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The gray is actually very blue.  I got them and exchanged them for the loden.  I wanted to wear them with blue pants, but they were just too blue.  I'd get the Loden, it goes with more colors than Navy, IMO. http://shop.thearmoury.com/us/artisans/carmina/carmina-uetam-80285-loafer-suede-green Not the best deal in town...
    Green. If they ever look brown, its because of the lighting/flash.  They are unmistakably green IRL.
I think the battery boot is a win, so whatever mindset you were in when you conceived that...  Dark Olive CXLReltex SoleDeerskin liningHandsewn These are a few of my favorite things.
I think many folks size up to compensate for the Simpson's low instep, but then decide that they have too much length and abandon the last all together. It has been said that if one of the two fits well, the other will not.
^^^Nice avatar
 Sorry I missed it!  Was stuck in George Washington Bridge traffic on my way back into town.
 Yes, I agree.  If they are going to charge extra for wide widths, there should be a small discount for a shoe that is more narrow. J/K of course
This is the equivalent of the exhaust port on the Death Star in Star Wars.  Meaning it is the most vulnerable spot on the shoe.  It can cause the whole thing to unravel like a thread on a sweater, or worse, EXPLODE!  ...Just glue it back down.  That's how they put it on the first place.
PM (Private Message) Steve for pricing inquiries.
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