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Here is a link to last years triple grey mix. Looks like the measurements are the same with this seasons.
So, are we looking for a picture just of Humphrey or is Humphrey like water-marked across an image of a product? 
 I think the site I ordered the CPs from converted the sizes to the US equivalent since all I remember are them being size 13. Dang, I was really liking the blue chambray! 
If I wear a 13 in Common Projects then I would need a 47 in the Butteros?
 Do the Big John jeans tend to stretch a lot over time? 
And ties? I need more insanely high quality wool ties.
20% Off End Clothing plus free shipping. It's automatically applied at checkout.
What time Tuesday will the MTO stop?
Do retailers typically restock on the SNS items or if you didn't get your size already you're SOL this season?
Greg, Could you give a break down of the special mixes in the IM knits? I am mostly interested in (from left to right) numbers 2 & 3. It looks like viola and noce for #2 while #3 is rosaroassa and viola? And one more thing, would the sleeve length on a Large be long enough for someone who wears a 34/35 shirt? The medium birdseye IM was a little too short in the sleeves for me, and I want to make sure a Large would suffice before ordering. (I'm torn between the toggle shawl...
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