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Happy Thanksgiving, Americans.   @flowcharts, you've been posting some really awesome stuff lately.
PSA: Black A1923 horse dual zips on sale at Luisaviaroma. With code from the Sales thread, they're about 1100 Euros. Size 41 and 45 left.
From the other day. Getting cold in Toronto, feels like all-wool-all-the-time season is around tee corner.   [[SPOILER]]
ˆˆˆ That looks really cool. Nicely done.   I think yeah I definitely need to get some backzips.  
One from the other day. Waywts much harder to take when it's pitch black out at like 5 p.m.  
Wow, J Crew is spamming Styleforum?   You've made it.
 I have a pair of their culatta sneakers (I think from the 'Asgaard' line) and they're fantastic.
@Jbravo Updated my post with that info.   @psydle Hmm, I hadn't considered the possibility.
Here's one from the other day.   [[SPOILER]]
I live in Canada and I've never been hit with duties from Rakuten.
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