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Chromexel stretches a lot, and wrinkles like crazy.It is pretty durable though.  It scuffs easily, but the minor ones will brush out completely.  The major ones, you are stuck with.It is a very waxy/oily leather, and doesn't really absorb polish because of it.It is inherently casual. This is the Alden thread, and many here will never admit it, but the quality is probably a notch below some of the brands you mention.  (not to say that they aren't good shoes.) If what you...
Is heavy stitch the same as "Frankenstitch"? or are they two different things?
 Their green suede is delicious.  This pic doesn't even do it justice.    
Sizing Help?   Robert = 8.5UK Oscar = 8.5UK Uetam - 8.5UK   Llubi = ?  Is it impossibly wide?  I have a pretty normal width, but require a C width for Alden Barrie due to its heel.   Thanks
Yes.  People have done this and posted tutorial pics. You can sand the edge dressing off so that it is natural, and then darken it to your preference with edge dressing or shoe polish. There is no science to it.
I would be pissed.  I hope they send you a new pair.  Not sure how realistic or likely that is.
The cinnamon laces are indeed a nice touch!  Thanks for sharing.   As for not popping with denim, you'll just have to get another pair in a different color. 
Pics to follow, please.
I don't have data to support it, but it doesn't wear excessively fast.  I would think that Rancourt's leather soles wear faster. Not sure how the wear-rate compares to a conventional plantation crepe, but my Aspens really haven't worn much at all.  The flexible nature of the latex probably allows it to move a little bit under pressure, resulting in less wear, but that is just a theory that I just came up with, so don't place much credibility on it. @FrankCowperwood can...
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