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@steveyoo1983 What does the back of those Chelsea look like?  Are they seamless back there?
I'm thinking that it's just not your correct size...
  Plus, I must add that Steve is always careful not to step on the toes of other retailers by producing [exclusive] make-ups that others already sell.  I've seen him decline designs because Skoak already sells it, or something similar enough.  As Buda points out, it wasn't Steve's idea to produce that makeup, it was crowd sourced. I observe a mutual respect between GF and Skoak (not that anyone is suggesting otherwise), which is great. I also like to give credit where...
Totally justifyable.  Most of the shoes that I own, I own in multiple colors.
Actually... I disagree with your agreement in this matter.
Dare I say that the wholecut is more elegant, yet the captoe is more professional? @tifosi  disagrees with me in 5, 4, 3, 2...
Order again and cancel the first order.
 Haha, I'm not sure that's the result that Steven was going for when he posted them. TBH, I'm thinking of unfollowing them tumblr.  His posts are always so promotional.  (Never posts shoe porn without saying "buy this model from me.") Unfollowed him on IG already because there were too many pretentious food selfies.
Do they have women's shoe trees for their women's models?
Nice socks! Foxes?
New Posts  All Forums: