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 I'd like to pop in to say to you and so many others here how much more enjoyable my thread-reading experience has been since blocking that clown. Or at least it was, until everyone started quoting him.
Quote: Hey dude, wish I'd seen the post sooner. The black double breasted coat looks alright but I'm not sure I'd pick up Blk Dnm. It's a Johan Lindeberg line, quality from what I've seen is OK and the pieces seem to be hit or miss. But if you like it, right on.
 I really like this, nice colours and silhouette. Much prefer it to the more costume-y stuff.  Queen downtown? You mean Leslieville?
Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Ours was wonderful. Here's my own holiday/family/nice guy thrift fit:     Cardigan - JCrew, eBay Shirt - Whitcomb & Shaftesbury, from Nataku Santa tie - just been in my closet as long as I can remember Pants - Coppley, Holt Last Call (RIP)   Got some nice stuff as well, including the PS3 I've been holding off buying for years, and many of the games I've been dying to play during that time. GF will not be pleased.   Also...
Toronto PSA: Sydneys is clearing out its high end footwear. Got some Guidi horse derbies for about 60% off. Pair of backzips left in 45 for about $700. I believe m.a+ and Officine Creative is also on sale, although more like 30% off.   It's also apparently the last season they'll be carrying those brands... because people weren't buying them at full price. Too bad but I guess that's the paradox with that stuff.
 Bonus: they're pleated!
Hey look, a (pretty modest) haul from Deadboy. Stuff is available for the friendly folks of the forum who have demonstrated chillness/have hooked others up in the past.   Prada black wool blend pants, size 52   Samuelsohn, roughly 44R   Baldessarini roughly 42-44 S-R, pretty sure this is a wool/alpaca blend   Debatably wearable Talbott BOC tie   And then the big heartbreaker of the trip...     Told myself it was still worth the kop after finding...
Wrapping Christmas presents right now, and just realized I owe a huge, way belated big thanks to GMMcL for proxying me a bunch of things that will hopefully be well beloved by my friends and family. Dude is awesome and deserves every crazy haul he pulls. Still on the hunt for 42R stuff to repay.
 I'm still catching up in the thread but had to stop and post re: all you guys telling the noob to return a NWT Zegna suit for $110. What? Seriously? Sure the damaged one isn't worth it. But the other, flawless Zegna suit? You could double your money on that in a week no problem. Now back to reading.
Pretty awesome find. That top button is so you can do exactly what you've done in the pic. Keeps the wind off your chest when you walk around outside / makes you look like a badass kung fu priest, depending on your sartorial persuasion. Also, despite what a previous poster wrote, sometimes the top button (in your case top-middle button) should be buttoned, depending on how the garment has been built. A hard 3-button stance where the top is left unbuttoned looks just as...
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