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Excuse the lighting and strange frame-work. First time using Self-timer app. 70+ degrees out here in Chicago today! WTAPS Bucket,  Patrik Ervell, Shorts, Birkenstock.
Hngg gtrans, that Dana Lee Waffle Coat.
  Nice! I actually saw the one that was listed up on ebay too, and I bought mine for 140$. You got a steal!
Secret source.  But in actuality from someone who knew I had some interest in the shirt and decided he didn't really wear it much.
Patrik Ervell F/W'11 Floral Print Denim Shirt for myself.   All White Leather Converse Hi-'s for my girl.
I'm screaming.
I think that's precisely why I like it, if it makes anymore sense. Because it's simple! Also I listened to a bit of acid house, so I understand where the smiley-face background is coming from. It's also a really comfortable and lightweight sweatshirt, reversible as well for a plain side on the reverse with normal seams, but I much prefer the smiley-side.
@insomniac + sid : Thanks guys!
A bit of the same 'ol, but it's so great outside. Our Legacy Muji Shorts CPs.
@nicelynice: That jacket is amazing, and all of your fits are so solid.
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