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Thanks for the speedy response.  I might just get the same ones as you, but with a different sole.  After perusing the pic gallery in this thread, sometimes I think that the vamp of the hand sewn chukka looks too uninterrupted. Another thing that I noticed is that @eljlakers has some sweet makeups. I like your light green suede chukkas too, Frank. 
I was just about to ask you to post more pics of these! I didn't like Bison for the longest time, but now it's growing on me! Did you ask for it to be really grainy like that?  I noticed that in a lot of their catalog pictures, its smaller grain. Also  what's going on with the leather on the vamp? or are they just dirty?  How is the leather in terms of stretch?   I am thinking about doing a chocolate bison hand sewn chukka on RLH Ranger.
Echoing Frank on the traction.  No issues under typical conditions. One thing I will say though, is that the toe has a tendency to catch on the carpet, make you trip a little and cause the sole to peel from the midsole. I think this problem could be solved by making the toe more rounded.  If the toe sloped in a way that made it progressively thinner towards the tip/front, like a ramp, it would probably solve much of the problem.
Similar scheme (Snuff with white thread) [[SPOILER]]
    More Robert Love  
What you probably really need is a C width.
 It's Oscar.
The CXL will stretch A LOT.
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