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^ I have that exact tie!  Scored on ebay for thrift price since they didn't bother mentioning it was Turnbull & Asser.
I've got a couple in my sig -- 
Got to add at least 400 sq. inches of blaze orange before I can take you with me here in wheat country Montana.
  Santa Takes a Break according to the man himself (no, not Santa):  A few of the other naughty Santa ties from Chipp:
Pioneers of modern physical training (1910):
When it gets very cold, safety becomes much more important.  When it hits that -40 and lower, it's time to bust out the military surplus bunny boots they issue to guys pulling duty in the arctic.  I found mine NOS still wrapped up USMC from 1950.  
  And please line it with some crazy Versace silk so it looks like a circus poster inside.  
  I was about to buy a pair of Santoni shoes but checked again and they are the Classico line.  So, is that a genuine question, or was it a rhetorical statement -- "Ever try a Santoni Classico, (what could be worse?)".  If a genuine question, I have the same and appreciate feedback.
    Um.  Have you checked closed auctions on ebay for genuine vintage NASA mission patches?  You may change your mind on keeping that jacket complete, as found.
  An excellent lesson on how to wear an emblematic tie.
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