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You can't do a SHELL GMTO with Carmina. What happened with this boot was that Steve was allotted an allocation of shell from the factory, and crowd-sourced the design. 
  Doesn't look like this has been posted yet, although I'm sure it will be unknowingly reposted several times by others in the coming weeks.
They have a lot going on at any given moment.  Much of the staff is probably at Pitti Uomo right now.  They have a Mediterranean culture, so what is considered unreasonable to you may seem normal to them.  They get an overwhelming amount of emails and do the best they can. I'm sure they will show up, if not, the situation will be rectified.  Just try to be patient.
Optimally squishy. Sometimes if you get one that is really fresh, it is too squishy and wobbly under your foot.  After a few months it fully cures and becomes firm and sturdy, yet still the most awesome material that you have ever stood upon. There is a reason that people like it so much. Edit: Squishier than a sneaker.
 Thanks.  My pleasure!
We generally recommend your Brannock size.
  http://nettletonshoeshop.com/portfolio/driving-moc-in-camp-moc-style/  I've got the Tod's, My go to weekend shoe in summer.
Glad to see some activity in this thread again...   For Father's Day, I had sent my Dad's boat shoes (which I gave him for his birthday 3 summers ago) resoled. I hit them with a little Sapphire Renovatuer before I sent them in for the basic resole.  I paid extra to have new laces and heel pads (one had fallen out) put in, since I though it would give them a fresher look.   [[SPOILER]]     He had stopped wearing them once the heel pad fell out and went out and got a pair of...
 Try blue or dark grey.
Carmina doesn't produce vegan shoes.  All of their shoes are made from animal hides. ^^^He's not actually wearing the pants in that picture, just holding them up.  They would not look as baggy if he were wearing them. I say nay to that combo.  Don't like the way the colors look together.  Pants need to be darker.
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