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Just visiting or do you live in the Treasure State?  I'm up in the NE corner of Montana.  And yes, flannel and jeans or pearl-button snap shirt and jeans.  If you visit a lawyer/ banker (same guy), he may wear a bolo tie.
On PBS Masterpiece in the US.  Series 2 of Sherlock airs stateside in May, I believe.  I've already seen it.  Thanks interwebs!
Exceedingly cool.  Any other sponsor patches?  Oil/ Gas related?  Probably get decent $ on ebay!  I've seen vintage VW jackets in that style go for good $.  
One of the very few sartorial perks of living in northern Montana. Not hot.  Matter of fact, 50% chance of precip overnight tomm., and it could be snow.  Last year we got snow the first week of May.
  New town, new thrift shops.  Found an old Brooks Borthers Tie.  Does anyone have a chronology on the tie labels?  I've seen the great OCBD tag thread some place, but was curious if the same had been developed for ties. Sorry about the horrid photos.  Phone + hotel room = bad photos.  Also found a Faccionable tie someone had decided to rip apart for dental floss (also just an ugly design), and a HickeyFreeman orphan with ginormous lapels.  PS, Men of Bozeman Montana,...
It was actually the young male teachers at the local high school in my small Montana town that made me look at the way I dressed and realized I had gone off my game.  Sport coats and ties, good shoes.  A little jarring at first, but then very nice.  These guys take teaching seriously.  It's refreshing.
Gentlemen,     As a young professional man who takes his job seriously, I've joined others my age of dressing deliberately, practically, and hopefully a little more stylishly for the first time.  Finding better quality stuff while thrifting is great.  However, thrifting for quality menswear where no one wears it in the first place is pretty much futile.  In my town, I can name every man that wears a suit and tie to work on a regular basis, and it's not many.  I think...
    "I *need* 98 place settings of Sevres!!"  "My oyster knives!! NOOOOOO!!"  
Gentlemen,    I'm Benjamin, 30, museum director in Montana.  After researching photos for a project on the Great Depression, I couldn't help noticing how men dressed --- and I mean nearly every single man.  Men in bread lines, men who walked hundreds of miles to pick sugar beets in eastern Montana (where I live) to feed families who were forced to stay behind --- all of them wearing coats and ties.  All of them looking more respectable than I do when I work as a young...
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