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Happy x mas to all sitting here listening to tighten up vol 1
hello chaps, great old advert of them shoes i had a pair of the number 107s and to me they were a solatio box weave i seem to remember a thinner non box type of shoe with the weave on as well got mine from a shop in debden broadway, near loughton in essex they used to have a very strong skin firm in that area as well  
you still got your scooter mate ,  
ok bantam , i went back to the royspeed shop last year , and the man himself was there we had a right chat he said that my SS 180 would have been taken in px , as he traded mostley in lambos, i asked if he would remember the cost and he said about 1 pound a CC so i reckon i give about 175  that sticks in my mind , what area was you from in your scooter days
where were you guys at reggae do
gonna put mine on now but dont know how to do the photos
them suits are proper
i remember my docs were the welded soles and all of a sudden the stitched soles the cherry reds were about as well ,  they seemed a different shape a squarer toe ,
im around 15 in that pic  was you a mod before , iwas to young for the clothes so i was well pleased when along come the skins the first time i see the new move from mod was over wanstead flats fair  i was with my mum and dad , and we was by the old boxing booth, and there was a fight between two guys , both from two large groups , one of the groups stood right out, short hair, chunky cardigans rolled up jeans braces, i remember me mum saying what a smart bunch of lads...
yes mate im 15
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