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send one shoe, receive other pair, send second shoe.
 I agree with your point, but that is to be expected. I wasn't proposing it as a GMTO, Rather, I was pointing out that it has already been done.
  I agree.  Nicely done.  To date I haven't seen the black naval pulled off this well.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/198359/offical-trickers-shoes-and-boots-thread Check out this thread.  The Trickers folks are more familiar with Alden than the Alden Folks are with Trickers.
  They have already done something pretty similar.  Unipair has something similar as well. 
They have a newer RLH sole that is like an aspen but with a heel, as seen on this women's shoe. 
I've done that.  Dap Contact Cement works well.  I think someone else in this thread recommended it for gluing down insoles that are peeling back.  Might have even been you...
Tempest is kind of slick too, because it is so darn hard.  It is like hard plastic.  Do you already have it on a different makeup? I like my aspen now that it is fully cured.  You might recall me thinking it was too squishy at first.  It is kind of annoying how you catch your toe, though.  I wish they would have made the front of the toe and the back of the heel kind of sloped like a ramp.  I think that would make it less of a problem.  The square back of the heel can be...
And I was simply piggy-backing on tifosi's joke.  (Hence the winking smiley)
  I'm not an expert, this is just a suggestion for a possible reason.  Maybe they do have multiple sets of the same size for each last, I don't know.
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