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You must just have a ridiculous instep.  If they fit well in all other aspects, I would stick with them.
@Portland Dry Goods would love to hear more about improvements that you observed!
Not really into it, personally. For Rancourt, I stick with handsewns (on Reltex sole where appropriate). Anything else and I'd turn to someone who presents a better value.
and the weather!
I'm as impatient as anybody, but just keep in mind that it's not unusual for these things to take a little more time given the culture over there. Also, she probably get here inbox slammed with spam, being that people are always posting her email here. (People write code that crawls the web looking for xxx@xxx.xxx and then scrapes those bits of text and aggregates them. Then they sell the lists of email addresses in bulk to people who want to make giant email marketing...
I think that I probably could come up with 12 shoemakers that "choose not to work with shell cordovan" I think that I could refute each one of your points.  I just don't care to.
You win.  I'm wrong.
I suspect that this may be a contributing factor to why many shoemakers choose not to work with shell cordovan.  Not only is it difficult to procure, but sometimes you end up with these types of imperfections on a finished product (and sometimes you don't).  Then they either have to discard a pair of shoes that was made with scarce and expensive materials and has already had hours of labor dedicated to them, or pass it off to the consumer, who may be dissatisfied.   They...
 My mistake.  I simply right-clicked in Chrome and selected Search Google for Image.  @Bespoke DJP Maybe reach out to OP @JubeiSpiegel ?
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