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Local store or online?
My 32s are 11 days old, but the creasing is much more pronounced than the other two pairs which I've had considerably longer.  
I apologize for my confusion--do you own a pair already?  The range of motion I'm able to achieve accommodates ambulation just fine.  I wouldn't suggest rock climbing in them, but after a couple weeks of wear I feel they would be great for any physical activity one would expect to wear jeans in, e.g. skateboarding, due to their amazing durability.  
These disagree.
I'm wearing my 32s right now.  What don't you like about them?
Make sure you're not looking at Skinny Guy Elephant 2s as opposed to Weird Guy Elephant 2s.  Elephant 2s in both cuts have 2" more on the inseam, but Weird Guy and Skinny Guy have completely different cuts.
Skinny Guy Elephant 2s?  How long have you had these?  
Came to say this.  Once they stretch out a bit they will fit nicely and look good on the frame.
Trying to break in my 2s right now as well.  How long have you had yours?  
I just soaked my Super Heavyweights today, but I feel as if they might be a little short after they shrank.  Any one know if they will eventually stretch back out with wear?
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