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 Are they up yet?
@NewYorkIslander No Proper Kit for you this year? Too expensive? FWIW, I had been aware of you since before you started the company, but didn't buy anything until I saw you at Proper Kit and subsequently bought my brother-in-law a tie for xmas. Then I ended up buying 2 for myself in the post xmas sale. Then my bro-in-law bought 2 more in the spring. Then I bought one from @SpooPoker. Then my bro-in-law bought the pumpkin caj' last week.  Point being that even if it wasn't...
 I go Brannock.
Pics? I've got Tod's. My bro-in-law has the Westbrooks. $355 aint bad at all! Funny how inconsistent they are about MTO upcharges. Supposed to be $50, but sometimes they say $100. In the past they have charged me less than $50 and just an upcharge for a more expensive sole.
I consider it to be a very classic/traditional pattern, and that's what I like about it versus something like this:
Either is appropriate for fall.  I highly recommend the Reltex soles. If you email them, they might be willing to put one on the Clymer 2.0 for you for a small upcharge. Or just get this in dark olive I have the clymber boot and a suede ranger moc. I enjoy them both.  [[SPOILER]]
   [[SPOILER]]  It's been described as "almond-shaped", and I find that to be accurate.  Also, everything that @dalevy said...
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