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** Service was required by kindofyoung by request this month kindofyoung was articulate in his communication and detailed the necessary steps for his service. He was also attentive and very flexible in what items were going to be ordered. Accommodating also his recommendation of his country's national post service as an economical shipping method. Thank you.
I just wanted to let all members know that member Rover! is thoroughly recommended for a proxy service based in the UK. He goes through great trouble and care of what you intend to purchase and the communication is also thorough. His fees are also very reasonable and also is very flexible should you choose to want options in shipping, delivery mode and extra materials such as an extra box or packaging.
I would like to purchase Ervell's collegiate jacket in navy or possibly khaki. My measurements are approx. 18" across shoulders and 21" across armpits. So sizing would be around a Medium. Please PM if you have any information. With thanks.
I wanted to ask a question about A.P.C.'s leather shoes. As I understand it, the leather soles are from Italy however the entire shoe is produced in Portugal. For a brand as comparision, Common Projects which are unbridled in their choice of materials and choosing to make their shoesi in Italy, is there really a significant difference in quality? Is it more about one having very good quality and the other deluxe?
Hope you got my new PM, please get back to me when your ready.
Please see my PM and the outstanding price for them.
I can formally vouch for RandomKoreanDude. My package arrived securely and he well wrapped it also. Thumbs up from me.
Was wondering if Odin NY was having its annual Spring sale and if it applies across all its brands? Was wanting to buy something from des Garcons on sale.
I have an extremely beautiful pair of black denim jeans by Rittenhouse. For those that are not familiar with the brand, it is Australian and is known for its sourcing of more durable fabrics of Italian and Japanese heritage. The jeans are size L or a typical 34" waist. The feel much more softer to wear compared to a pair of A.P.C.'s. The features of the jeans are: - Front-buttoned fly with engraved Rittenhouse name - Individually engraved Rittenhouse rivets - Buttoned...
Any good and reliable proxy based in L.A.?
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