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Thank you.
For CXL Hand-sewn shoes, it is usually a good idea to size down half of a size.  (not sure if you did that) because they stretch about a half of a size. The pinky toe bulging is normal and to be expected.
 Is that thing underneath them a chair? Could be, hard to say.  One thing that I am pretty confident about is that they are not on Aberdeen.  Copley, perhaps?
This works so well, IMO.
They were definitely Alden Tassels and not just Alden inspired Tassels?  (not that I question your expertise)
No, soup kitchen on wheels.
The LWBs have a strong presence in general, which at the very least, contributes to what you are noticing.  There may be other factors, such as sizing, at play.   I go with the smallest size that fits.  Rather have a secure fitting shoe than a sloppy fitting shoe.  Don't understand why anyone would prefer it any other way.
I've never been to Hong Kong, so I can't say anything about the service there.   I've been in the NYC store numerous times.  There are some guys there that have given me better service than others.  Some are better at responding to my emails than others.  I became familiar enough with one guy, that now I just email him when I need something, and he seems to get it done. (not because we are familiar or that I receive preferential treatment, but because he is reliable, so...
FWIW, I can't feel the midsole at all on my RLH Apsen Ranger Mocs.  It feels like I'm standing directly on top of natural latex.  The midsole is just a thin, very flexibly piece of leather.  From what I understand, it is not there to add support.  It is there out of necessity because they can't glue an RLH sole directly to an upper, so they sew a thin piece of leather (midsole) to the upper and then glue the RLH sole to that.  Get a lighter sole edge dressing (Brown or...
New Posts  All Forums: