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That must be a mistake that they made in the description, because brown vegan and brown museum are different.  Brown Vegano is basically just their regular brown calf.  Museum, as I'm sure you know already, features mottling. So more of a screwup than an inconsistency, but such inconsistencies do exist in Carmina's nomenclature for leather colors.
Carmina does use the name Polo for Polo.  Check out the Polo austerity on their website. I think what you mention is regarding "Fox" suede. Carmina's tobacco color changed, and rather than having "new tobacco" and "old tobacco" skoak just calls old tobacco "fox" to avoid confusion.
Looks like the two adelaides you mention are different colors. (Polo vs Tobacco). Duties depend on your country, shipping method, and luck. Also, returns/exchanges are slow and return shipping expensive (from the States).
I think you'll have to ask Carmina directly if you wan't confirmation.  Anything else would just be more hearsay. Although, if you look that the two carmina discussions on reddit, I think Mr. Albaladejo said something about it.  Have a look.
If I didn't already have Navy Suede String Loafers (and they weren't on the Tomir sole) I would seriously consider getting on that Navy Suede Penny GMTO.
 Excellent choice.  I really mean it! (Camp Moc [√], Natty CXL [√], Apen Sole [√√]) You can definitely expect that to go away.  Straight G Shit!
 I appreciate you offering an alternative view.  Just for arguments sake (but not to be argumentative) doesn't exchange rate play into the price difference between Skoak and Carmina's Website?  Also, Skoak does free shipping as well if certain conditions are met. If I remember correctly, not long ago Carmina had a Polo Suede Chukka GMTO on the website that Skoak had just received in stock, and Carmina subsequently took the GMTO down so as not to compete with Skoak on the...
1 vote for Cordovan.
I see what you are saying, but from what I can tell (and I am for sure on the outside) they work pretty well (cooperatively) with their retailers compared to some other brands.  (Thinking about how a number or retailers have stopped carrying Alden because they can't do business with such ambiguity and long and uncertain fulfillment times.) I perceive this as Carmina's attempt to make their direct sales model more efficient (avoid making shoes that sell very slowly and act...
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