seriously good pick-ups.  Wear in good health.  Thanks for all the pics.  I like posts with a lot of good pics, I just don't like when 20 people quote a post with a lot of pics and not use the spoiler function or delete the pics.   (examples sure to follow)
I think you'll be alright with the natty cxl Beefrolls in Barrie size. They will be tight at first, but stretch to fit.
That is weird.  I'd say keep.  Also, send pic to Rancourt, maybe they can help?  Refinish?
This questions was literally just asked (and answered) like yesterday.   10-12 weeks
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