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 Did the mood lead you to put on any SW&D clothing? I mean, I like the fit, but it looks like MC Casual to me.
Thanks @Dirty Denim, I am leaning toward keeping. Will see whether it stretches much more in the next couple months.
 I love this Carpe leather shirt but it feels a bit too short all around. Not sure if it's worth keeping.  [[SPOILER]]
 Boo fucking hoo. Sincerely,Canada
From this morning, shortly before I ended up getting caught up in the Rob Ford funeral procession.  Will wear different boots next time I do a waywt, promise.  [[SPOILER]]
Similarly, this Coppens piece is dirt cheap and looks really cool. http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/tim-coppens-neoprene-hooded-anorak-504242000.html#pagetype=brand&prefn1=brand&prefv1=Tim+Coppens&start=1
One from me from the other day. Hoping this is winter's last hurrah.     Also damn, I gotta get my coat collar sorted.
 This is a good thing to plan for, but not guaranteed. I'm 1/4 in getting hit with duties for Spence purchases.
 It's not just you... fortunately everything else looks so damn good.
 +1 I think a more straight fit would work better with the crop. 
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