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 Carpe Diem S24M in black Horween shell...     [[SPOILER]]
  But, dude's name suggests he's from Canada as well (among other things to do with his character).
ˆ Moma
  My bag was busted and I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open, but I liked the fit so here we go.
 Wow, looks like some small rich dude, or possibly a whole army of them, unloaded their shoe closet on the site. Some good pickings there.
 Side note perhaps, but does anyone have experience with Dye It Black? I've been meaning to drop a couple of things off with them, but not sure how effective the process will be.
 Ha I wish, these are my cheap beaters.
Picked up these Zam Barrett 'zero' shorts from his archives sale a little while back.  Finally warm enough to wear them.  [[SPOILER]]
 This is so awesome @eazye and so perfectly timed with the post that came before.
  From earlier today. Colour is not the enemy.
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