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Wow, J Crew is spamming Styleforum?   You've made it.
 I have a pair of their culatta sneakers (I think from the 'Asgaard' line) and they're fantastic.
@Jbravo Updated my post with that info.   @psydle Hmm, I hadn't considered the possibility.
Here's one from the other day.   [[SPOILER]]
I live in Canada and I've never been hit with duties from Rakuten.
 Awesome. Not sure if this is the case in other cities, but there is a subset of Torontonians (or possibly a majority) who just can't wait to live in their Canada Goose jackets every fall.
 On the plus side, the people-watching on days like this is great. There's no consensus on how to dress... some people in sweatshirts, some in full-on winter coats.   Just teasin. Sounds great.
@AlexanderTG I'll take your word for it that you are indeed having fun.   Four degrees here today. How the hell did that happen?  
So apparently construction has closed off the little place I was doing waywts. Bah, back to square one for now.  
@MickeyPunch Perhaps, but here in Canada I don't tend to put on winter coats until it's at least -10 outside, so there's also that.
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