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 forget him den.
 forget u den.
Following up on VitaTimH, here's my exposition on why I wear all Lad Musician now, and how my style has changed as well.Wrote this a bit ago on tumblr, but wanted to share it here. (Also pretty damn long):  Why I enjoy Lad Musician, what I enjoy as a whole, and why I wear it:As-of roughly 2 years ago, I started getting interested in clothing above typical fast-fashion retailers. I was introduced to my local Mitsuwa and the bookstore that was a part of the marketplace. It...
9/10 condition. There is a small scuff on the right shoe in the inner portion, so not outwardly noticeable. (Refer to photo) Otherwise, very very minimal use and still straight white, no discolourations other than the bottom sole. Very well maintained and was cleaned of any sign of stains. I love these shoes, but sadly they do not fit my personal style anymore and looking to get different shoes. Rare size to be sold outside of shops, and this pair were purchased from...
Shut the fuck up. EDIT: Looks like nahneun beat me to it.
Say hello to what I wear essentially everyday.   Lad Musician: S/S’10 Asymmetrical MA-1. F/W’13 Kazaguruma Check Shirt. S/S’13 3/4th Sleeve Success Rocker. S/S’13 White U-Neck Short Sleeved Success Rocker. F/W’13 Tapered Trousers. Red Socks. Doc Marten’s 1460 Mono Black.
@The-Arm : Fucking ACE man.
/question that I have no idea where to post. How long is it until the "prints" challenge is over?
Lad Musician: A/W’13 Spacemen 3 Sweatshirt. A/W’13 Grey No-Collar “Middle” Shirt. A/W’13 Grey 3/4th Sleeve Success Rocker (no vis). A/W’13 Tapered Trousers. Uniqlo Socks. Dr. Martens 1461 Mono-Black.
+1 for the Hajime no Ippo reference.
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