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Good to know. I have never tried asking it.
why ln-cc would refund you the difference? return it and buy again if you must save and it's not too late. 
Have you ever realized that most of the users on this forum are men? Styleforum is about men's style. If I were you, I would try purseforum. :) 
^ the coat was on yoox for a long time. both items are from silent collection, so prices are not that good.
how do you know the same value as the package has been marked? did you contact TOJ and ask?
beautiful boots, but very expensive. love the color.
I agree about this. However, often the design remains the same e.g. Guidi 995 boots. 
Why not? Explain please. I could see myself wearing c-diem lace-up boots for years. More timeless than seasonal in my opinion. 
In general, newer is not always better. Seasonal talk is overrated.
Those boots are pretty timeless. When we are talking about shoes/boots, I would rather not use fashion seasons. 
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