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  Light.  Balances the natural welt.
Was it at the same time that they changed the name from "Carmina Shoe P0rn", or was there something else in between?  I notice that they aren't included on the right sidebar of this page with the other affiliate vendors, so maybe they (mods) were just trying to come up with something generic so that it was not Carmina Shoe P0rn, but they aren't an actual affiliate vendor.
I had a pair resoled (the regular resole).  It was between 2 and 3 weeks turn around.  I just checked and don't think that I received any kind of email saying that they received the shoes.  However, I was in contact with Scott during that time about getting new laces put in and the heel pads replaced, so I knew that they had them.
^That's normal.  It is where the upper was tacked to the last during construction.  I can see the mark on the back of both Charleskinbote's shoes as well, just not as noticeable because of the broguing.  Sometimes it's more apparent, sometimes it isn't.  
Haha, not to engage is a dick-measuring contest over semantics, but I did say 1 pair per hide, not 1 hide per pair.
 No.  With shell, its always 1 pair per hide.
I hear you.  I don't think that your expectations are unreasonable.  However, unfortunately, it seems that manufacturers of shell cordovan shoes sometimes ship a less than perfect pairs. Not saying it's right, but it's reality.  That pair you received has quite a few imperfections, I do acknowledge.  I would be disappointed with them as well.   Looks like your options at this point are either to return them or keep them and remedy the defects as best you can.  They can...
My take on it is that they would rather not do business with a customer as discerning as you, and that's why they say its the only pair the have in 9.5.  They don't want to send you a different pair and have the same dissatisfaction.  Easier to just sell them to someone who is less difficult to please.   Not criticizing you for your high standards.  I just think that from their perspective, you are more trouble than you are worth since there are plenty of other buyers...
  OOoooooOOOooo  Thanks for the input, gents!
I always think that the snow/ice factor is over-considered in sole choice, both in this thread as well as others.  How much % time are you really going to be spending walking on ice?  And is one really that much better than the other?  Ice is slippery, regardless of the sole.  Not like one sole won't allow you even to stand up on ice, while the other would allow you to walk vertically up the side of a glacier.  For me, the real world difference is inconsequential.   So...
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