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I see.  So they charged you for the remake?
IIRC, you bought the originals on sale from BB.  Pretty cool that they not only remade you a pair, but let you customize it.  You sort of conducted an arbitrage (not literally) by getting a customized pair for 30% off BB's price. Oh shit!  I really like those.  I didn't think I needed anymore Rancourts, but now i'm not so sure.  Can you show us some pics in daylight so I can determine if they are overwhelmingly blue? Those look great.  Trying to think of what I could get...
Well I'll be damned.  It does show up purple.  I have used it on shoes and it was a good match for cigar, just incase anyone is wondering.  My Tan looks pretty dark though.
In all seriousness though, even without shoehorns or belts, Steve is a generous retailer based on his prices alone.  (Don't get the wrong idea Steve, I'm not suggesting a price hike).
Plus, Scott is a good dude, so it is worth it to pay more to keep him in business.
I SMH at this logic.  Shoe sizing is a matter of Height x Width x Length, not volume.  If you had liquid feet, this might work, but since you don't, you will need to get the right dimensions, not just the right "volume". Something that is 25 x 25 x 2 will not fit in a container that is 25 x 10 x 5, even though they have the same volume. If they are just a "teeny [sic] bit" tight, there is hope, but anything more than a little snug and I'd say you are SOL. Good Luck
Touché (However, there are some that would debate whether or not those are indeed Indys, but I concede to your counterpoint)
And Aberdeen. Some Indys are on Barrie.
Nice Haul! CXL is pretty waterproof by nature. If you really want to, you could use some olbenoefs or similar to make it even more waterproof and seal the welt area with boot wax so that no water can get inside from there, but that is really only necessary if you are going to be standing in puddles.
It is not necessary for CXL.  What are you trying to achieve?
New Posts  All Forums: