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We are also on the same page. 
 ^Its dirty in those pics, and would wipe clean^
I wish the toe on my blake boots was higher.  Maybe mine is just atypically low.
We are on exactly the same page - you are correct.  I never thought otherwise.
Great point.   Carmina's shell is just fine. This example is plenty shiny. I don't find it any different, other than that one has acrylic and one doesn't.  I also have Rancourt shell, which is also just fine.   It has been  many times before, but it is generally accepted that while they are different, one is not necessarily better than the other.  Matter of preference.  I like it all.  I happen to like shoes in general, not just Alden.
 Buy currency futures to hedge against the increase in shoe prices.
 That is ridiculous.  Why have dovetail heels then, if they can't be replaced without replacing the whole sole. Why doesn't Rancourt just make their heels/soles the same as every other manufacturer who's heel lifts CAN be replaced. This is the most stupid and disappointing thing that I have hear all day.
What's your entire rancourt lineup look like, shell and other? Here is mine.Shell, Snuff, CXL
I kinda think the snuff and brown will clash, not in a good way. Maybe just stick with all snuff or all brown CXL. Some pics for thought. [[SPOILER]]
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