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 what're your glasses? always dig your fits.
All Lad Musician + CDG Play x Jack Purcells. Sorry for how extremely left heavy this is as well.
so you went with the UK8's/42's?
most likely been asked before, but gotten a lot of different results so would like someone to confirm, how do ann demeulemeester's derbys size?   i'm a US 9 all around, 41 in CPs.   do the derbies fit tts (UK8?) or should I size down?
Lad Musician A/W’13 16/1×10/1 Compact Chino Nano Double Rider.
 forget dem den.
Y'all remember that Spider-Print Blouson I bought awhile back? Well, here you go. Lad Musician: S/S'10 Asymmetrical MA-1. S/S'12 Spider-Print Blouson. A/W'11 White Standard Shirt. A/W'13 Black Tapered Trousers. Uniqlo Socks. Dr. Marten 1460 Mono Black.
forget u den.
even though I'm not wearing shoes i'm just going to post this here because there is too much text. EDIT: SHOES. forget u den mask forget u den asymmetrical ma-1 forget u den logo shirt forget u den tapered trousers forget u den socks forget u den 1460 mono black.
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