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Good price for some kudu leather boots from The Last Conspiracy. In my experience this model fits a bit small.   https://en.basalt.fr/designers/the-last-conspiracy/snorri-kudu-black#
@myfavcolorisblk this may sound lame, but the best way to pull off that jacket is to not be so insecure. Just wear your clothes and get comfortable wearing them. And as for the other stuff... how much time would spend listening to jerks in real life?
 Not to keep harping on the poor city (especially as most people don't care), but I think this says a lot: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/andrew-king-sparks-street-shirts-1.3537684I lived there for four years while going to school. After the initial novelty wore off, the best thing about it was its proximity to Montreal.But I'm sure D.C. is a lovely city. I look forward to visiting it at some point.
 Talking about Ottawa. I've never been to D.C., though I doubt I'd be invited to the good events if I went.
 Yes, nice city to visit for a couple of days in the summer if you are 25+ years old. But I think there's a good reason why the city has a 'stay two nights and your third night's free' policy.
 This is what I would tell people if I was from Ottawa.
Dude haven't your last four or so waywts been basically the same leather hoodie with different pants?   Here's a same old, same old one from me from the other day.  
 Take a photo elsewhere in your house, and either use a timer or get someone else to take it. The fit looks fine, except the ripped jeans with box-fresh white sneakers looks incongruous. And the way you've got the jeans tucked beneath the tongues of your shoes makes the jeans look too skinny, or the shoes too big, or both. 
Yeah, I've never felt the urge to look like a really awesome stoner. I'd let the enjoyment of the drug come from the after-effects of smoking it, rather than the nifty apparatus used to consume it.
I don't care for red boots but they look great in that @nicelynice fit.
New Posts  All Forums: