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hampton is slightly wider in the heel, wider in the toe as well.  I wear 9D in both.
This is one of the best posts that I have ever seen.
I think that if you listed them for $150, they would take a while to sell.  If you listed them for $50, they would sell pretty quick.  Its not at all a bad model, just not as sought after as others.  Alden restoration could do a lot for them at the cost of $150 or $165 (whatever it is lately), however, I don't think you would get that investment back out of them in a resale, so probably best to sell them as is. That is my take on it.  Nobody can know for sure.  Only one...
Thank you.
For CXL Hand-sewn shoes, it is usually a good idea to size down half of a size.  (not sure if you did that) because they stretch about a half of a size. The pinky toe bulging is normal and to be expected.
 Is that thing underneath them a chair? Could be, hard to say.  One thing that I am pretty confident about is that they are not on Aberdeen.  Copley, perhaps?
This works so well, IMO.
They were definitely Alden Tassels and not just Alden inspired Tassels?  (not that I question your expertise)
No, soup kitchen on wheels.
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