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Things are cooling off enough in NE Montana to warrant the wearing of this awesome woolen monster.  Thought I'd add a reference photo for the future --- Given the cut of this tie, I'd guess late 1970s, early 1980s.  No idea where I found it.  Likely a thrift somewhere along the line...    
My bad.  I'm new.
This thread brings up a constant problem I've noticed on StyleForum:  Dead images.  I'm on another non-clothing forum that requires people to use photobucket and create a file from which they promise to never ever delete images from.  It's free, it's easy.  It's also pretty great for when these old threads come up and for reference when running searches so as not to drag everyone over old ground.   Just sayin'.  Also, Spoo, your Greek mask ps is pretty cool, and looks...
  Looks like a life jacket left in the sun for many years.  
--- Is this an "all time" list, or who is currently on TV in new programming?  If it's an all time list, I think we're missing some people for sure.
Maybe not "best dressed" material, but I've noticed on the show Once Upon a Time (or something similar), the fairy tale show my wife watches --- the Rumpelstiltskin / pawn broker character (played by a Scottish fellow, if I'm not mistaken) --- his tie knots are getting *enormous*.
  I've noticed that too.  Even for the early '90s they were ugly.  
What are the odds of getting some XL in this price range?
In the colder climes of the US they are also known as "bunny boots". An area thrift scored some NOS bunnies from the 1950s USMC and USN. They sold pretty quickly. Sizing is very weird as I recall. I generally wear a 13D, but in those I think mine are a 9 or 10. Nice to have if you ever need them.
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