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I always find it funny how nobody disagrees when someone says this (in this thread).  Curious how people would respond if someone made the same suggestion in the Alden thread.  I know that there is some overlap in the members that frequent both threads. 
OMG, I can't believe Carmina would lower their prices so much with no advanced notice!   How do they expect to position themselves alongside of AE with such a bargain price point?   At that price, I'd probably just buy Bostonians instead.
  FWIW, I have 3 pairs of uetam loafers, all 8.5UK.  Size 8 Carmina trees fit in one pair very tight, but I can't fit them into another pair at all.  Physically can't get them in. (I haven't tried putting them in the third pair yet.)
http://www.carminashoemaker.com/store-locator Gentry, in Brooklyn
Nice post.  The soles are actually much more durable than you would expect.  They hardly wear down at all.   Do you mind sharing how much they cost?
 Through The Armoury NYC.  It was Carmina's first trunk show there (2 years ago), so they ran some promotion where there was a reduced MTO fee.  Sure didn't feel like I was getting a discount though.  Almost wonder if they forgot to apply it.  They were like $1180, don't remember if that was before or after tax, but I think it may have been before. Epaulet doesn't carry Carmina anymore. I imagine they would do it again.  They are in the business of making money and aren't...
Thanks for the pics.  No spoiler necessary.  The sole will become more supportive as it continues to cure.  That little sock liner thing inside the shoe doesn't provide really any support, anyway.
 You are welcome Saphire Renovatuer, or Saphir cordovan cream in either neutral or marron (brown).  The Hanger Project (affiliate vendor) carries those products. Not sure how experienced you are with shell, but you don't really need any product for it, but if you are going to use something, the ones that I mentioned are listed in order of how aggressively you want to attack them.  Thank you @RogerP.  You seem to have quite a collection yourself! Correct.  MTO....
Both Cognac.  Boots are more brown, derbies are more tan.  With shell the variance can be significant, even more-so than this particular example demonstrates.          
New Posts  All Forums: