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Ikiru is my most favorite Kurosawa movies. But those two you mention are both fantastic as well.
This mentality can lead to buying the best house in a terrible neighborhood. 
Also David Einhorn's latest letter to investors. A selected highlight that some might find to be food for thought:    We have repeatedly noted that it is dangerous to short stocks that have disconnected from traditional valuation methods. After all, twice a silly price is not twice as silly; it’s still just silly. This understanding limited our enthusiasm for shorting the handful of momentum stocks that dominated the headlines last year. Now there is a clear consensus...
Sounds like a pretty biased measuring stick. 
8½ might be my most favorite movie - I've seen it 26 times. Amarcord is, to me, really wonderful as well. I really enjoy most of his work, although I do prefer his movies when he finally broke with the neorealists.
Spring Breakers was the most daring film made last year.
I'm pretty sure that, in finance, there is no such thing as right or wrong. Also some might find this useful.
Yes but some denim does stretch more than others.
New Posts  All Forums: