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 They love helping people zero-in on their sizing for all of Alden's lasts. Make sure you ask for Ralph.
The Snuff Tassels don't interest me. I don't find snuff to be as versatile as others contend that it is.              (Note: These are the BB variant with foxing on the heel)
Can anyone please remind me what was that website that offered the Beefrolls where the more people that bought them, the cheaper the price?
I had to "unfollow" because of all the obnoxious food selfies.
So kind of you to say, Sir. I'm happy that was finally able to peel myself away from this thread/site. Nice! Copley or Aberdeen?
 Any makeup with the AF (Alden Fan) designation is a creation of Adam.
For pleated front, cuffs are typical.  For plain front, uncuffed is typical. My suits are pleated and cuffed, my trousers, which I wear with just a dress shirt and maybe sweater, and therefore less formally, are plain front and uncuffed.
Are those string loafers blue or grey?
And he doesn't have the original lasts.
New Posts  All Forums: