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I agree, however, I see it more as an American vs European aesthetic rather than traditional/classic vs modern/fashion-forward.  Although Alden's styles are classic/traditional America, so you are still right.  Also seems like Carmina tries to emulate that American aesthetic in some of their offerings (e.g. Detroit last), so it's not a black/white situation.   I would say it is more so the case that Enzo Bonafe is an incredible value, rather than that Carmina is a poor...
With the new US pricing, it seems that Carmina is still cheaper than Alden, at least for non-shell models.   I have many shoes from both makers, and at the current prices I find Carmina to be the better value.
I used AE Chili, and I have used Kiwi brown polish.  First is a tad light, the second is a tad dark.  Neither was too different to where I wouldn't use them again. AE Brown might be the ticket.
You can get it with an RLH.  They have Black and Color 8 beefrolls on RLH in the Ready-Made collection.  You could MTO a Navy with the RLH.  While I'm not that enthusiastic about $295, if you aren't very price sensitive it might be worth it to pony up the fee to get the RLH. Then again, you can always just have it put on when you resole, if it's something you want.
It does not exist.  Sorry for the confusion.  Just saying that I like the Navy beefroll, but would prefer it with an RLH sole and think that it's fair value is closer to $250, but the cost is the cost.
I like it, but would like it even more at $250 with a RLH sole.
My suspicion on why they don't have more options on the shoe/boot builder is that they would have to have a web developer come and add them, which would get expensive assuming it's tedious work and billed by the hour.  Maybe people don't use it much and instead just email Scott with the details of the makeup. It's nice to have, but the renderings aren't realistic enough for me to really get an idea of how a makeup will actually look IRL. Seems that they prefer larger...
  Not a fan of the strap either, but the two tone leather strap PLUS the vibram lug sole is what really puts me over the edge.  If it were on a more loafer-ish sole, I would just chalk it up to differences in taste. I agree, it does have a Rancourt for BB feel to it. Some of their "Collections" have been a hit, like that 1967 4-eyelet blucher and the Flint Kudu, but other times I'm just like "okay, so this is yet another CXL blake boot, this time on a goofy sole... for...
 Since I'm already being critical objective about Rancourt, I have to say (as I just received the email promoting the Northport Penny Loafer) that I think a lot of their in-house designs are total misses.
I don't own the Knox boot, but I can vouch for the RLH soles.  They are one of the best things about Rancourt IMO.  They are quite durable exceptionally comfortable. TBH, and I hate to say it, the Indy boot probably is a notch above in terms of build quality.  Cork insole vs fiberboard and the way that they are put together.  That is not to say that Rancourt's are low quality, but a discerning shoe enthusiast will certainly notice a difference.
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