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 Based on what I've seen previously when other manufacturers (Alden) redye shoes in an attempt to remedy color inconsistencies, the shoes come back dark AF. Like what started out as whiskey comes back as cigar.
 1. I wouldn't count on it. These types of corrective measures never seem to work well in practice, despite seeming plausible in theory.2. Nothing is typical with Carmina. They are best characterized as "inconsistent"3. I have not, personally. However, I can certainly appreciate your dilemma. I'm leaning toward "reject", but that's easy for me to say as a third-party, and I also don't like monk straps.
What about @imys ? His YellowHook game is ways strong!
Sound logic.
  Isn't it the case that they aren't currently accepting Shell GMTOs? Sweet makeup though.
Yeah, your're right, they call it flint and i take that to mean grey too. I'm just saying the example I have appears more brown, than grey, to me.
To my eye, it looks brown. Maybe because I've got brown laces. It def photographs grey though.
 I usually go with 8.5UK. Hope that helps.
 The Kudu is dope. And if they can do it unlined that's cool too. Repello suede is very light, but needs to be lined. You could always get one of their cool lining though. Like the Casco Horsehide, the goatskin suede (New option), and I think I got my suede rangers with deerskin. I have the Casco in my Court Classics and its really comfortable.
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