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   What is B & S and what is the price on that jacket?
 For his opera outings
    I'm pretty sure he's just being facetious.  No one could be that much of an ass.
       Because Dishy's style is natural, not a put-on display.
I have several shirts and some oxford shoes.  Bought them in Beverly Hills back in the day.  Excellent quality.
       I agree - Jabonator does have a great voice.  I think he would do well with anything by The National in terms of voice covers
    We did it in the 70s, but the look was more simplified -- jeans, t-shirt (or sweat shirt) and shirt wrap, I don't get the other add ons.
      I can't believe anyone is taking his posts seriously.   
    I thought the idea behind this forum was to improve your sense of style and fashion going forward as opposed to going back in time.   Isn't that the purpose of the comments as opposed to slinging mud?
You can't go wrong with a Wilson racquet.  I still play with a 20 year old Kramer as a second racquet. You might consider picking  up a used recent model on Ebay, but do yourself a favor and go to a pro shop and have it strung properly - it makes all the difference
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