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U can just buy ae chili edge dressing in travel size and forgo the other products. Will end up being slightly lighter than Peter L's. Also use blue painter's tape to protect the uppers while sanding.
Excellent taste in interior design, whoever is responsible for that.
Much more wise to just buy shoes in the correct size. I always smh at those who buy shoes in the wrong size hoping to force the fit.
Sounds like your foot is not especially voluminous.  Not that it is especially low volume either, but barrie is most conducive to high volume feet (at least in D width).  I would follow the conventional barrie downsizing advice.  Great thing about CXL is that if your pinky toe is cramped, the leather will stretch and mold to accommodate. Sorry if that rules out this opportunity for you, but its better than spending money on shoes that are too big.
Don't underestimate the volume of the barrie last.  If you wear an 11D, 10.5D may still be roomy, perhaps even too roomy, requiring a 10.5C. Describe your feet?  Wide or narrow in the forefoot and heel?  Flat feet or high arch?  Low or high instep.  Overall fat or boney?  Long and narrow or short and stubby?
You should test that theory and use armor all on your shoes and report back with the results.
I'd be interested to know as well, because I feel as though I have also experienced this.
Matt,   You owe us hand-sewn high boot pics...
It was me, and that is a pretty crude interpretation of what I was saying.
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