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 This may be of interest.  This is the technique that I use, with a little fluffing added along the way.  Ahhh, yes. I love the Reltex soles. Combine them with some bison and you almost certainly have a winning makeup! Those stock photos definitely don't do the cognac color justice. I'm curious to see how it looks once the sheen has dulled a bit.
@FrankCowperwood  New addition? Is the the color they call peanut? Which sole?
 All i'm saying is that they have people on reddit lining up to buy shoes that have not even been made yet while taking a stab in the dark on sizing. When they have plenty of customers in this category, I think they don't really care to bother with helping one prospective buyer narrow in on his size if it will take special efforts. Some may respond, "okay, not saying they need to make special efforts, just have enough shoes in your own stores for people to try on!" and i...
They probably try to make what sells fast so that they don't have a lot of working capital tied up in inventory.
 1) No! (see number 2) Just over 3 years ago they were doing custom jobs with no upcharge. We should have kept Rancourt a secret, maybe that would still be the case
 Second year in a row that I will miss you during your trip to NYC.
How many wears do you have on them?  If the one fits fine, the other will probably come around on it's own.
I too, am a 9.5US and I wear the Uetam loafers in 8.5UK
From what I understood, it would be a maximum of 2 shell makeups.  Looks like one is an armagnac frankenstitch boot, and the other is a bourbon longwing.
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