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Porosity would vary shell-to-shell, not batch to batch.  All shells of the same batch would not have uniform porosity, since each comes from a different horse.
I'm at about $1,755. Two of the pairs I bought for others as a gift. (in reverse chronological order) Snuff Repello Ranger on Aspen Women's Mid Boot  Boat Shoe / Camp Moc Hybrid Espresso Blake Read Boat Shoes (For my Dad)
ALDENMADISONNY@YAHOO.COM ^from their website (makes sense).
 If you want to wear a snuff LWB with shorts and no socks, go right ahead.  You don't need permission or approval from strangers on the internet.
   You see Tif, this is why I wanted to qualify my statements.  (Just in case I actually am mistaken.) It doesn't happen very often, quite the opposite, actually, but about once every few years I say something that might not be entirely correct in 100% of all instances. In all seriousness though, Buda is correct.  For example, Carmina Suede loafers from Gentlemans Footwear vs Alden Suede loafers form Leffot.
In terms of price, if I'm not mistaken, there is a bit of a step up from AE to Alden, and then another small (but quickly narrowing) step up between Alden and Carmina, and then another step up to some of the other brands you mentioned.  I mean, calf AE's cost like $350, if i'm not mistaken.  Calf EG or G&G cost many more times over, if i'm not mistaken. Also, in terms of quality, I think there is a step up between AE and Alden.  (Quality, not quality control, but quality...
 Keep saving and get the Ravello LHS.  Do it right.
Consensus is that there is no best. Venetian, Reno, it doesn't make a big difference either way.
My first Aldens were the Black Unlined LHS from BB.  My dad started wearing them on my sisters recommendation, so I got a pair after looking at his for a few years.  6 months later, I got the color 8 lined version.  3 months later, the cigar version.  about 9 months later, I started buying them a lot faster.  9015 and 9016, color 8 tassel, cigar tassel, cigar cap toe, MKS Tassel.  At that point, I had about 16 pairs of nice shoes in total (2 pairs of gucci loafers, cj...
-No, they are handsewns, let them take the shape of your foot. -Nothing is required for protection.  CXL has plenty of natural wax and oils, such that nothing needs to be added.  After a few months, use Venetian Shoe Cream, Saphir Renovateur, or other to condition, and brush with a horsehair brush. Edit: Pics please.
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