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I don't know, a friend of mine has some Balmain jeans that look like awful mall-brand pre-faded crap, but apparently cost $2k. Unless that suit is just a fake, it seems too new to be licensed, and it's not the Pierre line either.
 It's not just you. Proportions look kinda off too, although that could be the angle I suppose.  I'd be inclined to say good Balmain, but someone who knows more should weigh in. Also, there is no 'good' Balmain. Only crap Balmain and oh-my-god-I'm-going-to-sell-this-and-be-rich Balmain.
 Nope, you're wrong about the consensus. Nobody ever assumed it was sold at Macy's. It's an older version of Armani's middling diffusion line. The newer 'Armani Collezioni' stuff has some re-sale value and is good to wear if you like it and it fits, but the old stuff is kinda shit for re-sale (I'm sure someone will post a link to prove me wrong) and often very dated.
 If that thing is part of a suit, whoever broke it up did that jacket a favour. I'd say dressy chinos or tan or brown pants, or the aforementioned medium grey trousers would look good, with an ecru or not super dressy white shirt and a solid navy or burgundy tie, maybe a knit.
 I stand corrected, although I'd want to see the whole coat.  +1 those things look like they were created as part of a practical joke.  Love the jacket (same one you rocked in a past fit pic?) but a little less sure of the cropped pants + fur-lined slipper boots. Take a full body pic!
To be fair, if you got a tux you like, I'd say you won this one.
 I went to one of those once. Pretty sure it took a couple years off my life.   OK, time to clear up some misconceptions:  Not the 'good' Valentino by this thread's quality/flippability standards. There are two 'good' Valentinos: 1) Recent Valentino.2) Valentino's 'Tailoring' label, which is made by Isaia. Will be a black label with gold lettering, the word 'Tailoring' underneath and, you know, an Isaia content tag. The dead giveaways that that's old is the 'Uomo,' the...
 If we take the guy's word for it though and it really does feel nice, could it not be like some decent Korean tailor who just slapped a PZ label on the jacket for the guy who bought it? That label looks a lot older than the Korean tag.It would still be a fake, but potentially still a nice jacket.  Nice one, and thanks. Also reinforces my thinking that I should get a better set-up for pics, as at least two people seem to think my pants were jeans. In related news (sort of,...
 Yeah their stuff is mostly awful and rather Ed Hardy-ish, aesthetic-wise. I picked these up because they were nice, slim herringbone wool pants in my size, something I'd been looking for for a while. I wouldn't suggest picking up anything by them as a rule though.
  The problem is not your disagreement but rather the smug air of superiority you're projecting based on your assumption that what you like is somehow better because it's less marketed, less widely known, made by some old Italian in his backyard and then sent to the store on the back of a donkey, etc. They're just clothes, and in the case of this thread they're mostly clothes we've rescued from being crammed up against some dude's smokey, piss-stained old suit on an...
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