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Woodhouse Cashmere with color coordinated socks (American Trench) and Alden Cigar LHS        My Brother-in-law in the Pumpkin Cashmere.
I like the woodhouse too. I almost kopped that one.
A few more shots after some wear. The High variant of the court classic seems to require that the first or second set of eyelets are unlaced in order to get my foot in, so they take a little more effort to put on, but I still prefer them over the Mid variant based on aesthetics. Also, the sole and lining are very comfortable. Two thumbs up.                
FWIW, I've purchased several Rancourt models on various lasts, and they all seem to fit true to brannock.
Court Classic High that I special ordered through Askov Finlayson during their special event in August. I thought they were going to be brown suede, but I think they are actually Flint Kudu. In any case, I'm happy with them. Just not what I had expected.    
  Woodhouse Cashmere, Zegna Navy Cashmere, W Bill Wool/Silk Tweed, W Bill Cashmere Barleycorn, Zegna Espresso Cashmere   @imys @NewYorkIslander Is Four-in-hand the best knot for these? Full Windsor seems to get out of control with the thickness of the wool...
Dunno for sure, but the email they sent that promotes this product launch suggests that its embossed.
bout a year and a half
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