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His filmography or Bottle Rocket?
It's quite good until they tied everything up into a neat little bow at the series finale.
Kinda a fucked up message of what it means to be a great artist and how one is made, but otherwise it is a pretty good drama.  Check out Borgen: it is great for all the opposite reasons House of Cards is bad, and it is like a much better West Wing.
      Caught these over the weekend - both are quite good. For another excellent movie that deals with Alzheimer's check out Away From Her by Sarah Polley, who may just be Canada's best kept cinematic secret.
Iñárritu makes movies which constantly remind the viewer that they are indeed watching art.
Great movie. I felt the same way the first time I saw it.
There's some really faulty logic going on here.
"Every movie seems better when you are 5000 ft. in the air." - Paul Thomas Anderson
New Posts  All Forums: