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word on 6x6 availability?
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya The Skull shipment isn't showing up till Tuesday, it was sent from Japan yesterday. But... The new Self Edge Chambray shirt and B.Son Self Edge exclusive pieces are going up for sale today and tomorrow.. I probably should just give up getting one with discount... seems like the delivery somehow keep getting postponed (of course outside of the discount time frame) SE 15% off - strike one SE 10% off -...
It's saturday now, skull is still OOS
Now if only they stop showing "0 in stock"... The last 15% off all item was also show no stocks on all the items I am interested in.. so does this one...
Been wanting to buy from them, but they don't ship to my country.
That's one nice PRPS!
To buy or not to buy.... the 39" inseam is bugging me. I would hate to lost the chain stitch, but I don't have experience with how much they will shrink to have it hemmed before shipped to me.
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