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 True, but some people just like Prada, right? You know, different cuts, silhouettes, more fashion-forward details... there's more to clothes than just the amount of handwork, right?  Yeah, Prada tailored stuff is made by Belvest and Cantarelli, not quite to the tailoring standards of those makers' mainlines, but you know like I said, different people have different priorities, right?  Man, you sure care a lot about what's inside your suits...  Ohhhh now I get it, you're a...
 You're venturing deep into clown territory with that one. Make two of those patterns solid.  What is it? Seems like the kind of thing that would look fine with jeans, brown boots or sneakers, and a plain T-shirt, terry sweatshirt, oxford or plaid shirt.  Why were you ever asking us for advice?
 Hope it went well, man. Since I couldn't help you before you left, my only advice is when you get back home, a slight shift in clothing priorities might be in order.  There are several problems with this logic: - This is a runway shot.- It is a model wearing the outfit... he could be wearing a potato sack and he'd look good.- Wes's clothes are almost certainly not fashion-forward enough for this. The crew necks he alluded to are probably neck-huggers, which look bad with...
 Depends on the cut of the suit, how it fits otherwise, and the details. A fit pic would help. I'm guessing there's a couple of pleats in the pants, a fairly low gorge and might be a bit big.
 Getting in before the pile-on becomes excessive. Jeans aren't selvedge (not that it really matters), Mezlans are alright but Cole Haans look kind of like bicycle toes (shudder) and the JM loafers are awful and should be killed with fire, and the Armani jacket is old, meh quality and not worth the tailoring expense. You will find better. Shoe buffer makes it all worth it though.
 Can I ask what happened? Also.. shoe shine rag.
 +1 most of the things I wear now aren't from thrift stores (although I'm always happy when I remember something I'm wearing is), but a lot of the principles I picked up from the thread inform my shopping now, like patience, recognizing quality and of course buying shit I don't need just because it's cheap.  Oh you don't say... what's the inseam on the MMMs?  Amazing! Have literally been wanting one of these since I was like 8.
 Very nice, sir. Great subtle pattern on the pants, and is that a slight taper I see? (Or am I just getting my hopes up?) Also, never feel bad about grinding up the new soles of shoes.  Guys, if something is for sale, just write 'available' beside the find, and do your dirty business in private. It's worked for years. It will work for you too.
 So you're saying this to warn others of the perils of sending something to a stranger on the internet without first collecting payment?
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