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 Heh, you sound like all those complain-y eBay buyers that message me telling me there's no way shipping should be as expensive as it is. Given all the BS on that site, you'd have to be crazy to ship across the border with no tracking number, and crazier still to ship shoes without a box. I'd rather not sell the item than sell it and then have to refund a buyer's money because the item arrived damaged (or 'not at all'). It almost certainly won't still be there, but if it...
 Ecch, I had to cover this story today. Very sad how many problems seem to happen up there.  As I understand it, it was a shrapnel wound.  Nice look overall, although I'd lose the cuff... seems a bit too rugged for the top. Also, I'm sure it's a nice SC and you got a good price, but why buy a jacket that doesn't button the way you like?  I'd assume the OP saw the fit of the jeans at the store... Although one could also assume, since Kiton makes very conservatively styled...
 It's also a weird behaviour to take a picture of one's self and to post it to the Internet, but here we all are... on a site called StyleForum... And yes, as eazye said there will always be jerks on here who critique anyway. Speaking of which...  Hey, good thing you re-posted all of those pics to really drive home the hilarity of your point.
Newer stuff does alright, older stuff less so but it is all hit or miss. Every now and then something blows up. Got one up right now I can't give away.I am originally from the tobes but now live downtown west. You?
 I'm not 100% sure, but I think the sizing is 1=44 2=46 3=48 4=50 5=52. All I know is 4 is my size and I should never dare venture down to 3. And re: your last comment...  That's good advice, and I don't want to contradict it too much, but... FWIW, I think the process is partly restraint but also trial and error. You can't just imagine yourself into a personal style. It's something that develops over time, in part through the way you want to look, but also what looks good...
 With a ton of black dye it is. Just kidding... sort of. Don't quite get the appeal (if there is one) of the colourful Attachment stuff, but maybe someone on eBay will. Size 1?
   Thanks kindly for the suggestions! Definitely looking forward to food, drinks and music.  Congratulations! And good luck with expanding the venture. I swear the only reason I never bought anything from you guys was because I was ass broke. But that problem should be solved by the time your baby fund sales start up.
Been meaning to say, you look a lot more comfortable and natural in the last couple of fit pics you posted. Especially given your age and the fact that you're a student, I think you'd do well to leave the loafers and ties in the closet for a while, and keep it up with the casual stuff. Also knit cardigan jacket things are the best ever.  Good luck man. Also your country sounds insane. Also I am going there in a couple of months. If anybody has suggestions for fun and...
 But more Plokhov. Did anyone read that interview with him? He really seemed to downplay Geller's role in the line.
 Wearing. At least that's what I plan on doing with my one-button blazer tonight. Tuxedo and dinner jackets are for formal occasions. There are many one-button blazers that are not either of those. Like yours for instance.  Could be wrong, but that's a pretty much impossible re-weave, and in an incredible obvious area. You wouldn't get $10 for that on the bay.
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