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Damn, those are kinda tight. I haven't seen these before either.  Wonder why rancourt has been holding out on us.
50% upcharge from retail for MTOs
Sounds pretty cool.  I hope that they can pull it off for you.
I'm not a woman, and am single, but am kinda curious as to what you have in mind?  Like what pattern?  Edit: Also, Carmina is not doing Shell GMTOs right now.
I think you have it backwards.  At least that is what the patterns suggest to me.
 What do you mean new?  I think it's been around.  I've seen a Chelsea Boot, Plain toe blucher and WingTip Boot on Llubi.  I first saw one of the guys at Armoury wearing the PTB about 18 months ago.
Put a bandaid or something there.  It should subside as they continue to break in.
I've always thought that the concept of "shoe volume" is flawed, since our feet aren't liquid.  If a shoe is too short, you can't make up for it by going out in width, having the excess length of your foot migrate to the space created by the extra width.  IMO, it is much more of a 3 dimensional matter (Length x Width x Height, and yes, I realize that this is the geometric formula for 'volume'.)  What I'm saying is that a shoe has to fit well in all 3 of these dimensions....
No first hand experience with either, but it is often said that Simpson works best for low insteps, Rain works well with high insteps, and usually when one fits well the other will be impossible.   It is surprising that your instep is low, even for Simpson.
Let's be honest, when aren't you in some stage of the shoe purchasing cycle?
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