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 I'm curious what the coat looks like not folded back like that. Also agree on more bulbous footwear being ideal.
Someone here can make this look way better than in the pic:   http://www.spenceclothing.com/store/men/Comme-des-garcons-jacket-with-leather-and-fabric-patches-art42320.html   SALES1 for extra 10% off.
I second @docdocgs, not worth holding onto something you don't like just because you don't have any other suede boots. Sell them and let it be a hole in your wardrobe you look to fill eventually.
Looks cool @Auximenes. How do you like the Andrew McDonald boots? Haven't heard much mention of him here, but have been eyeing a pair of his boots.
Ech, need to find a space to take pics outside.   
  Agree with all the Poeme love, though I hope the spot isn't now blown. I have a bunch of NCB/Poeme clothing and it's among the stuff I wear most regularly. I have found some of the construction to be a bit iffy though. On that note, does anyone know anything about the footwear? I noticed some boots on Hlorenzo that look kind of cool.
Post-work fit.   [[SPOILER]]
 44s maybe, depending on how they fit.
Happy Thanksgiving, Americans.   @flowcharts, you've been posting some really awesome stuff lately.
PSA: Black A1923 horse dual zips on sale at Luisaviaroma. With code from the Sales thread, they're about 1100 Euros. Size 41 and 45 left.
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