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Touché (However, there are some that would debate whether or not those are indeed Indys, but I concede to your counterpoint)
And Aberdeen. Some Indys are on Barrie.
Nice Haul! CXL is pretty waterproof by nature. If you really want to, you could use some olbenoefs or similar to make it even more waterproof and seal the welt area with boot wax so that no water can get inside from there, but that is really only necessary if you are going to be standing in puddles.
It is not necessary for CXL.  What are you trying to achieve?
My post was in reference to Epaulet x Carmina. Ready above for context.
send one shoe, receive other pair, send second shoe.
 I agree with your point, but that is to be expected. I wasn't proposing it as a GMTO, Rather, I was pointing out that it has already been done.
  I agree.  Nicely done.  To date I haven't seen the black naval pulled off this well.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/198359/offical-trickers-shoes-and-boots-thread Check out this thread.  The Trickers folks are more familiar with Alden than the Alden Folks are with Trickers.
  They have already done something pretty similar.  Unipair has something similar as well. 
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