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I have two more questions. I've read the tailor thread and I've read through a ton on cleaners, but I'm still worried. Where do you get your stuff tailored and shirts hand pressed in NYC (I'm in UES).
I've got a few questions:   1) I need a winter coat - thinking something in between casual and formal like a peacoat. Looking to spend under $1000 (preferably less, but I want it to last years) and I'm in NYC. Brands or store recommendations? I'm open to buying online as well.   2) I need several pairs of trousers, ranging from business casual to casual. Looking to get good quality that will last a few years, priced <$200/pair. Fit is difficult - I'm a 35x33 and...
I'm a 10.5C in the Alden Hampton last, and I've yet to find another shoe that fits me well. After going to 2 Allen Edmonds stores and 1 Alden, I couldn't find a shoe in a different last. Since I don't have a good store near me, I'm relying on eBay now. My question is - could someone who wears a 10.5 C in the Hampton last please give me advice on what other shoes fit you? I've found a 10.5C in the Aberdeen to be far too tight in the toe box, but many others have said that...
Tried it, found nothing linking numbers to lasts.
I've been searching everywhere trying to find a guide comparing Alden last numbers (inside the shoe) to their names but haven't found any. Does anyone know, or can anyone link me to a guide that says which lasts are 9084 and 563? The only pair I have is 9084 and I'm looking to buy a 563. Please let me know if you know which last these are.
Could you elaborate on that a bit? I'm new here and I've never seen a porter sale before (haven't been watching them very long). What can I expect from the sale? I'm hoping to pick up a few pairs of pants as well as a jacket.
I would also be willing to pay for someone to proxy Incotex from Daffy's... let me know if you're interested.
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