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Thanks, Frank! Even though it is lined, it is still rather flimsy.  Will definitely post more pics in a few weeks.  Just ordered a variety of laces from TZ Laces, so I can experiment with what looks best.
Some action shots. [[SPOILER]]   I plan to wear these with socks, just threw them on for the photo-session.  I think they'll look better with some wear.  They look to "new" out of the box, the same way my boats did. Also, the Repello/Dearskin/Aspen combo is inexpressibly comfortable.
Thanks.   They are snuff.  Here is a "Natural light" pic, although it is cloudy today.   4 Eye Ranger Moc - Snuff Repello, Black Deerskin Lining, White HS Thread, Blind Eyelets, Gold/Brown Taslan Laces, Aspen Smoke Sole w/Brown Edge Stain
Nicely done!  Sometimes simple is better.  I got a visit from the shoe fairy as well.    Better pics coming soon. I think I am going to change out the laces.
 Looks like Alden SF has a full-size run.  Free shipping, no tax.  Why not just order them from there?
I lived here for 5 years until recently, remember?  I still own my place out here, and my girl still lives here.  Reasonable cost of living I agree with, but coming from New York, Pittsburgh is no comparison.  The roads here are always under construction. Rte 28, 65.  It never ends.  Makes it impossible to get around.  CMU maybe is a top notch school, the others aren't bad, but I wouldn't call them top-notch.  Pitt is good for healthcare. There are some good things about...
I'm in tahn this weekend because I'm looking at a grad school tomarr.  Good thing I brought my SWIMS and Defender! Nice score! (Nice pics too!) A testament to why black shell is indeed  after all.
 For $650+ for a pair of shells @ retail, I can't accuse you of being unreasonable.  I'd have an easier time calling myself unreasonable for having as many pairs of such shoes as I do.
Now there is something you don't see everyday!.  Thanks for sharing.  I think you are wearing them in the appropriate context.  That is the thing about tassel loafers.  They can be somewhat dressy to somewhat casual, but neither extreme.  The will move more towards the casual end of the spectrum as they acquire "character" with age.  Love the safe in the background.  (I can't blame you, I would keep those puppies locked up as well)
  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]  Differences:  The way it shines, the finish, the way it creases, the way it stretches, the way it ages... We can try to explain it the best we can, but you really have to experience the difference in order to appreciate it.  You can't go wrong with either. Shell seems more waxy, while CXL seems more oily.   Lined vs unlined:  More comfort vs more structure, weight of the shoe, even though linings wear out as Wdahab mentions, it will take many...
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