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I'm in. Probably will take a better quality photo than my usuals as well.
Met up with Who tonight, closest thing to Chicago SF Meet-Up. (Without Oski, colabear, etc...)
i'm definitely interested in joining the next challenge, never know when these things end up starting though.
P A R K E R. damn.
 Yeah, most of JLS on Rakuten is really cheap, which is why I decided to try these out. (A rank used, fairly priced)
    John Lawrence Sullivan x2. Going to try out this brand, really simple and will obviously blend well with my Lad.
 very much appreciated, thank you!i'm planning on growing it out fairly long, so we'll see how it progresses this winter. (first time growing it out in a long long while)
@melonadejello : ah, really? wish he got a chance too. would've been nice, as i went down to that show alone. @thewho13 : If you happen to have free time, I'll be free until 1 and 4-6; shoot me over a message if you'd wanna do a meet-up or something. @colabear : Independence down on Oak Street. (Across the street from Y-3, Jil Sander, Gallery Aesthete. Same building as Jack Spade.
 I think it's also the way the mirror/pants were kinda riding up.They are fairly big, but not as exaggerated as the photo shows.
As with bumping into you as well!Please do, I'm usually at The Wormhole during my downtime. (Like right now)
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