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I already have the Alden version, otherwise I'd be drooling all over it.  One of my favorites.  [[SPOILER]]
Yes,  Almost a foot and a half in diameter or radius would be like JNCO jeans from the 90s Edit: or bigger
...Actually, your size was never even ordered!  (Buda knows what I'm talking about)
I like this part! Same sort of thing how people used to stand in line to get the new iPhone the day it came out instead of just waiting 2 weeks and having it shipped to you.
 And if not, then the feed that the horses eat may come from over seas. And if not, then the person who cares for the horses prior to slaughter may have eaten imported cheese the night before.  And if not... I see your point, and acknowledge its validity.  My new point is that it has to end somewhere, unless the US were to exist as a truly isolated economy.
Unlined or Deerskin (next best thing.  Only comes in black)
Would sort of go against the whole purely american thing that they have going for them.  Not sure if they care. Also might harm there relationship with Horween.  I have no way of knowing for sure, but it is common for manufacturers and suppliers to have long-term contracts that basically say "you buy only from us, we'll give you a better deal than we would if you used multiple suppliers". Also, their cultures seem similar.  Multi-generation family owned american heritage...
  Shut up Bakes11771.  Your point, as always, is invalid and you are a bitter individual that detracts from the decorum of this thread.  I hope that one day you overcome whatever internal conflict that you are suffering from and learn how to be a more pleasant person.   [[SPOILER]]
It's almost like, "Okay Kathy, put me on every list for every makeup that you order.  Every time you receive a shipment, you must call me and offer me an opportunity to buy my size.  Then once I have decline, you may offer it to someone else" ...Okay, not really.  But we seem to be headed in that direction.
New Posts  All Forums: