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How about a fit of it without a jacket over it? I've come to a realization that my Ervell collection is predominantely sweaters/sweatshirts.   (So if anyone has any trousers/shirts for sale in an XS/28 let me know heh)
  Hahah, this sweater actually just came in! I also have the sweatshirt that has this print ribbed on the collar/cuffs/bottom cuffs.
Patrik Ervell, Uniqlo, Common Projects.   [[SPOILER]]
@Parker: Big thanks Parker! I actually like those shoes in that fit you have actually, as well as the sweater. @Parker & Urthwhyte: It's actually an army-issue 100% wool beanie that zissou gave me in my super-swap package. It's so warm and lightweight!
@stitches: Yep pretty short, but I was hiding in a hat because I wasn't really going anywhere and it was all over the place. I miss my long hair though.
With the way my mirror is and my room is structured, the light doesn't really go all the way through from my windows to fill that space that's in front of my mirror. So my photos in that mirror look really really static-y due to the low-light.   But it's a hanging-door full-length mirror, so I'll just leave it.
Patrik Ervell x2, Common Projects.
Good idea @ rf. I'll try it out soon and post back the results.
Looking to trade my BNWT Patrik Ervell S/S'12 Navy Jeans for a size up! These are a Linen/Cotton Blend, and perfect for the Spring and Summer seasons. Trading for any Ervell Jeans that are of New/VERY lightly used condition. Any colour may be accepted!   Shoot me over any photos and a message if interested! Will post my own pictures upon request.   Measurements: Waist: 28.25in. Front Rise: 9.75in. Back Rise: 13.75in. Thigh: 10in. Leg Opening:...
So I handwashed cold/flat dried my burgundy knit cotton cardigan, and the arms stretched out SUPER long. Is there anyway to shrink them back to normal? It's actually pretty crazy how it stretched. I did the same before to my ivory pocket sweater of the same knit/cotton, but the arms didn't stretch out at all.
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