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Ask these Ladies   But I share your sentiment.
awesoem, thanks!
  Ahhh.... That's the spot! Thanks. Looks like it has some type of NSTesque stitching on the toe? (at least in the retailers photos)
 I for one, would not be pissed off if you posted more pics of these. ..just sayin'
@Joenobody0  is right.  Nettletons in Pittsburgh. I've been in there before and the owner, Scott, is a really great dude who is just trying to earn a living with his multi-generation family-owned brick and mortar shoe store in a city that has little appreciation for quality footwear.  Definitely give him some business if you have a chance.  He is as enthusiastic about footwear as any of us.  Looks like he has a few Rancourt makeups that generously marked down. I know...
Damn, those are kinda tight. I haven't seen these before either.  Wonder why rancourt has been holding out on us.
50% upcharge from retail for MTOs
Sounds pretty cool.  I hope that they can pull it off for you.
I'm not a woman, and am single, but am kinda curious as to what you have in mind?  Like what pattern?  Edit: Also, Carmina is not doing Shell GMTOs right now.
I think you have it backwards.  At least that is what the patterns suggest to me.
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