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Like someone said: A routine is a net to capture your day. I've gotten out of my routine (new lady, new job, new state, new house, new baby...) and need to get back on it, so I've been looking back and reflecting what worked in the past.   For me, I shocked myself with enjoying running!  I *hated* it as a youngster.  When I was more active, I ran at least 3 miles, 5 days a week.  I also kept registering for little runs -- 5Ks here and there, that way I always had a...
I'll pipe up for $200.
 Reminds me of a story about two museums getting into it on ebay over a 1950s brand new box of Kleenex.  I think the under bidder was the Eisenhower home in Kansas.  Don't remember who won.  
                  The little tag on mine you can sorta read (in person) says All Silk.  Pretty sure mine is 1940s too -- pretty close to the dimensions of WWII US uniform ties.
  Sacrilege.  Sorry.  (Full disclosure, I'm a museum curator.)
    The Commodore appears to be having a private moment, and is for sale on ebay.  There's a few other things I have listed, but this is arguably the most interesting.
Three piece?  Nice.  The shoe game is what separates the boys from ... the ... other boys with less nice shoes.  Ladies notice a man's shoes.  Have fun and don't skip the dancing.  
The Leather Conservation Centre
I'm guessing 1940s Brooks Brothers tie found at a thrift several months ago.  I'm guessing 1940s since it's very similar in length, cut, etc. as what I've seen in ties from WWII US uniforms.        
I'm sorry, I couldn't find the right thread, but someone had posted a few weeks ago a very cool old Brooks Brothers "Yachting" coat, and there were several responses that it wasn't a "yachting" jacket and posted images of the striped, light weight expectations.  Anyways, I don't really remember much about the discussion (hence being unable to find the right thread now), but when I saw this image, I thought I'd share.  As I recall, this is it.    
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