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Please explain, Moo.
These are handmade. I added the rubber soles because of the gym/spa I go to -- the sandals are solid leather and would be a problem on the wet floors.  Pretty good quality -- recommended for price and durability
I bought these Indian hippy leather sandals on Ebay for about $20 bucks and added a thin rubber soul
   What is B & S and what is the price on that jacket?
 For his opera outings
    I'm pretty sure he's just being facetious.  No one could be that much of an ass.
       Because Dishy's style is natural, not a put-on display.
I have several shirts and some oxford shoes.  Bought them in Beverly Hills back in the day.  Excellent quality.
       I agree - Jabonator does have a great voice.  I think he would do well with anything by The National in terms of voice covers
    We did it in the 70s, but the look was more simplified -- jeans, t-shirt (or sweat shirt) and shirt wrap, I don't get the other add ons.
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