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The Sweet Smell of Success
Quote:Because an AA is not awarded for artistic achievement (its a PR stunt), because the academy has always been a sucker for prestige films, and because there is a fair amount of liberal self-congratulation in Hollywood. Because tone/texture dictates American film criticism.
^A movie that is actually shot in one take and is not some publicity stunt.   See these two movies - they are quite good.
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That's a movie which demands multiple viewings.
  Saw this again yesterday and feel much more comfortable recommending it, although you may need to see it more than once. Also see it in theaters because the subtlety of the performances (the tearing of an eye, a paranoid glance, the emphasis of a word) can only be fully felt on the silver screen.
Go see it.
Right - this is exactly why RT is most useful for industry insiders.When I saw this in theaters I immediately thought of Bresson and Dryer, it's that good.
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