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Another great film from Sissako. See it in theaters if you can and then check out his previous feature Bamako.
EoT ≠ AYNiK. William Cage, Tom Crusie's character, started off as the lowest form of being, a public affairs officer and former advertising executive, is sent called to battle to defend the world from the mimics. He rejects this call, spending about 10 minutes of screen time doing it, before he is demoted and forced into battle. (Note he is called a maggot when we wakes up - that is not a coincidence.) But there most certainly was sacrifice. When Cage went on the suicide...
Edge of Tomorrow is a story about enlightenment. The happy ending totally keeps in line with the movie's dialectic. La Haine is great.
The happy ending is totally in line with the story because it is a tale of enlightenment.
Mildly entertaining and quite offbeat.  It wears a bit thin towards the end but is still worth a watch.   Wonderful. I can't recommend it enough.
Quote:Comparing it to Rear Window and Vertigo is unfair because they are masterpieces.   
Give it at least two more tries. The plot is not supposed to make any sense.
Cronenberg & screenwriter really hate Hollywood - that's all I really took away from the film. The Academy never meant anything then either. Cinema Verite was standard stuff in the 60's: see British Realism, French New Wave/Left Bank filmmakers. Also The French Connection is not as bad as some people here seem to think. Easy Riders; Raging Bulls reads like and has as much substance as a gossip column.How many times have you seen it?
His filmography or Bottle Rocket?
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