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@mbj88  I recommend going half size down from bannock.  They will make you a different size for each shoe, if you like.   As you seem to be aware of, CXL will stretch considerably.  IME, if you get a half size down, they will be uncomfortably tight for the first few wears, but eventually stretch to fit.   Just an FYI, their leather soles aren't that great.  I would never consider them for a pair, personally.  Since you are already going custom, you might consider the...
No, they run small IME.
 Just take out the screw that holds the buckle and shorten the strap.  You will likely have to punch a new hole for the screw.  Pics should explain it pretty well.  
Loden is a great color!  I got the string loafers.
 These came out great.  Not a split-toe guy myself, but these look way better than I would have imagined.  You are a true visionary @steveyoo1983   The pics came out great too.  Maybe be the lighting in the new shop.
 The Brown Lama though?  The go with the incoming loafers?  It would be funny if EG MTO turnaround times started being used as an economic indicator, similar to inventory levels.
 I believe these first two are from Unipair in South Korea.
That leather fits that pattern very well!   Congrats, and thanks for posting pics!
Thanks @steveyoo1983
I don't think that Bill's Khakis is gone.  They were just acquired last month.  Don't think a company would buy them just to shut them down.  They were a pretty small operation with only 15 million in revenue per year and about 30 warehouse employees.  Given their size, it doesn't seem like a company would acquire them because they are only interested in one part of the business, and planning to shutter the rest.  Usually with these types of deals they want to optimize...
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