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From the other day. Getting cold in Toronto, feels like all-wool-all-the-time season is around tee corner.   [[SPOILER]]
ˆˆˆ That looks really cool. Nicely done.   I think yeah I definitely need to get some backzips.  
One from the other day. Waywts much harder to take when it's pitch black out at like 5 p.m.  
Wow, J Crew is spamming Styleforum?   You've made it.
 I have a pair of their culatta sneakers (I think from the 'Asgaard' line) and they're fantastic.
@Jbravo Updated my post with that info.   @psydle Hmm, I hadn't considered the possibility.
Here's one from the other day.   [[SPOILER]]
I live in Canada and I've never been hit with duties from Rakuten.
 Awesome. Not sure if this is the case in other cities, but there is a subset of Torontonians (or possibly a majority) who just can't wait to live in their Canada Goose jackets every fall.
 On the plus side, the people-watching on days like this is great. There's no consensus on how to dress... some people in sweatshirts, some in full-on winter coats.   Just teasin. Sounds great.
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