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Thanks roger.  You have a lot of enviable Carmina's as well. Did the jury ever reach a verdict on whether or not neutral wax prevents water welts on Carmina shell?
  I like it a lot.  When I first saw them, I thought it wasn't for me. I actually had the guys at the Armoury have a pair of grey string loafers sent over from the the HK store, but when I got them, they were really more blue than grey.  Practically speaking, you would have to wear them as blue shoes.  I brought em back and exchanged them for the loden, and I'm happy that I did. I think there may be some variation with the loden.  I think mine is on the lighter and greener...
No, just did an MTO of the same design.  Paid a fortune. As you seem to already know, Epaulet did a GMTO. They let a few people back out due to production delays.  One of them happened to be my size.  I went down there to buy it, but they sold it to someone else a day earlier.  Would have just bought it online, but their website says NOT RETURNS and I wasn't aware at that time of their special exemption for SF members. TBH, I get very cold welcomes from the folks at...
Steve, Put a deposit on these and haven't heard from you.  Admittedly I have some catching up to do in this thread, so I'm not sure if they arrived yet.
    ^Color a bit off in this pic, just trying to show the edge stain^      
Recent Hauls   Carmina Verde String Loafer - Uetam Last     ^Color is kinda off in this pic^   MTO Punch Cap Boot - Dark Cognac - Oscar Last - Comando Sole (Ripped off Epaulet's design)     Ettinger Cotswold Weekend
True on both counts.  Ralph hates window shoppers.  I think they get a lot of people that try on shoes there and then buy them from places like Alden SF that offer free shipping and no tax.  
 They love helping people zero-in on their sizing for all of Alden's lasts. Make sure you ask for Ralph.
The Snuff Tassels don't interest me. I don't find snuff to be as versatile as others contend that it is.              (Note: These are the BB variant with foxing on the heel)
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