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 The one with the detachable hood and leather elbow patches from Winter 2011/2012? I have never been so close to making an impulse buy ever in my life! Anyone think they'll bring that pea coat back?
      Two lightly used (and two brand new) dress shirts which I am selling of as they don't go with a new tailored suit I purchased.   Charles Tyrwhitt Tailored Fit, Double-Button Barrel Cuffs, Blue Gingham, 15.5/33, $30 or best offer [SOLD]   Charles Tyrwhitt Tailored Fit, Double-Button Barrel Cuffs, Solid Blue, 15.5/35, $30 or best offer [SOLD] -This shirt has a microscopic spot that I tried to capture with an SLR. Even with that it's hard to see, but I don't...
        Make that four satisfied customers. I was in NYC the first week of December and planned on stopping in for a Napoli cut Dark Grey Faux Uni with Blue Line personal tailoring. I'm also about 1,7m and work out regularly so off the rack just doesn't cut it when it comes to properly fitting jackets. When the shoulders and chest fit the lower torso is almost certainly baggy. Since I wasn't able to have the jacket adjusted with the Blue Line personal tailoring service I...
I'm 15.5/39 and I wear Charles Tyrwhitt Tailored Fit and Thomas Pink Slim. Thomas Pink has an Extra Slim as well. I honestly can't imagine that being baggy on anybody unless they're anorexic. Sent from my XT894 using Tapatalk 2
Another great match from Zissou. Thanks again!    
Also wanted to post a couple pictures and thank Zissou for a couple belts he made for me. A Black one for a Burberry buckle I had and an Oxblood one to match some Red Wings I have.  
Zissou just made me an oxblood belt which is dark enough for me, but out of curiosity what is the process by which you darkened it further? You simply bought brown leather dye and applied a light coat?
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