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They are enough if you plan to wear them but not if you want to build a collection.
I think I have some knowledge to add here:   1) WW Chan usually will ask around 1 month - maybe they can push it if you ask. The costs start at c. RMB 8,000 for a 2pc suit. I just placed a order at Eleganza Uomo with Raymond ( He used to work with WW Chan, Super 140s are c. RMB 6,000 (can't remember exactly). Final fitting is next week Friday, so far the experience has been very good. Maomin Lu has many tailors, of which many offer 2 suits...
I think they are easier to pull off if you're Scottish and can point so some kind of heritage.
That depends on your geography, industry and role within the company. I don't like them that much to be honest. Not knowing either of the earlier mentioned characteristics, I guess yes you can wear them to work with a suit to work.   On a related note: Can you be sure they are still comfortable in 6 / 12 month? And do you want to always wear the same shoes to work?
What is the reasoning in buying 6 suits at once? I think 2-3 are probably fine, even if you wear them everyday. Just get a 2nd pair of trousers with each suit and even 2 suits (navy + charcoal) should be sufficient I guess. I would be too afraid of making a too heavy investment into a fit / style I may not fancy later one to purchase soo many suits at once.  
I'd say sell them: If someone is willing to spent money on them, he will value them higher than the person, who find its at the salvation army. 
Can you please put a comma or dot somewhere in the number - I assume it does not cost the price you mentioned...
While I have no information to add at this time, I am very interested on this question: In fact, I've been planning to get a pair from him for some time now.   Edit: I remember that the price range was somewhere between RMB 900 to RMB 1,500 (more expensive for boots), Source: website when it was still up
Stunning - would you mind sharing the tailor and the price range?
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