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But which weekend in July is it?
Yes, just put the appropriate resole in your cart (meaning the $60 for boat or camp sole, the $85 for any other type of sole, or the $120 for the full refurb).  After you check out they will email you a fedex shipping label (maybe not instantly, they might have to send it manually).
Yes, what dates do you think you'll be in town, Steve?
I'm tentativey down.
GF = Gentleman's Footwear.  They have an affiliate thread.
 You ever think of doing a Gentleman's Footwear x StyleForum meetup in NYC? Could be a good way to get to know some of your NYC clients. Not talking about anything extravagant, just a time and place where a bunch of dudes can go to show off some of their favorite GF merchandise and share a drink or two? I be down if there were enough interest from others.  Not sure how many NYers there are among us.
I don't think there is an epaulet in HK.   Yes, if you show us pics I'm sure someone will recall around when they hit the scene.  I don't think they did multiple runs of many Carmina make-ups, if any. You got a fair deal, assuming they are BNIB. Ruby is not as coveted as the brown colores of shell since it's harder to wear and just doesn't fit the style of some people.  Also, certain sizes are are more/less common, so have a bigger/smaller market, and that is a factor. If...
Carmina just sent a newsletter revealing 3 crocodile monkstrap makeups.
 Check my profile album, there are a bunch of pics in there.  I have the same sizing experience with Uetam.  (9.5US/8.5UK) I think customs invoices usually comes a few weeks later, but most seem to get away clean when purchasing direct and shipping with USPS, so you'll probably be okay. @steveyoo1983 is definitely my go-to for Carmina belts.  I really appreciate that he makes a point of stocking them, because I am pretty anal about matching my belt and my shoes.
 Steve, (Gentleman's Footwear) did a loden suede NST GMTO not long ago.  Should be pics of it popping up soon.  I think he may have done a dark brown with contrast stitching version of it at some point as well, but not sure.  Yes I was thinking Polo, which is a dope color (I have the string loafers) but I am thinking dark brown is a better choice for this particular makeup.  Loden green would be cool too (I also have the string loafers in that color, another champion), but...
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