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 Ha I wish, these are my cheap beaters.
Picked up these Zam Barrett 'zero' shorts from his archives sale a little while back.  Finally warm enough to wear them.  [[SPOILER]]
 This is so awesome @eazye and so perfectly timed with the post that came before.
  From earlier today. Colour is not the enemy.
 Fair enough. Though I think, compared to some of the unoriginal designs (or outright knockoffs) by makers revered in these parts, at least on these boots the imitation is in a place that's mostly out of sight.  Also, copped. Guess I'll probably be selling my Guidis.
I'm pretty sure all their models in the Asgard line have that. You're suggesting it's a bit derivative?
Good price for some kudu leather boots from The Last Conspiracy. In my experience this model fits a bit small.
@myfavcolorisblk this may sound lame, but the best way to pull off that jacket is to not be so insecure. Just wear your clothes and get comfortable wearing them. And as for the other stuff... how much time would spend listening to jerks in real life?
 Not to keep harping on the poor city (especially as most people don't care), but I think this says a lot: lived there for four years while going to school. After the initial novelty wore off, the best thing about it was its proximity to Montreal.But I'm sure D.C. is a lovely city. I look forward to visiting it at some point.
 Talking about Ottawa. I've never been to D.C., though I doubt I'd be invited to the good events if I went.
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