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Just aren't on par with the rest of the shoe in terms of quality of materials. Also, as others have said, less flexible, less comfortable, look and feel kind of cheap.
I always like to propose the RLH Ranger for boots, but it's your call.  Its the same as a regular white boat sole, just a different color.  You should get 3-4 seasons out of it.  I'm going into my third and they have plenty of life left in 'em.
Rancourts at half price are a definite buy if you like the shoe.  The leather soles wear down fast, and if they say Rancourt on the insole you can have them resoled with a Reltex sole.
 ^^^My vote
You sure?  You think that the Blake boots are roomier than Alden TruBalance and Barrie?  I would disagree and lead him in the other direction to at least a 13.  IME, they fit pretty true-to-size, where most size down for Barrie and TruBalance.
I don't have the Rancourt pennies, but I have a few other Rancourt makeups.  I have 3 pairs of Alden LHS.  While I like Rancourt, and am sometimes disappointed with Alden's attention to detail, I think the LHS is a bit higher in build quality.  Also a bit more of a refined shoe due to the way that they stitch the toe.  (Rancourt's 2 pieces stitched together vs Alden's 1 piece.) My reasoning is this: The leather soles that Rancourt uses are complete shit.  (sorry, but...
  I dig em.  I've got two pairs with plans to acquire more. Not really concerned with what a bunch of strangers on the Internet think about them.
So you are saying Saddle and Cognac are the same, but Dark Cognac is different?
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