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Any chance you can post a pic of the jacket as an example, or at least some more details?  Padded shoulders? or is it that wrinkly-shoulder shit that the dudes from The Armoury like?
Sorry if I stole your thunder by posting it here, but I did give you about 24hrs to act since it was first posted on Insta.  IT'S OFFICIAL AND IN WRITING!  OLIVE BISONS TO  BE DELIVERED EARLY!(Just Kidding, Of Course) BTW, @cathpah I love the Maine Crocodile idea.
$450 vs $675 for a single MTO.   $967 vs $1,450 for a single MTO shell boot.
   Also: NYC is global fashion hub. This is where the SF and A&H trunk show is (Carmina didn't pick the location).  Seems like admission is free, so they really want to draw in enough business to make it worth it since the vendors likely cover at least some of the cost. Not to sound like a dick, but Carmina is a business, not a Kindergarten classroom.  They likely don't base their decisions on what is fair. Plenty of cities that offer opportunities that NYC...
Those are awesome.  Saw them on Insta the other day.  Congrats!
Did not get the email, but was thinking of going to that.  Not sure I have any MTO's in mind, though.
I was strongly considering that makeup for a long time, as an alternative to the Bison Clymer.  It's a winner for sure.  Checks all the right boxes.  You think it could happen in Olive Bison? or didn't you mention previously that Rancourt only has a limited stock of that leather?
Not a bad looking boot.  Isn't Bulldog supposed to be very similar to CXL?  I actually like the look of that foam midsole better than the leather wedge that they usually put with the mini-ripple outsole.   $395 is not cheap though.     @MattBernier that Olive one is calling you!
New Posts  All Forums: