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You do a good job coming up with unique designs/combinations.  I still got my eye on that Battery Boot.
Thank you, Kind Sir! Here is my String Loafer Line-upIt's weird, I always end up getting 3 versions of the same shoe.
  Agreed.  I wasn't sure exactly how it would look in person, even though I had seen pics taken by @RogerP and @Skoaktiebolaget.  The pics, despite being great in their own right, doesn't do the color justice.  Props to @Leaves for encouraging Carmina to start using it.  It perfectly fills a gap that had existed in Carmina's spectrum of brown suedes, and aside from that, is just an awesome color of suede.
  Via Skoak
You beat me to it.  
  @FrankCowperwood , @CTYGGG (if i'm not confused) has a dope pair of Cigar Alden Ranger Mocs that are a slightly different pattern.  More like Alden's PTB with the quarters.  5 Blind Eyelets, Crepe sole.  I couldn't find the pics with a google search but maybe he'll pop in and post some (if I even have the right person.) @Michigan Planner I agree with your comparison of Alden vs. Rancourt.  Although the one pair of Rancourt shell that I had were pretty damn shiny....
  I never opted in.  All I said was...   Although I must say that it is a very intriguing (and tempting) makeup.  Kinda like a Redwing moc-toe boot, but more refined and not the same thing that every lumberjack on the L train is wearing. It would be great to see more shots of that pattern from other angles, ect. but I'm not sure Steve has them.
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