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 Leffot also received a run of Color 8 LWBs with antique edge recently.  They still have a few sizes left.
+1 Does it also happen to be the Dover pattern?  I've been searching high and low for that exact shoe for the past 48 hours, and haven't found anything. BTW, Does anyone know if there are any Alden retailers on West Roosevelt Road in Chicago that are currently having a sale???
YES! PLEASE!  BTW, Does anyone know where I can get replacement laces for my Indys?
I notice that one is Plaza and one is Hampton, Waterlock/Oak, Calf/Shell, but I think you made the right choice in favoring the 9016.  As you know, black shell looks great on a dress shoe.  I see your point, but it could get really annoying when you consider all the potential sizing exchanges and returns, dissatisfaction with flaws, ect.  Then you would have all these crazy Alden folks annoying the hell out of you instead of the retailer. Remember, no good deed goes...
 Pretty wild that you were able to cite that obscure example off the top of your head.
Doc, Have confidence in your own fashion instinct and do what feels right to you.  You don't need the approval of a bunch of internet strangers.  Fashion should be about self-expression.  Disregard the prevailing trends and what designers are currently hot and wear what appeals to you. If you think you want a pair of EGs, get nasty! If you think that they are too elegant for your style, don't buy them.
Why not 9D (see my sig) In all seriousness though, I would guess 10E.  The Aberdeen is narrow in the toe box, if that gives you any better of an idea.
Alden For Brooks Brothers Tassel Loafer, Black Shell Cordovan - Size 9D, In Good Used Condition, Paypal Only, Free Shipping to U.S.
The pattern.  Particularly on the side of the shoe.  Look at them Side by side.
You and me both.  Whenever someone says that they can "Make it work" with heel/tongue pads, insoles, thick socks, ect. it makes me   Its a different story if someone buys the correct size and they fit to begin with, but fit even better with a heel/tongue pad or insoles.  To keep shoes that are the wrong size to begin with and try to compensate with these measures seems like too much of a nearsighted fix for a pair of shoes that you plan to have for decades.  Sometimes,...
New Posts  All Forums: