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 No - only if you want the more narrow toe aesthetic (from the top-down perspective) of the Tods. Did they say price changes? My interpretation of what you wrote above is just that they are changing the MTO section of the website, but not necessarily their MTO model.
Absolutely! Sounds like a nice make-up too! (See, I do write posts with a positive spin, sometimes!)
Yeah. The Tod's are great, but at the same time they are nothing special. There are a lot of other companies out there cashing in on the driving moc style. My bro-in-law kopped a pair from Jack Erwin this summer for like $100. I would be unable to justify that my Tod's are intrinsically worth more than 3X what he paid for them. I don't consider the full-sole version that I have to to be much more durable than the regular Gommino. They both suffer from the same problem, and...
Do they sell Carmina?
Could be a tough one for you. Most similar to Aberdeen, IMO. Its narrow, and does not easily accommodate those with high forefoot/instep. For example, I would be 9C barrie, 9D Aberdeen, 8.5UK Uetam (and its a super close fit).
http://www.lactae-hevea.com/en/innovation-our-creations.php​ Another ringing endorsement. I have been wearing the ranger sole heavily, and it also performs great in snow/ice, even after having worn down a bit.
It varies, and sometimes the don't respond at all. Helps to keep it clear and concise, and it simple English because it is not their first language.  Also, they might be closed for the holidays.
Those are real nice!  How did you size Llubi relative to other Carmina lasts? is it like a whole half-size bigger, as is often suggested?
@clee1982 You should definitely kopp. Its not the finest cashmere, however, it is firmer than the other cashmere YHNTs that I have, and consequently ties a great knot and doesn't curl much at the tip.
New Posts  All Forums: