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 Here we go with the unsolicited feedback... But in case you care: It's a good look overall but you have some incongruity between relaxed, wrinkly goodness on top, very neat and pressed pants, and louche shoes. This could easily be remedied with some slimmer fitting cotton or linen pants (ideally without a crease, but it still might be OK) and less of a break, or maybe even a pinroll. Pants also look a bit big at the waist.
  Remember: frenchy is respected here because he finds a lot of awesome stuff, and he doesn't post here (and instead posts on a personal blog) because of his attitude.
 I realize this is late and I hope it's not TOO late, but considering the other advice given publicly... the shoulders do indeed look too big, leading to that weird bunching in the back. I would not buy, you'll regret it. Also, this is more a point of preference, but it looks a bit conservative for someone your age. Used to be that when I went to the North Etobicoke Value Village, I'd cross my fingers that I'd stumble upon a rack of his newly donated, Humpty Dumpty-shaped...
 FWIW, Stavros is awesome quality but I highly doubt there's much flippability, and because it's bespoke the chances of it fitting you properly are fairly slim. I've begrudgingly passed on a ton of that stuff...  ... But glad to see your persistence is paying off. The Smoke has a lot of riches, even with the cart kicker around. I myself struck out hard yesterday.  Hint: Junya will say Junya on it. That shirt is from CDG's lower and end and less interesting SHIRT line....
 Hey guys, why don't we just all agree to ignore posts like this?
 Yessir. Thanks, it's a rough time for media in this country (/everywhere?)
Thrift fit: The "Awesome but unnecessary Zam Barrett sale order arrived the same day my employer announced layoffs of 600 people so now I'm drinking" edition.     Jacket - Berrini, yoox bargain Shirt - Club Monaco, thrift Jeans - APC, clearance Boots - Alden, thrifted by someone else who I don't think posts anymore
Yes by HF. If it fits and you really like it, go for it. Also, quick question for all you Saphir knowledgeables... do you go for the medaille d'or rennovateur, or the regular?
 Somewhat but not totally disagree, though certainly some pieces do better than others in the resale game. Having said that, most is not really my style, but I do have a thrifted VW shirt that I love, fits great and always gets compliments.
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