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Those are real nice!  How did you size Llubi relative to other Carmina lasts? is it like a whole half-size bigger, as is often suggested?
@clee1982 You should definitely kopp. Its not the finest cashmere, however, it is firmer than the other cashmere YHNTs that I have, and consequently ties a great knot and doesn't curl much at the tip.
I toned down the color a tad in these pics to try to make them accurate Cashmere Hunters Shepherd Check, W. Bill Scottish Tweed Plaid   ^NYE Getup
 I would probably have an issue with that. Also, what is that sole-edge treatment? Natural? Not sure i've seen that one from Carmina before... How do you like the vision suede in general? is it more beige or gray in real life?
Cashmere Woodhouse     Brother-in-law wearing last years Navy Cashmere Zegna that I gave him today for Xmas
The one I kopped via pre-order?
Yeah, but if you consider it with steel-string music playing in the background, it almost seems like it's a good thing! 
 Yes, they do.This.
And another exception is that side-sticked cupped RLH "Traveler" sole.​
Nice! Is that the Zegna?
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