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Mine too.  Get a damp cloth and it should rub off with moderate pressure.  It will come right back as soon as you walk though. Edit:  Also,  I don't understand why some people have to wear shoes around the house for 3 days before they can determine whether or not they fit.  I can pretty much tell right away.  I sort of suspect that if you think you need 3 days to decide if they fit, they probably don't. 
While it doesn't specifically say "SHELL" cordovan, it still looks to me more like shell than regular horsehide.   My guess is that whoever wrote the description isn't enough of an expert to have known to specify "Shell Cordovan".
You've got it all wrong.  This is a weekend bag, for weekend trips, not a murse.  You could make house-calls with it.  Use it to carry your stethoscope and knee mallet.
  As you read this post, DocAlden is entering his billing information, buying this bag.
Nice Combo!
Works pretty darn well for me too, provided it's a C width. Thank you.
Me too...
Lined or unlined?  C461 last?
SF might hit them up and ask them to pay to become an affiliate or refrain from "advertising".  Not an expert though.
Should be nothing.  Alden stitching seems prone to this.  I have similar on a few of my pairs, and it hasn't really persisted to unravel.  Some might propose that you use a flame to burn the loose threads, if you chose.   Keep in mind, if you try to exchange, there is no guarantee that the new pair will be perfect.  Might even be worse.
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