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No way, that Sherman with the RLH has a midsole and is $305.  (And that's with more premium materials, such as the RLH and American Bison.) Their demand must really be THAT good. I would think their cost to produce a camp moc on leather sole is like $50-$75.
That's absurd! Used to be that they would customize a model for no upcharge at all.  Then they started implementing a $50 upcharge, which was reasonable.
Yeah, I agree that doesn't make sense...   There has to be some sort of confusion going on somewhere.
If I had to speculate, because it costs a considerable amount to be an affiliate vendor and their prices weren't that competitive relative to other retailers selling the same brands because they had to factor in their own duties when importing their stock into South Korea.  (From what I gather, the import duties in South Korea are significant.)
The recent strengthening of the Euro vs the Dollar is not as significant as the initial weakening of the Euro/Dollar.  The exchange rate is not far from where it was when they made the initial adjustment.  This suggests to me that any increase that may have occurred was not the result of currency fluctuations.     Here is a 2 year chart Here is a 1 year
 When buying shoes from Europe in general, you really want to know you size.  Returns are not easy and shipping is not cheap.  If you are willing to bear those costs and bite your nails for weeks as the package sits in foreign customs, go for it.   Here is the blue. I'd say that Betty is right.  Their pics are pretty true to color.
 I thought I remembered hearing something a while back about the Buger being described as Rain aesthetic but with a fit that accommodates those with less extreme foot proportions.  However, when I went back to find whatever it was that I am thinking about, I came up with nothing.  Maybe it was posted in the Proper Kit thread.  I didn't look there...
@GuidoTheKillerPimp  also worth mentioning, the color of Carmina's blue suede looks a little different IRL than the pic you posted.
^^^Everything he said...
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