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I actually know a guy who is taking offers on a very nice pair of snuff suede ranger mocs that are your size and have only been worn a few times.  The Blake sizing probably won't work for you anyway.
Rancourt used to say that the John is narrow.  I find it to be normal.  Unless you compare it to something like Indy Boots that require most to size down considerably.  Not sure they offer the John in E width, but it appears as though you are already aware of that. This is quite a sizing predicament that you are in. I'm thinking 10D, but that is just my best guess. Have you tried reaching out to Rancourt?  They can probably give you the width measurements in fractions of...
I'd say Van or Copley.  Aberdeen is more pointy, but I've been wrong before.
Robert and Oscar same size?
I think Frank has both. I have the aspen, which in some ways I like (sleek profile) but it also causes me to catch the toe on carpeting and the sole can peel from the midsole as a result.  It is also very squishy and gives a little bit of a wobbly footing.  Nothing too extreme, but I sort of wish it was firmer.  It also doesn't give great support, and virtually no support in the arch.  This is no more of a problem than it is with a boat sole, however. I imagine much of...
It is causal, so limited versatility in that sense, but plenty versatile within the casual realm.  The color is easy to work with. If you like the chukka style and are looking for something casual that will develop a lot of character quickly, this is a winner.
^This.  What do you mean regular sole?  Regular RLH?
They'll just send the horses to mexico to be slaughtered less humanely. Hides are also imported from other countries to domestic tanneries. Don't worry, it doesn't mean that Horween is shutting down.
I ordered my Blakes in my Brannock size and they fit wonderfully.  My heel is slightly narrow and boney, and I can feel a slight amount of wiggle room in that part of the boot, but its not a problem at all.  I find that last to be precisely true-to-size.  If I had a heel that was in "normal" proportion to the rest of my foot dimensions, it would be as if the last was made for my foot.  I wear them with socks slightly thicker than athletic socks, but not as thick as wool...
Wherever you go, make sure they use the Foot Balance heel that the boots came with.  I've heard that if they replace it with a standard block heel, that it will change your stride and the boot will develop a new set of creases accordingly.
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