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One from the other day. It's nice when the road salt is worn down enough to be able to wear decent boots again.    [[SPOILER]]
I got the pants for this Ann Demeulemeester fw11 jacket a while ago, been on the lookout for this guy for some time. Very stoked.  
Your best bet would be to post this in the thrift thread, but even there I'm not sure you'd have much luck.
Happy new year guys!   [[SPOILER]]
 Ha! A few weeks ago a clerk at the liquor store made a point of telling me Nevermind was one of his favourite albums. I'll take it. Oh and belatedly, merry Christmas to all, and an early S'novym godom to those behind the Iron Curtain.
Zam leather looks really nice there, though.
I like it @blue peter but I feel like it might be better with boots, even with the short pants.   One from today.  
 I'm curious what the coat looks like not folded back like that. Also agree on more bulbous footwear being ideal.
Someone here can make this look way better than in the pic:   http://www.spenceclothing.com/store/men/Comme-des-garcons-jacket-with-leather-and-fabric-patches-art42320.html   SALES1 for extra 10% off.
I second @docdocgs, not worth holding onto something you don't like just because you don't have any other suede boots. Sell them and let it be a hole in your wardrobe you look to fill eventually.
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