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 Congratulations!  I am genuinely excited for you, as odd is that is, being that I don't know you IRL.  I do recall giving you some piece of frivolous advice, that must have been it. Perhaps this is shoe karma at work.  Since you were noble and did not go behind your wife's back to get that used pair of NST boots from eBay, you were rewarded with this other grail at an insanely unbeatable price. Todays frivolous piece of advice, inspired by your good fortune is: If you...
I agree with your reasoning.
I think blake refers to the construction (Blake stitch and rapid stitch), as MWS has explained.  It has been said that they call the last that the blake boots are made on the "John" last.  Not sure if the wingtips are made on the same one.   I presume "Danforth" is a model name, such as how they use "Clymer 2.0" ect.
Nicely done, Frank.  They have worn in nicely.  How do you like the bulldog?  Is it less oily/waxy than CXL?  Can scratches be buffed out and a shine created through brushing?  Stretchy at all?   What is the difference between the Blake and Danforth wingtips?  The sole?  Agree, that is a good price!
BB King, like the Jazz trumpet guy?  JK. Bring them to your local BB and have them exchange for a D.  They did this for me recently on a pair of Unlined LHS.  I bought a 9.5 to lock in the price, but needed a 9.  They had one shipped to me from a different BB store. I recommend going to the store physically, rather than just calling.  They are more likely to spend the effort if you are standing in front of them.  Nice crema on your double espresso!  Some among us use the...
 9073 From Citishoes with Black Edge.  Darker side of the cigar spectrum is typical on this make up from Citi, and appropriately so, IMO.  TSM's version has antique edge, as depicted by other poster.  [[SPOILER]]  My thoughts on a cigar balmoral.  Still very formal.  I only expect to wear these with a navy suit.  Would not wear to a job interview, ect, where I would instead employ a Black or Color 8 Cap Toe.  However, I would wear these cigar cap toes for social...
...Only makes sense to add a Penny loafer (I'm not a wingtip guy) of a different material.  I had something wild(ly expensive) in mind, but feel like I have been blowing through $ recently, so those plans have been shelved for now.  This thread seems to be dying down lately... must be the change of season, as handsewn isn't really a wintery thing.  Folks must be focusing their attention on winter boots.
Nice first post. Showing up with authority after more than 3 years of registered lurking!
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