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 Not if you want to look awesome in the summer. Or are you one of those people who believe black turns the wearer into a walking heat sink?
 Yeah, fwiw I've never seen it in person and have only ever seen it for sale on Orimono.eu, which sells a lot of mid-tier German/Scandinavian sw&d/fashion brands. If you decide it's not for you, I'd be interested but if you like it, enjoy! My partner used roll her eyes when I started wearing more fashiony stuff. Now she just accepts it and even likes it sometimes. Just have to train them a little.
 Hey, cool find on the Odeur piece! Not sure whether you'll find it has much resale value (although if it's in good condition and 48-50 I miiiiiiiight be interested in how you say taking it off your hands) but it's definitely an uncommon and interesting find.  I thrifted a pair identical to that a while ago. Really good quality shoes, hey? Ended up fitting my brother perfectly so he was happy.
Quote: The quality on that line isn't particularly great, so if there's a flaw I would still suspect it's real. Also I'm not sure it's something that would be readily faked.
 For what it's worth, I know of very few thrift shops worth going to in Toronto that don't have parking lots. The Oakville VV turns up good stuff sometimes. And if you're going to be cruising the freeways anyway, the one in Etobicoke near 427 and Finch gets some pretty good stuff.
Looks like some great hauls will be hitting this thread pretty soon... well done guys. Me, I don't get a chance to get out there all that much anymore. Looks like the competition has heated up in this city, anyway But every now and then I find something I love. Got a chance to wear an Eton shirt I recently picked up, today. I wouldn't call this a thrift fit... more a brag about picking up something I can wear and enjoy.   [[SPOILER]]
Humbly suggesting a moratorium on the word 'grail' to prevent descent into meaninglessness.
 Here we go with the unsolicited feedback... But in case you care: It's a good look overall but you have some incongruity between relaxed, wrinkly goodness on top, very neat and pressed pants, and louche shoes. This could easily be remedied with some slimmer fitting cotton or linen pants (ideally without a crease, but it still might be OK) and less of a break, or maybe even a pinroll. Pants also look a bit big at the waist.
  Remember: frenchy is respected here because he finds a lot of awesome stuff, and he doesn't post here (and instead posts on a personal blog) because of his attitude.
 I realize this is late and I hope it's not TOO late, but considering the other advice given publicly... the shoulders do indeed look too big, leading to that weird bunching in the back. I would not buy, you'll regret it. Also, this is more a point of preference, but it looks a bit conservative for someone your age. Used to be that when I went to the North Etobicoke Value Village, I'd cross my fingers that I'd stumble upon a rack of his newly donated, Humpty Dumpty-shaped...
New Posts  All Forums: