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Pretty much what you just said  Carmina  [[SPOILER]]  Alden  [[SPOILER]]   I would not base my decision on that.  I'd just buy what style I liked aesthetically and is also practically obtainable.
Ya, def in line with OSB and Quoddy.  I'm speaking more in terms of their $495 calf boots and their bluchers than their handsewns. ...Loyalist!
I recall the issue you speak of, and I am in the same camp re the aesthetic. FWIW, the instance that I had in which this occurred was on a Blake boot, not a handsewn.
  I don't wanna be the guy who bashes Rancourt in the Rancourt Thread, but I will anyway... While I love Rancourt, I don't love them at the $350+ price point because the quality is just not there.  Granted these are shell, but you get the same stitching and other materials regardless.  While this type of thing is not a big deal, and you get it with other brands as well, I seem to see it a lot more with Rancourt.  Happened on a pair of shell Rancourts that I used to...
What color?
Thanks.  I chose the boots first, and then the laces were an afterthought.  I love the bison and would not enjoy the boots as much in CXL.  They usually aren't so dark and glossy, only because I just cleaned them and brushed them with Saphir. Thanks Frank.  Love them more than I ever could have imagined.  Wear them daily.  Super comfortable!
Seems like there really wasn't any explicit or implicit upcharge at all, based off what a shell penny loafer costs on their website. I asked because there was a fella a few weeks ago who wanted a CXL penny loafer on a leather sole, and they told him $400, while CXL penny on RLH, a more expensive sole as you know, is RTW at $305. Nor can I...
I vote caramel on brick. Did they hit you hard with an uncharge?
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