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How big are these "larger" squares?
I was about to say, John Lobb for Brunswick.
    Always happy to help!  Especially since *I* can't get there very often. 
    I lived in OKC four years.  Edmond wasn't great thrift wise.  There's some money in the area, but lots of thrifty moms, and people who know quality.  Hit closer to Nichols Hills (older money) at Nearly New located at 9218 N. Western Avenue, OKC, OK 73114.  There are lots of thrifts all over the OKC metro area, and nearly all had mixed results, but this was the one I always liked best -- best quality and consistency.  Prices are a shade higher than the local norm, but...
Actually, the ebay link didn't work.  You'd have to post an active user name.  Post your user name without a link and that may prove helpful.
We have a much-improved-since-first-coming-here grocery store for most food needs -- plus a local butcher, I have an egg guy, a lady that brings me honey, and we just got in on a fruit/veg co-op situation.  For anything else, there's Amazon Prime.  Closest WalMart (which I do not shop at) is in Williston, ND.  It's almost worth it to go to Miles City instead though.  But I almost never have a reason to go there. Clothes - like I said, thank goodness for the Internet.  I...
Big time.  My wife is from here originally, family here forever, etc.  We've grown a lot in the last two years we've lived here, but it's small potatoes compared to just across the border in ND.  Williston is nuts.  They added 1000 kids to the school system last year.  This is a town that was a little over 10,000 people not very long ago.  Taco John's starts at $15/ hour because of labor shortage.  UPS drivers get bonus for showing up for work all week.  It's crazy....
No, the boss at YAM is a nice lady named Robyn.  I'm at a smaller museum in Sidney, which is a combined art and history museum and performing arts venue.  I'm solidly a history guy, but I do get excited about art too.  A pretty nice gig.  But, I'm also on various boards and committees and councils so I get to see my other Montana museum peeps with some regularity.    
I'm a museum director so I wear sport coat/ tie to work, but sometimes ocbd and jeans.  Some days it's meetings with politicians and donors, some days it's moving crates and painting.  Depends.  Black tie, very rare, but does come up in the museum world periodically.  YAM throws some great events, by the way.  We're doing a Titanic thing (screening A Night to Remember) next Saturday and considering wearing tux and life jacket for my short talk.
  Absolutely.  And I wouldn't trade those qualities for ... well, not for much.  When it comes to buying clothes, thank God for the internet.    
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