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 Thanks.  My pleasure!
We generally recommend your Brannock size.
  http://nettletonshoeshop.com/portfolio/driving-moc-in-camp-moc-style/  I've got the Tod's, My go to weekend shoe in summer.
Glad to see some activity in this thread again...   For Father's Day, I had sent my Dad's boat shoes (which I gave him for his birthday 3 summers ago) resoled. I hit them with a little Sapphire Renovatuer before I sent them in for the basic resole.  I paid extra to have new laces and heel pads (one had fallen out) put in, since I though it would give them a fresher look.   [[SPOILER]]     He had stopped wearing them once the heel pad fell out and went out and got a pair of...
 Try blue or dark grey.
Carmina doesn't produce vegan shoes.  All of their shoes are made from animal hides. ^^^He's not actually wearing the pants in that picture, just holding them up.  They would not look as baggy if he were wearing them. I say nay to that combo.  Don't like the way the colors look together.  Pants need to be darker.
 Does anyone have experience with re-shipping services, or can recommend one?  (Sorry @TtownMD, looks like I beat you to it on this one)
My vote is for pinch.
Ah, that seems to be a popular weekend this year for goings ons in July.  I'll be out of town for a wedding, so I will unfortunately miss you.
But which weekend in July is it?
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