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I've read a good chunk of this thread and seen a lot of advice on Robert last sizing.  I tried on a pair today in both UK8.5 and UK9, and while both fit, the salesman and I sort of thought the 9 fit better.  He based his assessment on how close the laces closed.  For me, it kind of just seemed like the contours of the 9 matched up better with the contours of my forefoot.  The 8.5 was not tight in any place.   I'm just kind of in disbelief because I haven't seen anyone...
I know SFTG LOVES the snap last.  I have no experience with it, so can't help much, but I really like the hampton for this style of shoe. Buy both return 1? Or get the BB 30% off when the next corporate event takes place.  I think I remember them having one shortly after xmas last year...
 I can't really say for certain, as different people report different experiences.  My Unlined LHS were my first pair of Aldens, and I got them TTS (9.5) not knowing anything about lasts or sizing down.  A few months later I went to add a lined pair in a different color and the 9.5D was too big.  Exchanged for a 9D, better but still too loose.  Exchanged for a 9C which is spot on.  I subsequently added another lined color in 9C. I think a big part of it is that the unlined...
I think that is their standard "out of stock" message.
 I recommend the unlined version from BB.  Wait for the next corporate event and get them 30% off.
Which I think is sound logic.
Woodlore Ultra are perfect in my 9Ds.  The shape works well because it comes up pretty high underneath the tongue.  Its tricky though, since 1 size tree works for a range of shoe sizes, some styles/sizes work better for some than they do for others.  The full toe version works well in my 9C LHSs.   My 2 Cents: Wet a paper towel with warm water.  Wring it out in your fist, wipe down the shoe, repeat daily with brushing.  It is my theory that the surface oil will be removed...
  Thank you both for your responses.  I never thought of the "Little New York" as a card case since they call it a "front pocket wallet", but clearly that's what it is.  For some reason I was imagining putting folded bills in those pockets, and didn't like the idea of that, so I went with Johnny The Fox instead.  I too usually keep cards in a wallet but cash separate and loose.
Penny Loafers ( at least the beefrolls) 800 Last Ranger Mocs 114 Last If i'm not mistaken.
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