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Do they have women's shoe trees for their women's models?
Nice socks! Foxes?
   Thank you both for the responses.
Thats exactly what I'm saying! You must be a bastard as well! Edit: Whoops, missed the part where you say "I agree..."  I guess my second post is sort of .
 Why is it that Bonafé can do any pattern on any last, but Carmina can't?  (or is it just this model that they can do on any last?) Regardless, it seems that Alden is able to use the same patterns on multiple lasts. Is it just that Carmina chooses not to?  They are pretty accommodating in general, so that would seem out of character.  *I acknowledge that there are a few Carmina patterns that are done on multiple lasts, but if you ask for it via MTO, they say they can't do it.
 Not to be a bastard, but I don't like the shape of the last.  Specifically the instep.  Seems unnatural compared to what most peoples' feet are actually shaped like. (Sorry for being such a hater lately.)
My sentiments exactly.
everything (not just the heel) Maybe you can contact them about doing just the heel and see what they say.
I like that your boss wears the Womens' line.
This is the Carmina thread, so we will say Carmina. Go to the Alden thread, they will say Alden.  I'd go with the Carmina, but a similar model on a different last.
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