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He's an accountant and it is tax season (no offense)
That is just ridiculous.  Should have never left the factory.  Should have never left the store. I would not even consider keeping those for a moment. They look like they were made to compensate for a pronation issue.
At first I was like, WTF, Alden sent you a tea sample with your postcard?   But now I realize that you put that there to cover your name and address.
shoes are great, but I was applauding the combo.  Have some pants like that one the way, I just hope that they don't turn out to be a darker blue than I am expecting.
^Well Done.
  [[SPOILER]]  And those are just mine.  Many have been posted by others as well.  But you do have a point.  Only a small portion of the pics in this thread are bals. Not sure if that is the reason, but your theory demonstrates sound logic.
I don't know anything about this, but aren't they doing that to burn any loose threads?
I'm looking for a pair of J Crew Cordovan PCT Boots in size 11.5 if anyone knows where I can find them.  I notice that they are back ordered at J. Crew, and I don't want to wait several months.  Maybe someone out there is sitting on a pair that they would consider unloading?  I'd be willing to pay a little over $500 shipped.  Let me know.   I realize it's a long shot, but figured I'd just throw it out there just in case...
Agree on both points.
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