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Fincher seems to have a real problem getting the tone right i.e. holding the shot on Rooney Mara's butt a beat too long, Fight Club is supposed to be a satire but it totally does not read like a satire because Tyler Durden is way to seductive of a character.Aronofsky tried to cram all his philosophical/religion ideas into a narrative story, making it really convoluted, when he really should've gone the Tarkovsky route. Also the Criterion Collection is holding its flash sale.
James Agee: Film Writing and Selected Journalism > Agee on Film! If you like Agee's writing check out anything by Susan Sontag, Jonathan Rosenbaum, and Manny Farber.
Under the Skin is one of my most favorite movies ever. I saw it in theaters five times in one week. Huge WA fan, but I thought Blue Jasmine was a very poor man's A Streetcar Named Desire. And for all you Wes Anderson fans, here is a insightful outline of his cinema: [[SPOILER]]
Renais - the first modernist (cubist) of the sound era.
The movies Brit Marling is in/cowrites reek of the Sundance writing lab, which is a shame because shes so wonderful to look at.
Altman is just one of Anderson's many influences.
You're right, stylized is a much better word.
Wes Anderson is pulling an Ozu in that he is limiting the stories he tells through the tyranny of his rather peculiar (some say insufferable) form (i.e. how he cuts/when he cuts, frame composition, use of color, camera movement, etc.) With the effect being the more movies he makes the more draconian his self imposed rules become. By closing his form off from the world of  conventional movie grammar (read Hollywood), he is opening up a new world of cinematic possibilities,...
Lol no. You're confusing most pleasurable with artistic achievement.
Remarkable. One of those truly rare films that sweep you off your feet because of its passion and love of cinema, and by extension life. I've seen it four times in the past twenty four hours and will probably watch it a few more.
New Posts  All Forums: