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Here is one pair, however, that I would NOT part with.  (Camp-Moc Boat-Shoe Hybrid)   Can't wait for summer so that I can get these back in rotation!  
 Without knowing what the other options are, I would say brown.  Thats what the color of the sole/midsole is on both of my pairs pictured above in my previous post, as well as below in this post. They fit true-to-size, but some of their leathers will stretch more than others, so that is a factor.  Probably go with your sperry size. I think there are more sole options than they have listed in the customizer (haven't really fiddled with it in a while) and basically any of...
Thanks for the compliment! No one reason. Moving to a smaller space, changing taste, only wear them a dozen times a year, free up room on my shoe rack for other shoes that I have to keep in boxes.
Snapped some fresh shots of my Espresso Blake Boots for a listing, and figured I might as well post them up here as well so others can enjoy.  New  [[SPOILER]]  After some wear...   [[SPOILER]]
Rancourt Espresso Shell Cordovan Blake Boots 9.5 US   FREE SHIPPING!   Lovingly worn about 25 times.  Paypal only.  Original Box, Flannel Shoe Bags, Packing Paper, Rancourt Shoe Horn, 2 Sets of Laces (original round + flat).   Pictures speak for themselves.  (Note, some are from brand new, others were taken at time of listing and reflect the good, current condition)   Espresso Shell Cordovan Shiny Nickel Eyelets Orange Lining Brown Sole Dressing White...
Maybe you'd be interested in a pair in Espresso Shell Cordovan, if you don't already have one? Edit: NVM, I see that you already do.
Throw that shoe fit guide out.  It causes more problems then it solves. It depends on how you plan to wear them.  Socks, sockless, etc. It depends on the material.  I like CXL to be a little snug out of the box because it stretches almost half a size, IME.' Looks like you do have a bit of room in the toe. Here is how mine fit, for reference. 
  Thanks, Gents.
I can't say for sure, but my suspicion is yes.  Carmel is finished, natural shell.  Same stuff that they dye and finish in-house.
Your suspicions are correct, in that they do perform some degree of finishing on caramel shell.  There was an IG pic about 2 years ago that showed before/after.  It wasn't too significant though.  Looked like maybe they just hit it with the buffing wheel or something.
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