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 +1 most of the things I wear now aren't from thrift stores (although I'm always happy when I remember something I'm wearing is), but a lot of the principles I picked up from the thread inform my shopping now, like patience, recognizing quality and of course buying shit I don't need just because it's cheap.  Oh you don't say... what's the inseam on the MMMs?  Amazing! Have literally been wanting one of these since I was like 8.
 Very nice, sir. Great subtle pattern on the pants, and is that a slight taper I see? (Or am I just getting my hopes up?) Also, never feel bad about grinding up the new soles of shoes.  Guys, if something is for sale, just write 'available' beside the find, and do your dirty business in private. It's worked for years. It will work for you too.
 So you're saying this to warn others of the perils of sending something to a stranger on the internet without first collecting payment?
1) Nice jeans, Ian.   2) Let's all cool the fuck down on the listings/availability stuff, OK?   3) Thrifted stripper pole makes thrifted bathing suits seem downright cleanly. I hope you hit that with a blacklight before using.
 Nice outfit. Can't give much feedback in terms of fit because of the pose and girl leaning on you, although I will say you could probably stand to have the pants hemmed and tapered a tad (although whether you want to do that for an HSM suit is your call). Shirt collar does seem a bit short, but again maybe that's because your arm is stretched out. Colours look good... I'm assuming it's a charcoal suit? Brown shoes look fine there either way. I will agree with the herd...
 I found a couple of (still in package, so NWOT?) condoms in an otherwise nice leather jacket once. Left them in the pocket and the jacket on the rack.   I feel like my joke about resurrecting thread derails from the past didn't land precisely as intended.  Womp womp. Guess that explains why they were still there.
 The non-answer to that conundrum can be found the last time the thrift thread debated this like 200 pages ago. Also, to whoever was bragging about carrying his gun everywhere: people like you are the worst.
 One is much older than the other.
It's all good man. When I started, I paid over the odds for alterations for a Hugo Boss (I know...) sport coat that was just never meant to fit me. Don't even think I wore it once. It happens. You might want to consider whether it's worth it to get BB shirts altered though. You can buy brand new BB shirts in slim and extra slim fit on sale for probably not much more than you paid for that, when you include alterations costs. Just something to think about. In other news,...
 Nice line or not, buying and paying for alterations on a shirt that will always be too big on you is probably not a good idea. Sorry dz.
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