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One of these days I'll take a good quality photo again. BUT, new shirt arrived today;     Lad Musician: A/W’13 Kazaguruma Check Shirt. A/W’13 Tapered Trousers. A/W’13 Socks. Dr. Martens 1461 Mono.
    Lad Musician A/W'13 Kazaguruma Check Shirt.
 i can see what you mean.did you try on the short or long?i was thinking of getting the short in black and i've seen a few great fits with them that doesn't make them look like "barista steeze".
melonade, those fits make me really really edge closer to getting the lad musician short aprons. (even though your not wearing an "apron", same type of proportions)
I know this is SUPER barely visible of the details, but I figured I haven't posted a fit in awhile. What I'm wearing to the My Bloody Valentine concert tonight:   Lad Musician: S/S’13 Les Rallizes Dénudés Shirt. S/S’10 Asymmetrical MA-1. A/W’13 Tapered Trousers. Uniqlo Socks. Dr. Martens 1461 Black.
yess.... yesssssss.
here's my input:what exactly is your inspiration for that fit?jacket length in proportion to the shirt is a bit too direct.a shirt that would be a little shorter and not so straight-line would be fitting.pant cut + the length of your shirt really accentuates your hip's like you're wearing a shirt that's just way too big for you. (and not in a good way as it can be done)as for the shoes, that's what really confuses me about what kind of style you're going for.this...
@B!C!D! : great coordination. although I'm not too big a fan of how those pants fit at the shin down.
Lad Pediatrician A/W'13 No-Collar "Middle" Shirt.
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