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Simpson has a low instep, robert has a high instep.  Or as you put it, the lacing area is more generous on the robert.
 The lace on a their string loafers is actually one of the steps in their manufacturing process that takes place in Mexico!   Just kidding.  This is an anomaly.  I have 3 pairs and have not experienced that.  Probably just a weak part in the hide that your lace happened to end up including.  (or something like that). I would definitely contact Carmina or the retailer about it. In the meantime, you are justified in feeling as though you look like a fool at the office.
Would love to see the loafers from more angles.
I'm at the gym on my cell but it should be easy to find with Google.Edit :https://m.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/29r3ow/ama_styleforum_coowner_administrator_and_manager/Try that. It's a link to their mobile site version, but it was the first Google result when I searched.
You are correct.  He is just trying to get one in under the wire at the lower European price. Keep in mind Gents, Steve pays a lot of money for his Affiliate Vendor thread, so lets show some respect by not soliciting for GMTOs that will be submitted via other channels. If you read the Reddit AMA with StyleForum's founder, you'll understand the this thread really belongs to Steve more than it belongs to us.  If he stops paying, the thread disappears.
 TBH, I don't hate this practice.  What do they say to people if they ask to try on a pair?
   They know what brands are in that price range and those are the ones that they feel confident they can compete with.  I don't disagree with them. I think sometimes people underestimate the business sense of those who run Carmina (and shoe companies in general).  I have never dealt with them personally, but from what I have observed the Albaladejos know a thing or two about running a shoe company.
  I agree.  I think they are worth the money in the $400-$500 price range.  Also, U.S. retailers like Gentlemen's Footwear would otherwise remain at a competitive disadvantage and probably stop carrying the brand.  I think that Carmina's move makes good business sense.  They want retailers in he U.S. to carry their brand and keeping pricing even makes this possible.
GF is a US retailer, so I wouldn't expect their prices to go up.
New Posts  All Forums: