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Lad Musician: Black winter coat. (Been eyeing one in Y!JP; toggle coat) Dark grey cashmere/cotton poncho. White spread collar shirt with hidden placket. Navy cropped trousers. (Similar to the ones i've always been wearing in my WAYWT's and forever) Fender collaboration 3/4th sleeve shirt. Kip leather shoes.
This made my night.EDIT: Alongside all of JBravo's posts.
diniro, those Bernhard Willhelm shoes look amazing. You have done them full justice.
Pant + shoe combo reminds me of: (all the way on the right)
Total bullshit.
Lad Musician x3, Phenomenon Tote, Thrift Shoes.
POPEYE is starting, and has been for awhile now in its descent into Japanese-Americana. The older issues of POPEYE in 2012 was focused on a lot of Japanese street-style snaps, but now has gone to the American "city-boy" aesthetic full-on. I own a very extensive and up-to-date collection of magazines so below are my thoughts. I suggest: CoolTrans: Pretty great editorials and piece snaps. Streetwear kind of feel but doesn't over-do it.StreetJack: Personally I stopped...
So I got the Spider-Print Lad Blouson awhile ago (despite some objections) And I realized I never posted a fit-photo with it on. Not so great lighting in my room, so maybe I'll retake in the future. So here you go: Lad Musician x3, Thrift Shoes.   [[SPOILER]]
Golden Age.
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