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Reluctantly chiming in.  (I hate to be a Rancourt hater in the Rancourt thread.)  I also was unable to feel the stitching inside my Blake boots. Not sure if it was the shitty leather soles that Rancourt uses, the shitty fiberboard insole, or just the lack of cork to which I have grown accustom, but they felt drastically less comfortable than Alden shoes beneath my foot and felt cheap as fawk in that way. I have no way of knowing, but I expect that if I tried on a pair of...
 I want to say Forest, but I have  no way of knowing for sure.
Didn't consider the plug replacement.  TBH, I don't know.
  I think we are talking Reltex Ranger
 I can see where you are coming from.  Cool sole, but perhaps most appropriate for a boot. Personally, I would not let the holes deter me from doing such a swap.  Nobody will see them unless they search for them.   The uppers aren't stretched as much during a resole because they have already been stretched once and have already assumed the shape of the last.
I know exactly what you mean, but I'm not sure whether or not he does that.  That has to do with how the sole is trimmed.
You sure? Look closelyhttp://seawallshop.com/index.php/shop-by-brand/rancourt/rancourt-for-pdg-olive-battery-steele-boot With all the Reltex soles they sew a midsole to the upper and then cement the reltex sole to the midsole.  (unless I'm mistaken)
If you actually mean the sole edge dressing, then yes, anyone can do that. If you really do mean the welt, then he probably won't replace it for the first resole so you will still have the original welt.  If he does replace it, he can do so with the color of your choice. Any of the above is pretty routine work for any competent cobbler. At least with my Carminas, the sole is trimmed so close to the upper that the welt isn't that visible/noticeable.
Buy whatever speaks to you.  There is no universally correct answer for this question.  If you see a shoe and like it, buy it.  You will be much happier with this approach instead of blindly following the advice of a stranger on the internet.  Wardrobe should be an expression of your own taste, not the taste of anonymous internet users. Based on your wardrobe and intended use, Vibergs sound like they might make more sense for you. Inevitably people will argue that they...
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