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This is NOT a Advertorial.   Thank you for the the comments about Blazer Arqhitect in page 22. I must agree the jacket which BA did at that time was really f*gly. I personally take those words seriously, and of course in a positive manner from the day I read the post.   My apologize as i have removed the f*gly jacket pictures ( which I regret now, I should have just leave it there).   Today, I believe BA has changed.  I have attached a two most recent pic of our work...
Hi Sincere Yes, you can find decent fabric in Singapore.   Cario Barbara & Co Ermeneglido Zegna Giovanni Tanella Guabello Holland & Sherry and etc..   any of these sound familiar to you?  
  Well, it is depends how much excessive material need to be trimmed. : )
The new jacket looks much better than the previous one. The back shoulder still look odd to me, it looks broader than your shoulder.
Hi Sincere You may consider to visiting Singapore. For sure, language will not a barrier. Again, depends on you budget. There are many tailors with different 'quality' in Singapore. Drop me a line if you would like to find out more. Thanks.
The suits requires major overhaul.   1. Shoulder has too much excess material. A tailor must unmounted the sleeves to trim away excess material. it will affect the depth of armhole and circumference . At the end, the tailor has to replace a new pair of sleeves. Do you have extra material? 2. Deep armholes restrict your arms movement, and it does not really look good visually. 3. Waist from 38w to 35w, yes can be done, again, it is a major overhaul. the suits may...
I would suggest forget about the alterlation for older suits. Spend the money on something new and does not require alterlation.
You may visit Raffles place to get a tailor with decent workmanship. But, do except a higher charges if you visit that area. PM me to learn more about tailors in Singapore.
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