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Come on RTP.  You know how sensitive I can be.  It doesn't take much.  One wrong comment and I'm all   
Neutral? or Natural?
I have nothing against anglos.  All I'm saying is that it is hard for me to know for sure what exactly I am looking at from those small pics that don't show the bottom of the soles or the model number.
+1. I'm sure that the poster was not aware, but posting links to items that you are selling on eBay is against the rules. Also, hard to tell from the pics, but I am not even sure those are cordovan.  Looks a bit more like CXL, no?  I think I see some nicks on the sole edge too.  Are you sure they are brand new?
I find that the Blake Boots fit very True To Brannock Size.
That just means that it is a pull-up leather, but not necessarily CXL.  Rancourt offers a few different pull-up leathers.  It may indeed be CXL, it is just the grained textured that confuses me.
Welcome to the club!   Sizing sounds right based on my experience.   Not sure what leather that might be.
4 eyelet saddle blucher on Oscar would reel me in...
I also have had good experience using saphir neutral cordovan cream to add moisture as a remedy for Rancourts comparatively dry shell.   I too encourage you to consider the mini-lug.
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