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Might make sense to just get measured with a brannock device.  It will give you one single measurement.  Then you can use that as a reference point when asking for sizing advice for specific lasts.
7D US Barrie should generally mean 6.5UK Forrest
Is this the color they call Peanut?
Don't get me wrong, there really is something about.  Especially when you get a real nice hide.  Just seems that nobody can quite put their finger on what it is.
Some will name shine, durability, and reasons like that, but for many (and most won't admit it or don't realize it), its the scarcity, and the prestige that comes with the high cost. The more scarce, the more coveted. The more expensive, the stronger the desire.  (Some interesting consumer behavior studies have been done on this one) Not saying everyone or anyone in particular, so nobody needs to get defensive.
FWIW, when I was at the SF Proper Kit show in November, they did have multiple [different] Kudu swatches, as I recall.  Maybe 3 in total. I don't remember much else about it, but I think one of them was darker than the natural fleshy color that we are accustom to seeing from Carmina.   Edit: I think this Llubi boot in the middle is what I'm talking about...    
Apparently not, since I can find that model number made on at least 4 different lasts.  Maybe post a pic and we'll do our best to identify the last by appearance, or at least rule some of them out.
I agree.  They are not the same color.  I was replying to @Mr Clemson 's remark that polo is different enough from snuff.  Not saying that I can't see a difference between them.  Rather, I'm saying that they are close enough that it might be hard to justify the same model in snuff/tobacco/polo. To me: Snuff = mid-brown with orange tintTobacco = mid-brown with yellow tintPolo = mid-brown with red tint but in the end, they are all a different shades of mid-brown, and there...
Hard to say, tbh.  They are all "close enough" in my opinion, but if I had to have only one among them, it would be Polo.
I think yes there is.  If I'm not mistaken, the same style on two different lasts would each have separate model numbers.  If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.
New Posts  All Forums: