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Here are some facts pertaining to this topic: 1) Until 2004, a Candian company provided all the apparel for US athletes at olympic games. 2) Ralph Lauren became the official spsoner of USOC in 2008. The contract is up for renewal in 2020. 3) Ralph Lauren's olympic apparel for 2008 Beijing games and 2010 Vancouver games were made primarily in China. 4) Ralph Lauren is only repsonsible for opening and closing ceremony clothing for our athletes. During competition,...
I saw the navy blazar in the Rodeo store yesterday and it is Made in China. I guess if you want to see the blazar to be made in Italy, you would have to pay at least $1,095.00.Ralph Lauren menswear has not been Made In the USA for almost a decade now. But changes are coming, I saw a Fall 2012 Ralph Lauren Black Label polo shirt that is actually has the Made in USA label.
The opening ceremony trouser is actually Made in Italy. The site is owned by a current Attolini employee working out of the shop in NYC.
Quote: Originally Posted by TimelesStyle Pretty sure the SA said Michigan Ave, Lexington Ave, San Fran and DC area (Chevy Chase maybe...). Add Chesnut Hill, MA to the short list. Rumors has it that Bloomingdales is thinking about expanding the offerring of BL to more stores. Century City, CA is one of those under consideration. Last July, I brought a Black Label Polo shirt for $11.00. The regular price for the shirt is $195.00. It is not there yet, but it might pop in as we approach June. Other sources include, polo retail stores, Macys (polo shirts and T shirts are out already) and Bloomingdales.
Quote: Originally Posted by ksuhwail A fabulous place to work is Dillards. I worked there selling shoes for about 2 years through college. We would go and pick out what we want once it came in and hide the stuff in empty shoe boxes or on the shelves in the back. Eventually the item would go 75% off and once the season clearance sale came we got an additional 50% off of that. Not to mention we got an additional 25% off of that as an employee discount. I...
I just got back from Beverly Center Macys. I brought a slim fit beige Polo Ralph Lauren shirt for $7.49 + tax ($9.99 - 25% for F&F). Macys is having another "One" Day sale this coming Friday and Saturday. If your local Macys still carries some of the Winter Olympic RL stuff, they will be on sale at 82.5% off (65% off plus an additional 50% off). Department stores such as Macys, Bloomingdales, Saks etc are your best bet for good deals on Polo. Polo outlet is never...
Quote: Originally Posted by sexlexcia I always thought it was "Rodeo Ralph Lauren" I guess it means both? No, RRL = Ricky Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren didn't own the Rodeo store until late 90s.
RL Fall 2010 is now available online for viewing: Enjoy!
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