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Anyone have experience with the Dark Brown Buckaroo?  Does it stretch like CXL? or not stretch at all like shell?  or is it somewhere in between?
Its the same stuff.  Both come from Horween.  Alden "glazes" theirs with acrylic, while Carmina doesn't.  That's where you will notice a difference.
You basically bought the bag and got the hat and overcoat for free! I have one of those bags.  I think you'll like it.
   Moar Robert pics      
Bison! I've been eyeing that model myself, it is just harder for me to pull the trigger since Rancourt has increased their prices so much since my first pair.  They don't scream value (to me) like they used to.
Not available online?
If the shoe fits... wear it! FWIW, they don't look out of proportion in the pics you posted.  I hear you though, I wear a half size smaller than you and am 6 inches shorter. ...maybe I should be worried that my shoes look disproportionately large. 
Creasing isn't really a reliable way to assess a proper fit, but for whatever its worth, thats where all of my shoes crease as well.     Where would you rather they crease instead?   Nice pickup.  Now all that you need is a matching belt.
Looks like they doubled up on the stitching too.
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