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I'm waiting for the day I bump into Oski, Cola, or any of the other Chicago SF/Sufu'ers. Only time that I've bumped into someone was A Fellow Linguist, and even then we weren't 100% sure if we were each other.
Ready for the colder weather ahead. (NOTE: This is the first time I've worn full-length pants in a long long while)   Lad Musician F/W'13 Face-Mask/Scarf. Lad Musician Asymmetrical MA-1. Lad Musician F/W'13 3/4th sleeved Grey U-neck. (Barely vis) Old Black Jeans. Thrift.
I have never heard of anything like that before.Even sounds bizarre for HAVEN,"For various reasons" bullshit.
Up for sale is my brand new with-out tags Shade of Grey Floral Short-Sleeve Oxford. Very nice feel and hasn't been worn out. Tagged and sized to a true Small. Don't have the measurements but will offer upon request. International buyers must pay for the shipping fees.
Up for sale is my Brand new without tags Deluxe "Jerry Navy Button-down Shirt. Only tried on and never worn out, no stains rips or damage. Great slim-fit shirt and the feel is very soft. Fits a snug and true to size small. International Users must pay for the extra shipping overseas.   Measurements: Length: 27" P2P: 17in" Outside Sleeve: 24in" (This is from the shoulder seam to the very end of the sleeve.) S2S: 16in"
 Yeah, I moved out of my house so I haven't been able to set up my mirror yet in general.But with the place I'm at right now I'm able to put the computer on a lower bed and take a photo that way.Will probably do this from now on/until I move out of this current place. (In a few weeks)I'm fairly skinny/middle height though I suppose. 5'7 and 120lbs.
It's way too hot outside today. Hopefully the weather chills down soon so I can starting wearing the MA-1. Lad Musician. Lad Musician Sarouel Trousers.  (Which I had to roll up to my knees due to the heat) Vans.
@diniro: 3/4th sleeve button-down brothers. Will post a fit photo with my Lad one that just came in soon.
New Posts  All Forums: