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Look like jodhpurs to me. Made in Canada? Mountie jodhpurs?
I load up the queue and go, so there's a post every day for most of mine  --    SF Related: Things that should be pocket squares: http://pocket-square-inspiration.tumblr.com/ Random things, usually vintage, of a gentleman's interest: http://gentlemansaccoutrements.tumblr.com/   Starting a new one of just emblematic ties.  Stole the name from a thread over at the AAAC forum: http://emblematic-embrace.tumblr.com/     Non-SF Related: Jeep...
A couple of these look like they may work well as bow ties. Some patterns flop as neck ties but really shine as a bow. Also, if you feel a little sentimental about it (I would), it would be nice to get a couple converted and get some use rather than just hang on to them just because.
The XL sizes are tough to find even from online retailers.  As JackFlash says, if they're thrift prices, you shouldn't have a problem unloading them here for your trouble.
What about just rubber soled?  Allen Edmonds has many good calf leather choices in rubber soled shoes.  
  I have these, my size even.  They're fantastic!  Will be getting another pair when these wear out for certain.  
Yes it is.  And very dusty.  
I forgot to share this Questionable Art contribution earlier this summer.  Found at a local garage sale.  I particularly like the moon, which looks more like a Death Star than anything.  Will take with me to my Montana Art Gallery Directors Ass'n meeting in a couple weeks and donate to the live auction.  Should be interesting.  
Things are cooling off enough in NE Montana to warrant the wearing of this awesome woolen monster.  Thought I'd add a reference photo for the future --- Given the cut of this tie, I'd guess late 1970s, early 1980s.  No idea where I found it.  Likely a thrift somewhere along the line...    
New Posts  All Forums: