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 Oh, I thought they stopped carrying it but I haven't been there in a while, so I hope I'm wrong!
Looks cool @snowmanxl, but out of curiosity what shops carry ma+?
 Well, there's Niagara... but I know what you mean. How other cultures got the word 'fjord' but we got stuck with 'escarpment' is beyond me.
From the weekend, first time in years exploring our neighbouring city of Hamilton, which included a hike up the escarpment and a stop in this park.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance  Ahh I need a blazer like that. Is that Poeme/NCB? My only advice is to undo those henley buttons and relax your knees a bit. Otherwise I dig it.   Thanks, yeah I probably should have undone at least one button. Blazer is NCB, I quite like the brand but I notice it makes few appearances here.
(nm wrong thread)
ˆˆˆ Very awesome. Feel odd posting right after it, but here goes.     Looking at the pic, I'm not so sure about the long blazer. Can anyone advise?
From the rainy other day, before this glorious heatwave.   [[SPOILER]]
I wore a suit yesterday, and apparently so did everyone else.  
Been lurking here for a while, thought I would give the waywt thing a try.  
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