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  Woodhouse Cashmere, Zegna Navy Cashmere, W Bill Wool/Silk Tweed, W Bill Cashmere Barleycorn, Zegna Espresso Cashmere   @imys @NewYorkIslander Is Four-in-hand the best knot for these? Full Windsor seems to get out of control with the thickness of the wool...
Dunno for sure, but the email they sent that promotes this product launch suggests that its embossed. http://us5.campaign-archive2.com/?u=766275afc64718332df0fc4d2&id=6319baec97&e=6aa5022c4a
bout a year and a half
 Are they up yet?
@NewYorkIslander No Proper Kit for you this year? Too expensive? FWIW, I had been aware of you since before you started the company, but didn't buy anything until I saw you at Proper Kit and subsequently bought my brother-in-law a tie for xmas. Then I ended up buying 2 for myself in the post xmas sale. Then my bro-in-law bought 2 more in the spring. Then I bought one from @SpooPoker. Then my bro-in-law bought the pumpkin caj' last week.  Point being that even if it wasn't...
 I go Brannock.
Pics? I've got Tod's. My bro-in-law has the Westbrooks. $355 aint bad at all! Funny how inconsistent they are about MTO upcharges. Supposed to be $50, but sometimes they say $100. In the past they have charged me less than $50 and just an upcharge for a more expensive sole.
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