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So kind of you to say, Sir. I'm happy that was finally able to peel myself away from this thread/site. Nice! Copley or Aberdeen?
 Any makeup with the AF (Alden Fan) designation is a creation of Adam.
For pleated front, cuffs are typical.  For plain front, uncuffed is typical. My suits are pleated and cuffed, my trousers, which I wear with just a dress shirt and maybe sweater, and therefore less formally, are plain front and uncuffed.
Are those string loafers blue or grey?
And he doesn't have the original lasts.
 For blue, i like the red brick sole and cinnamon laces. Although, i do admit it is a bit loud, and the honey with the regular rawhide laces would require less balls.
You can't. DC and Alden Madison have done Whiskey Indys in the past, so they are the best place to keep an eye on for future runs. In terms of instant gratification, that is almost impossible.  You also might look into Viberg as another option. are you in E&P? (your handle?) Edit: You could look into Rancourt and Oak Street Bootmaker too, but they aren't as substantial feeling. The construction is more like a shoe that goes above your ankle.
Porosity would vary shell-to-shell, not batch to batch.  All shells of the same batch would not have uniform porosity, since each comes from a different horse.
I'm at about $1,755. Two of the pairs I bought for others as a gift. (in reverse chronological order) Snuff Repello Ranger on Aspen Women's Mid Boot  Boat Shoe / Camp Moc Hybrid Espresso Blake Read Boat Shoes (For my Dad)
ALDENMADISONNY@YAHOO.COM ^from their website (makes sense).
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