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Apparently not, since I can find that model number made on at least 4 different lasts.  Maybe post a pic and we'll do our best to identify the last by appearance, or at least rule some of them out.
I agree.  They are not the same color.  I was replying to @Mr Clemson 's remark that polo is different enough from snuff.  Not saying that I can't see a difference between them.  Rather, I'm saying that they are close enough that it might be hard to justify the same model in snuff/tobacco/polo. To me: Snuff = mid-brown with orange tintTobacco = mid-brown with yellow tintPolo = mid-brown with red tint but in the end, they are all a different shades of mid-brown, and there...
Hard to say, tbh.  They are all "close enough" in my opinion, but if I had to have only one among them, it would be Polo.
I think yes there is.  If I'm not mistaken, the same style on two different lasts would each have separate model numbers.  If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.
Polo.  I just find snuff does not look as good with as many colors.  Also, old tobacco and snuff are not very un-similar, but then again, neither is polo. I just like Polo in general.  To me it's like, Polo is the color that should have been from the beginning, and snuff and tobacco never would have needed to exist. Edit:  I see that I just misread your post and you are considering Polo/Tobacco not Polo/Snuff. My answer still the same.
 I think you have to make a decision whether you want to go for variety or versatility.  I'd say go with the brown.  I would have the brown myself, if I didn't already have brown suede Alden tassels, which are easy to wear.  The green is definitely dope, but a little more daring for sure.  Its a great color/material combination.     Well said, and I echo this sentiment.  That's what I thought as well.
80191 is not a full strap.  80372 is the full strap. (I did a google search)
 They probably came up with $35 because it covers the free shipping to you and the shipping label for the return.  If so, its not so bad.  All the free shipping that doesn't turn into actual sales due to returns would probably add up and impact their bottom line.
Got these from @steveyoo1983 about 2 years ago, but just took them on their maiden voyage today.  Not pictured, matching belt (as always) also from Steve.    
I was really tempted to get these during both the first and second runs.  My collection is literally like 25% penny loafer and like 75% loafer, so I didn't.  This shot though, is the best one i'v seen of them.  I still like them as much as ever.
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