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If it isn't too much trouble, may I get some opinions on possible changes for this MTM shirt? My apologies for the mess, I'm in the process of moving in.           My personal thoughts: The standard sleeve comes with double pleats, and I think I'll reduce that to single pleat. The sleeve itself looks a bit wide on the, especially around forearms, and maybe a tad bit too long. Yoke/shoulder area seems to be pulling a little, not sure what to fix on that...
Oki-Ni 20% off with code BANKHOL20 (UK Only) Has CPs and MMM Gats
 Yeah, will prob just grab a pair for xmas gift for myself. Thanks for info.
Do 3sixteen jeans ever go on sale? Specifically ST-120x
Anyone know if any Howlin' by Morrison Terry Knits are on sale anywhere?
Still available?
WTB: 44/46 varsity or MA-1. Flexible on varsity color, but don't want white/cream.
    Thanks for the help. Made my decision easier.
Ah, sorry, I should have been more specific. There is one on the secondary market for $250 that I was thinking of buying, but the sleeves are pretty long. Seems like the general consensus is that I should pass on it, but with the production stop a little worried another one wouldn't pop up.
  Haha. Well the person who I'm buying from got longer sleeves, and I have really short arms so was wondering if it would be reasonable to try and find a tailor to shorten the sleeves 1-2" or just wait till I find a jacket in my size.
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