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Just saying that we don't use them as a reference point in here, as others often do for Alden or Carmina. The statement made by whoever you spoke with is flawed in a number of ways, but to dissect it would accomplish nothing. Good luck with sizing.  Don't forget to post pics.
We [Rancourt Folks] don't commonly compare to AE, and I've never owned a pair.  However, overwhelming consensus dictates that it is usually a safe decision to stick with your brannock size, especially with shell since it won't stretch like CXL. *AE did own Rancourt for a while, until they bought themselves back in the late 2000s.  It is possible that they use common lasts for comparable models.
email swhite[at]rancourtshoes.com to learn more about MTO.  Usually there is a $50 upcharge, they may have increased it, it might not apply to shell.  Best to email Scott and find out what the deal is.
leatherfoot in Toronto
I don't know what that means, but if you paid retail +50% you should get a first quality pair of shoes.
When I first heard Uetam pronounced properly, I thought that the sales associate and I were talking about two different things, the pronunciation was so far from what I thought in my head.
 Not at all.
I know that you know, and I would think that he also knows, but the price difference is mostly explained by exchange rates. Maybe he wondered why they had different model #s when they appear to be the same.
I am curious, but only now that you bring it up. I figure he wants to buy one or the other and can't decide which.
It looks as though the only difference is that one has a smoothly cut toe cap, and the other ones is ragged cut.  The technical term for this is pinking.  Is there an echo in here?  I've been noticing that more lately. 
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