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That's just the nature of this shoe game.  It is inevitable that it will get out of control.  Just accept it now.  It's already too late for you, my friend.  You've caught the bug.  Expect to spend at least $10k on shoes over the next three years.  I've watched it happen over and over again.  No reason to think that you are an anomaly.  Those are the same color. They are just calling it by a different name. ^^^This was a very smart idea, IMO.
Polo.  More versatile.  Why not both?
For CXL that will be worn sockless, go Barrie sizing and they will stretch to fit. For other leathers and use with socks, go TTS.
I agree that Snuff and Polo are too similar, and I prefer the Polo between the two.  The Armoury has Loden.  Though, you can probably get the Navy for cheaper via other outlets where they are available.  Gentleman's Footwear if you are a 9UK, or Carmina's newly redesigned webstore.  Whichever you decide, Gentlemen's Footwear (@steveyoo1983) can provide you with the matching belt, which takes shit to another level!
    I recently posted this pic.  Here it is again. 
@Portland Dry Goods has a pair of 2 tone boots that use that "Pistachio" (green) suede.  Check the pics going back 2/3 months, should be easy to find.
Ah yes, the old toe-pencil sizing indicator trick for handsewn loafers.  Pure genius whoever thought of that...  [[SPOILER]]
I can confirm that I am a definite "No". (Was never really interested.  Not my style, but I like the idea in general.)
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