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 Nice haul... deets on the Jil piece? Available by any chance? Been meaning to get more Jil in my life.
 That thing actually looks kind of cool. I'm not sure how well agnes b does on eBay, but I'd imagine the four buttons wouldn't hurt re-sale. I know we're trained to hate them, but after lusting after a few four and five-button blazers myself, I can see the appeal. The shredded HF on the other hand... that's a return.  Haha, I also love the not realizing Milano=Milan, or thinking the GW employee was so stupid as to not make the connection. That's where, as a Canadian, I...
 I don't know about proper cuffing techniques, but my guess is you just got pants that are too long for your size and/or aesthetic preference. Have you soaked them yet, though? They could lose some length after a hot soak.
 I'm probably in the minority, but I'd lose the donut cuffs. Try wearing them uncuffed and see if they stack well. If not, get them hemmed to a point where you could get by with no cuffs or at least smaller ones.
 It can be tricky... a bunch of the newer stuff is pretty meh, and some of the older stuff is also kinda ugly. But the older runway pieces are also total collectors items. If it's made in Italy and/or looks cool (or 'weird,' for many CM folk), it's probably a good kop.  Please tell me you're going to use at least one of those as your new listings mannequin. PS is that Frankenstein overlooking the birth of baby Jesus from the window?  Also, wanted to give huge props to...
 Nice vintage SC. What's the brand you're not familiar with?
 Woah, somehow I missed that. Congratulations, dude! I'd write more, but I have to close this window quick before my girlfriend looks over and gets ideas. Got any solutions for those of us with the opposite problem (apart from jogging)?  Woah, stiches is a thrift threader? When did that happen?  Nice, loving the trashy laid back look. Would be nice to get a higher quality photo though for a better look at the Rafs.
 I do wear slim jeans quite often, but in the case of the particular fit you were critiquing, I was wearing a suit. Having said that, I need to find a new way to take my pics because I always look top-heavy in that mirror set-up. Re: Your challenge, that sounds kind of stupid, and I have no idea how we would do it because I don't often wear thrifted items. If you really want to, we can, although I think this has annoyed the thread enough as is. For what it's worth, you...
 Absolutely, but one of the great things about SF is that people interested in dress well can get advice and feedback from others who are similarly inclined. I don't think there's anything wrong with giving constructive feedback on what doesn't work in a fit. See also:  Something about it is incongruous? Or you just don't like it?
 It's more the tie and waistcoat with cuffed jeans and rugged boots... just incongruous in every way. And a little too much on the top although thread groupthink probably disagrees.  FTFY Thrift fit - MC edition  Coat - Michael Tapia, from dm7Suit - Corneliani, thriftedShirt - CK, discountTie - Charvet, freebie from Randomore!!! Thanks dudeShoes - BB, clearance  [[SPOILER]]
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