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Much obliged.
Do you happen to have link to that fabric?
Awesome, thanks. My first shirt didn't turn out very well, most likely from faulty measurements on my end. Going to send in a shirt this time instead.
Is it possible to send something in to be copied, but and have a few small alterations to the new shirt such as different collar?
Sounds like a good idea. Will try it tonight, thanks.
Has anyone had some difficulty getting a hold of customer service? I was hoping to order another shirt, and get some recommendations on measurements. Have sent a couple emails without a response.
If it isn't too much trouble, may I get some opinions on possible changes for this MTM shirt? My apologies for the mess, I'm in the process of moving in.           My personal thoughts: The standard sleeve comes with double pleats, and I think I'll reduce that to single pleat. The sleeve itself looks a bit wide on the, especially around forearms, and maybe a tad bit too long. Yoke/shoulder area seems to be pulling a little, not sure what to fix on that...
Oki-Ni 20% off with code BANKHOL20 (UK Only) Has CPs and MMM Gats
 Yeah, will prob just grab a pair for xmas gift for myself. Thanks for info.
Do 3sixteen jeans ever go on sale? Specifically ST-120x
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