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Bit of the same 'ol, strange weather today though. Uniqlo, Japanese Baseball Jersey, Lad Musician, Soloist x Adidas.
Thanks again for featuring me Synthese! I am honored. Great writing, all the sections gave me a good laugh. Keep it up!
  I enjoy seeing your reactions to this smiley-faced sweater.
c4est: Kyle my du, great fit. Like Bene said it reminds me of something I too would wear. DEETZ PLZ.
Here's a more visible WAYWT: UCC Coffee, Comme des Garcons Shirt, Lad Musician, Vans.
Lad Musician. Pretty great S/S sale going on and had my eye on these for awhile.
Went art gallery hopping today with a few of my close friends; free booze and good times. Overall a great day to relax and enjoy Chicago's few days of "just right" weather. Lad Musician. Lad Musician. Phenomenon Tote Bag. Vans.
[[SPOILER]]I am aware, but my order didn't go through at all and still charged my Paypal.I opened a dispute and they refunded my money, so all is good.
Does anyone have any experience with the web retailer farfetch? They seem to be pretty shitty in terms of getting back to me through e-mails.
conception 4rest.
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